Design Inspired By Aero Gt Concept Bell & Ross Launches New Br 03 Aero Gt Watch

Bell & Ross at the 2016 BaselWorld Baselworld Jewellery Show announced two new models BR 03 Aero GT inspired by the Aero GT concept car.

Road and time … AERO GT
   ‘In order to create new models, I need a new source of inspiration every year,’ acknowledges Bruno Belamich, creative director. ‘Following the great success of our B-Rocket motorcycles in 2014, I want to further design Bell & Ross cars to produce cars that are’ convincing ‘even in the eyes of automotive professionals. Most The important thing is that this real challenge brought me great fun, ‘the designer recalled.
   In 2016, Bell & Ross will firmly focus on one of its designers’ favorite areas in the racing world. The brand has designed the Aero GT, an avant-garde concept car and GT (high-performance sports car) luxury sports car, with the same streamlined design as the fighter. This one-of-a-kind car was carefully created by the watchmaker’s design studio, rather than a whim. ‘The Aero GT concept car is an extension of our expertise and demonstrates the brand’s creativity and technical strength. I think if we can combine the iconic features of Bell & Ross with cars directly inspired by aviation, That would be very interesting, ‘explained Bruno Ramic. ‘This concept car is actually a combination of aeronautical technology and GT cars.’ This shocking car uses the main principles of Bell & Ross watches: a functional shape, a love of mechanics, and a distinctive In addition to these two unique prototypes, we also introduced two unique watches with distinctive automotive features BR 03 Aero GT. The design of the new watch BR 03 Aero GT is inspired by the automotive world, and the Aero GT concept car is exactly the starting point for the creation of this pair of watches.

AERO GT-Bell & Ross Aviation

Bell & Ross has a relationship with cars
   From the beginning Bell & Ross has incorporated iconic features of aeronautics into the design of its watches. As a result, creative director Bruno Ramieci spends a lot of time working on jets, fighters and bombers, but the creator who pursues mechanics, fashion and high performance also loves motorsport. This year, Bell & Ross will showcase computer-generated images (CGT) of the ultra-luxury sports car project Aero GT. ‘It took us just over a year to design this concept car. For best results, we collaborated with professionals when designing the car,’ said Bruno Ramic. ‘Creating a high-performance car with practical characteristics is very important to us.’ In the end, this stunning supercar shows Bell & Ross’s understanding of cars in a streamlined design like a jet.

 Half is a GT concept car
   Bell & Ross Aero GT draws inspiration from luxury sports cars (‘gran turismo’ in Italian). This type of car was first produced in the Pasolini region of Italy in the 1950s. Including a series of well-known cars in the history of cars, especially the famous Ferrari 250 GTO, this model produced only 36 in the 1960s. At that time, these highly versatile cars could be used as excellent family cars, Can also be hired on the track. There are even some ‘gentleman owners’ who drive directly from the road to the track. Today Bell & Ross Aero GT commemorates this field legend with an advanced avant-garde approach.

 Half is an aviation concept car
   Aero GT is a supercar inspired by aviation. Bell & Ross continues to demonstrate its deep love for aviation through this creation. This ultra-low, 4.7-meter-long car incorporates aerodynamic principles, like an off-arrow arrow that divides air into two. The sharp-edged, star-shaped arrow-shaped body is like a stealth fighter, as if as long as a pair of wings are installed, it can reach the sky. Viewed from above, the drop-shaped glass roof resembles the glass canopy of a jet cockpit. At the same time, the blade-like rearview mirror was inspired by the small wing of the fighter’s head known as the ‘front wing’. The two oversized exhaust pipes are like the exhaust pipes of a turbojet engine, and the turbine rims mimic the blades of a supersonic aircraft engine. But the most memorable detail is the longitudinal aileron at the rear, which is exactly the same as the tail of the aircraft. The role of this element is to keep the car stable during sharp turns. Bell & Ross Aero GT sensation car fundamentally integrates racing technology and aviation technology to the extreme.

 Modern high-tech configuration
   Like the aircraft, the Aero GT uses cutting-edge technology and top performance. This rigorous mid-engine two-seater sports car has an avant-garde look. In the 1950s and 1960s, the most common classic configurations in GT racing were front-engine and rear-wheel drive. Later, the entire engine was moved to the center of the car, just behind the passenger seat. Aero GT uses this scheme to ensure the balance of weight distribution between front and rear, and to drive between lanes, showing first-class steering performance and road control. In order to achieve a light and sturdy effect, the unibody chassis and body are made of carbon fiber. Therefore, this car weighs only 1,320 kilograms, which is very light in the automotive industry!
Power and flexibility
   When it comes to the design of the Aero GT, Bruno Ramíci and Pan asked. He envisioned powering the car with a 4.21 V8 twin-turbo engine and the latest 8-speed automatic transmission. The Bell & Ross supercar is proud to have an output power of 610hp. Such a huge amount of power is more than enough to handle any road condition. Pressing the accelerator pedal, the horsepower is full and it is on the brink. It takes less than 3 seconds for the car to accelerate to 100 km / h. Regardless of whether it is in the low speed range or the high speed range, the two turbocharged engines can provide the car with maximum torque and achieve amazing acceleration. Overtaking has only become a form. In terms of maximum speed, the Aero GT is designed to reach a peak speed of 315 km / h. To this end, the Bell & Ross concept car intentionally installed a pitot tube on the top of the right fender. This detector is often used in aeronautics to measure extremely fast speeds. At the same time, heat-resistant ceramic brakes are responsible for slowing down this ‘road missile.’ In the end, the designer chose rear-wheel drive, which kept the driving pleasure and ensured the responsiveness of the car. Driving the Aero GT is bound to be fun!

