A New Series Of Hublot Debuts In Nanjing

On November 18th, the 2013 new series of Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot—Big Bang Unico’s China tour exhibition made a stunning appearance in Nanjing. From November 18th to 24th, a wonderful watch feast was staged in the atrium of Nanjing Deji Plaza. The top watch enthusiasts and collectors could experience the Big Bang that triggered the ‘big universe’ of Swiss watchmaking Shocking charm.

 Today, wristwatches are not just devices for measuring time, but objects that reflect people’s personality. Therefore, the most important function of wearing a top-level watch is to tell the world ‘who am I’. Through a watch, it reflects the personality, taste and attitude of life. Hublot is prepared for successful people who have the courage to express themselves, have individual thoughts, and are full of young fashion mentality. Big Bang is not only the big bang of the universe, but also the big bang of life experienced by everyone who successfully reaches the peak. Only the most abundant life can carry the meaning of time. Big Bang Unico, with its brilliant design, excellent movement, unique connotation, reshapes history and connects the future.

 Optimize classic design
 Hublot’s new product series, the Big Bang Unico series, was born in Basel in 2013, which reminds people of the “explosion” effect caused by Big Bang’s emergence in 2005. This is the perfect fusion of Hublot’s most iconic Big Bang design and the brand’s completely independent UNICO movement.

 The design of Big Bang Unico is in the same vein as the famous Big Bang series and has been greatly optimized: it has a more impressive 45.5 mm diameter case, which highlights the stylish mechanical appearance; the bezel is still Hublot’s signature 6 H-shaped screws Locking, trendy design, clever and more prominent technology.

 Also worth mentioning is the new crown design. The new screw-down crown is wrapped in pressed natural rubber, and the end is decorated with the classic H-shaped logo derived from the screw shape. For the first time since the birth of Big Bang in 2005, a round button was used.

 Each button is protected by a central button protection device, which is as lubricating and flexible as the engine piston.

 The sharp edges and the classic “sandwich structure” of Hublot are retained in the case design. At the same time, the strap accessories have been significantly optimized: the famous ‘one-button’ switching function allows the wearer to quickly switch between various straps-each watch is equipped with the same new diamond-shaped natural rubber strap, It is integrated with the entire dial and complements each other. The hollow dial makes the precise UNICO column-wheel chronograph movement clearly visible and at a glance. The scales and Arabic numerals have been redesigned to show a larger hollow and luminous coating. Not only that, the two chronograph dials are surrounded by a polished ring. The minute chronograph dial is at 3 o’clock, the small seconds chronograph dial is at 9 o’clock, and the calendar pane display is also at 3 o’clock. The hands have been retouched, and the two-section facet is covered with a luminous coating.

 This column-wheel chronograph movement is completely designed, developed and manufactured by Hublot’s watch factory. It has a two-level clutch and the side of the dial is clearly visible.

 Focus on the art of fusion

 HUBLOT stands for ‘Portholes of Ships’ in French. In recent years, Hublot has focused on boldly blending uncommon watchmaking materials, and is committed to the perfect fusion of modern and new watchmaking technology while inheriting Swiss traditional watchmaking technology. The soul of the brand ‘The art of fusion’ illustrates this philosophical concept.

 Today, the head of Hublot, chairman of Hublot’s global board, Jean Claude Beaver is the true few who have left their footprints in the Swiss watchmaking industry and is praised as a ‘magician’. He believes that: ‘A beautifully crafted watch is the ultimate work that embodies time: the miraculous and delicate movement of multiple materials together makes the concept of’ time ‘present in our eyes.’ Hublot Adhering to the concept of ‘focus on diversification’ in marketing, we select partners in various fields such as football, racing, skiing, sailing, basketball, polo, golf, and navigation. As the official timekeeper of the two FIFA World Cups in 2010 and 2014, as well as the exclusive official watch of Formula 1 Formula 1 worldwide, Hublot leads the way in greenery and roaring tracks.

 Because of Hublot’s unique brand personality and comfortable wearing experience, members of the European royal family are highly sought after worldwide, and are called ‘King’s Watches’. The brand ambassadors that have joined the Hublot family around the world are even more star-studded. They represent the true legends in their respective era and field-Premier League giants Manchester United, basketball legend Wade, and track and field ‘Lightning ‘Flying Man’ Bolt … They wrote the splendor of Hublot with their own legends. Adhering to the ‘fusion of heart and core’, each wearer is a unique source of energy for Hublot.