Large Size Also Has Accent

This year’s Tissot brings a very attractive watch series-Suzuki. Its official name is Chrono XL. We can understand it as a large-sized version of the chronograph, which is indeed the case. It has a timing function and also has a large 45 mm case. In recent years, there have been more and more large watches, but how to make large watches increase in size without losing aesthetics, rather than simply scaling up the size in the same proportion? Tissot’s Chrono XL series is well balanced. We can take a look at the tone of the Tissot large-scale watch through a blue dial.

   The biggest feature of the Speeder series is the large size. The direct impact of the large dial is the large scale. In fact, the so-called beauty must have a balanced ratio. The time display ring formed by the large scale may occupy approximately The diameter of the disk is about 2/5. For sports watches, this is a ratio that can show the atmosphere.

   In a sense, large size can become a trend, reflecting the changing lifestyle of people. Despite its large size, the speed-watch series should be a very tough men’s sports watch in terms of common sense. However, the speed-watch series does not use pure sports as a meeting point, but uses a casual and comfortable rhythm to make You feel its charm.

Functional illustration

   The blue dial has been very popular in recent years. It has more black, white, gray, and other colors. Blue makes people feel more balanced. It doesn’t look obtrusive or overstated, nor does it feel old-fashioned. There are also many uses in clothing. Blue is sometimes a gentleman’s color, and sometimes it is a very dynamic hue. Depending on your dress, it will have a different temperament. At the same time, the watch has a 30-minute and 1 / 10-second timekeeping function, a simple and practical function to help you record wonderful moments at any time.

Stainless steel case PVD gray coating

   The stainless steel case has a gray-plated surface, which enhances the handsome fashion charm of the watch. Of course, compared with the bare stainless steel color, the gray appearance is naturally more low-key, not so strong, and it can well combine the taste that the watch as a whole wants to express.

Although the case is relatively large, it is not thick

   As a Swiss brand, the Tissot Su Chi collection naturally inherits the aesthetics of Swiss watchmaking. If you carefully compare watches from different countries, you will find that in this small object, everyone’s beauty is different. The beauty of Swiss watches often embodies a round, intimate and elegant beauty through the outline of lines. We rarely see very sharp edges and corners (unless it is a professional sports watch). They are often sharp and not exposed. This watch’s prototype case, the lugs smoothly connect with the lines of the case, and the scale also has a rounded appearance. Although it is a large-sized watch, it also has a restrained character.

   The watch is equipped with a vintage brown leather strap, white stitching, stainless steel pin buckle with gray plating, and square eyelets highlight its outdoor and sporty feel. Comfortable and thick strap, easy to wear, suitable for autumn and winter seasons.

   The back is a dense bottom design, and it is equipped with an ETA G10.212 quartz movement, which is an improved version of ETA G10.211, which fixes some problems, and then puts the date at 4 o’clock and the time does not start The battery can be used for more than 30 months.

   The watch also has a luminous function. The luminous coating is coated on the hands and the hour scale, which makes it easy to watch the time in a dim environment.

Summary: The price of this watch is RMB 2700, which belongs to a very friendly price. At this price, it has a casual, free, casual, retro accent and has the quality of ‘Swiss Made’ Endorsement is a good daily wear watch, paired with denim, autumn and winter coats or sweaters, can be very colorful, making your streets fashionable enough.