BR 03 AERO GT showcases the mechanical beauty of the watch
   The design inspiration of the BR 03 Aero GT watch is directly derived from the Aero GT concept car. It is undeniable that there are many similarities between the automobile and the watchmaking industry. Both areas involve power, performance, time and precision; they both require gears, escapements, screws and cams. Making watches for drivers is also a time-honored tradition, most of which are chronographs for professional racing drivers. Therefore, combining both the Aero GT concept car and the BR 03 Aero GT watch is also natural.
Bell & Ross’s Pursuit of Perfection
   ‘The BR 03 Aero GT watch and the Aero GT concept car are the result of high technology and high performance,’ the creative director affirmed. The design studio has created two watches: a chronograph that embodies the essence of the ‘car watch’. The other is the more classic three-hand watch. Both watches have a stainless steel case, echoing the aero-style bodywork of the Aero GT project. To deepen the distinctive style. The designers focused on the specifics and shapes of the watches, making them appear more sporty and streamlined. The Qi crown is made of red aluminum alloy, which is an ultralight aluminum alloy commonly used in sports cars. The skeletonized dial has a multi-layered structure, creating an intriguing depth. At the same time, the hollow-out mechanism of these two BR 03 Aero GT watches not only gives a glimpse into the mystery of the movement, but also makes the watch lighter. These streamlined improvements can also be seen in racing cars. The design of the two watches is intended to highlight the precision and beauty of the watch’s powertrain: through the smoke-gray glass windows of the Aero GT concept car, the mechanics of the car are also appreciated.

The BR 03-94 Aero GT
   Like the first impression of the Aero GT concept car, this avant-garde and stylish chronograph is a typical driver’s watch. Its mechanical device is designed to measure short time intervals. Skeleton dial with metal hour markers. There are two counters on the grey crystal glass: an hour counter and a 30-minute counter with the date function at 3 o’clock. At the same time, the large central hand in the dial shows seconds, and the scale of the speedometer completes the whole. In order to ensure that the time can be read clearly at night or in heavy rain, the time markers and hands are coated with luminous paint. The chronograph hand is red, and its purpose is also to improve recognition. The aluminum start button is also designed in red for easy operation. All the design shows that the function of this watch is enough for professional speed measurement.

The BR 03-92 Aero GT
   Following the model of the AeroGT, the three-hand watch is also powered by a skeleton mechanism. The hour, minute and second hands of the watch are all in the center, just like the fixed small triangular time scale indicating 12 o’clock. The second hand is also red. This small triangular time scale is reminiscent of the dashboard in a GT car.
A loyal partner for watches
   Both models feature a black quilted leather strap, reminiscent of a luxury car’s interior. The micro-holes and red lines on the strap are like the seats of a top sports car.
   In 2014, Bell Ross set off a mechanical wave with two BR 03 B-Rocket watches. Today, Bell Ross has launched two BR 03 Aero GT watches following the creation of a concept car, which has demonstrated the brand’s creative strength with utmost popularity. This watch brand that loves aviation technology will expand its territory next? let us wait and see…

 Technical specifications

Movement: Movement number: BR-CAL.319. Mechanical self-winding movement.
Mirror: Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating.
Functions: hour and minute hands, small seconds at 12 o’clock. Big date window. Timing function: 12-hour timer at 6 o’clock, speed scale on the flange.
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Case: 42 mm in diameter. Satin-finished stainless steel.
Strap: black calfskin with red piping and super-abrasive black synthetic fabric
Dial: skeleton, metal applied hour-markers. Metal skeleton Superluminova® hour and minute hands.
Buckle: pin buckle. PVD * black-plated steel.

 Technical specifications
Movement: Movement number: BR-CAL.318. Mechanical self-winding movement.
Mirror: Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating.
Function: Hour Hand, Minute Hand, Second Hand
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Case: 42 mm in diameter. Satin-finished stainless steel.
Strap: black calfskin with red piping and super-abrasive black synthetic fabric
Dial: skeleton, metal applied hour-markers. Metal skeleton Superluminova® hour and minute hands.
Buckle: pin buckle. Satin-finished stainless steel.

Panerai Opens Its First Pop-up Store In Hong Kong

Hong Kong, September 4, 2019-The first pop-up store in Hong Kong, the high-end sports watch brand of Florence, Panerai, was officially unveiled. The store was located in Hong Kong’s well-known shopping destination-Harbour City Ocean Centre.

   The pop-up store covers an area of ​​75 square meters and adopts the new special design concept of Panerai creative director AlvaroMaggini. Guests are immersed in the new world of Panerai and enjoy the epic underwater world; its layout fully mobilizes various senses Under the background of rocks, sea sand and shells, it displays a variety of shocking and dangerous creatures, including hungry sharks and poisonous octopuses. With Panerai’s virtual reality glasses, customers can explore the unknown underwater world. During the unveiling, guests can also enjoy Italian liqueurs and cocktails, accompanied by marine-style appetizers.

   During the media preview of the unveiling ceremony, the brand showcased its latest work for the first time in Hong Kong: for example, the LuminorDue watch with an expanded blue dial lineup, which further highlights the brand’s genes and its special connection with the marine world. LuminorDue’s 38mm (PAM00926) and 42mm (PAM00927) models feature a titanium case, a high-tech dynamic material that makes the watch lighter. LuminorDue 45mm (PAM00964) is also made of titanium, equipped with a P.4002 watch factory-made movement, with a 3-day power reserve automatic winding mechanism and an eccentric rotor. The entire watch is located in Noosa The Panerai watch factory of Thiel independently designs and creates.

Panerai Harbour City Pop-up Store
Shop 216, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon