Piaget Emperador White Gold Diamond Cushion Perpetual Calendar Watch

The one millionth watch with the Piaget emblem has been born from the Piaget Watchmaking Workshop. This uniquely limited watch fully conveys the two craftsmanships that Piaget excels at: the ‘top watchmaking technology’ specialized in La Côte-aux-Fées, and the ‘top jewelry’ specialised in the Geneva plant Process. ‘ This Piaget Emperador Coussin white gold and diamond cushion-shaped perpetual calendar watch is a glorious memory of Piaget’s classic heritage, limited to 20 in 2010. Piaget Emperador watch in white gold with diamonds and pillow
18K White Gold Case
Set with 314 diamonds (approximately 2.5 carats)
60 baguette-cut diamonds (about 5 carats total)
Dial set with 263 diamonds (total weight approximately 1.2 carats)
Machine-etched and matte polished sub-dial 1
8K white gold hour markers, transparent sapphire glass on the back for appreciation
Crown set with 12 baguette-cut diamonds (about 0.4 carat total)
Equipped with Piaget’s own 856P automatic mechanical perpetual calendar movement, with retrograde day and date, dual time zone time indication function
Automatic setting with 25 diamonds (total weight approximately 0.2 carats)
Functions: hour and minute indication, small seconds dial (4 o’clock position), dual time zone indication (8 o’clock position), month / leap year indication (12 o’clock position), day of the week (reverse display window at 9 o’clock position), and Date (reverse display window at 3 o’clock)
Movement thickness: 5.60 mm
Case size: 28.4 mm
Number of gems: 38 stones
Vibration frequency: 21,600 times / hour
Power reserve up to 72 hours
Movement decoration: Côtes de Genève Geneva ring-shaped corrugations, round polished splints, hand-finished chamfers on the bridge, blue steel screws, automatic dial engraved with Piaget’s Royal Brand 1
8K white gold pin buckle strap set with 7 baguette-cut diamonds (about 0.6 carats total)
Black alligator strap
Price in RMB: 2,515,200
    Since the establishment of the watchmaking studio in La Côte-aux-Fées by Piaget founder Georges Edouard Piaget in 1874, Piaget has been forging ahead with the development of the most complex mechanism in the field of mechanical watches-ultra-thin movements-for the sustainable development of the brand Proposition. In 1957, Piaget introduced the 9P movement with a thickness of only 2 mm, which won the name of the thinnest hand-wound movement at that time, and it also became a shocking change for Swiss watch stones at that time. Because of the know-how of making thin mechanical movements, it also means that the styling of the watch will get rid of the limit of the size of the large movement, and the creativity of the watch is unlimited. Immediately after the introduction of the thinnest 12P automatic mechanical movement in the history of the 1960s, Piaget opened a brand new historical page for himself, set up a jewellery workshop in Geneva, and devoted himself to the design and production of creative jewelry watches. The jewellery watch equipped with a high-quality slim movement also introduced a refreshing watch wearing a conventional gold watch, ring watch, brooch watch and cufflink watch. The respective endowments of watches and jewellery have become the two persistences of the company’s dual track. On the one hand, the classic Piaget Polo watch, the first prototype of the Empoador men’s watch, combining excellent sports style and high-quality movement, was first introduced, and Piaget’s professional watchmaking skills and day-to-day advancement; on the other hand, in the 1970s, the world’s most The introduction of the slim and mini 7P quartz movement, showing the bold creativity and unique expression on the jewelry watch, has become the eternal style of Piaget jewelry watch. With the advent of the millennium, in order to allow the Piaget’s two creative talents to achieve the best display and division of labor, the Plan-les-Ouates factory in Geneva was completed and opened in 2001. Since then, La Côte-aux-Fées top The watchmaking workshop specializes in the development and production of complex movements, while the Plan-les-Ouates workshop is responsible for the setting and assembly of jewellery, both of which are like Piaget’s left and right hands, opening a brilliant new chapter for Piaget. This one is the pinnacle of complex mechanical structures, all designed and developed by the Piaget La Côte-aux-Fées fine watchmaking workshop, and even the manual assembly of various details, without the help of others. La Côte-aux-Fées Fine Watchmaking Workshop is the cradle of the history of Piaget. From the very beginning, it devoted all its energy to the development and production of complex mechanical functions. To this day, it continues to advance Piaget’s fine watchmaking. Powerful heart advancing. Every movement from Piaget is carefully decorated and polished in the traditional way, and the 856P movement is no exception: the board and the bridge are round polished and chamfered, and the side edges are polished by hand. And blue steel screws and Geneva wave decoration make the decoration a higher level. The gem setting procedure of the case was completed at Piaget’s Plan-les-Ouates factory. The case arrived at La Côte-aux-Fées fine watchmaking workshop, and the movement also completed the final case assembly in the workshop. Located in Geneva’s new Piaget Plan-les-Ouates factory, a full line of factory equipment and personnel dedicated to the design, production of precious metal and jewellery cases and straps, of course, has become the final endowment to Piaget’s 1 million watches. Modification of the workstation, which also means more than 300 hours of tedious procedures and man-hours. Its highly identifiable pillow-shaped case, set with round and baguette-cut diamonds, weighs up to 9.9 carats, and its sophisticated aesthetics make this project even more daunting. Look at the exquisite jewellery inlay on the watch frame: it is made of 60 rectangular cut diamonds-each one indicates every minute-with the delicate layout and workmanship of the jewellery inlay artist, giving the watch a life and color and rhythm. The creation of the dial is also a pioneering work, with no less than 263 diamonds, 12-hour time stamps and 5 sub-dials in the square inch space. Piaget’s 1 millionth watch can be completed in more than 60 hours with the jewellery setting process alone. However, Piaget has pushed the aesthetics of the art to the limit and set 25 automatic diamonds on the automatic dial of the movement. The watch is endowed with luxurious touch like jewellery from the inside out, and can be clearly appreciated by the transparent back cover of the case back.

Jacques Atmos Air Clock Interprets The Clock’s Aesthetics Of Luxury Homes

Jaeger-LeCoultre ATMOS Air Clock cooperates with Liqi Construction’s annual new work, Qiqi Yu, to create the horological aesthetics of luxury homes, incorporating classic craftsman ATMOS Air Clock into the top living space. We recommend three ATMOS air clocks for you to better understand the impact of air clocks on the space in the decorated home space.
A rich man in the United States once said: His wish is to buy all the rare and precious luxury things in the world and put them in his beautiful palace. JAEGER-LECOULTRE is here! On July 13, 2010, Jaeger-LeCoultre ATMOS air clock cooperated with Liqi Construction-Liqi Qiyu to integrate the classic craft Jaeger-LeCoultre ATMOS air clock into the top living space and create a luxurious residential aesthetic.

ATMOS Astronomique Reference Price NT $ 2,907,000
Creating a luxury residential aesthetic
Sebastien Saracchi, general manager of JAEGER-LECOULTRE Taiwan brand, said: The air clock is not only a timepiece, but also an art-filled furniture. Therefore, many owners of luxury homes will choose to buy the air clock as an artwork. In the living room or study at home, this time I chose to hold this appreciation party in Liqi Qiyu, I hope that customers can understand the influence of air clock on the space in the decorated home space. Liqi Construction has been committed to the development of high-standard living space for many years, transforming high technology into a humane, embedded into the basic equipment of top luxury homes, creating a luxurious, comfortable and convenient home life, which is in line with the Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking philosophy, so Only then will the air clock be displayed in such an outstanding case.

ATMOS Classique Reference Price NT $ 230,000
ATMOS air clock art treasures from 1928
In 1928, Swiss engineer Jean-Léon Reutter challenged the laws of physics and designed a watch movement that could run for hundreds of years without constant wear without external force. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory was amazed by its revolutionary invention and provided it with professional watchmaking skills as support to improve its permanent motion mechanism and ensure its development, and the ATMOS air clock was born. The ATMOS air clock has been improved and perfected, but the basic principle has remained the same: that is, to provide kinetic energy for the clock operation through small changes in temperature. The secret of its operation is: a sealed cover is filled with mixed mercury vapor, and the gas expands due to the increase in temperature and shrinks due to the decrease in temperature. The sealed cover is like a mechanical lung, breathing with the change of the surrounding air temperature, and its contraction and expansion movement winds the mainspring, thereby driving the clock. Temperature changes of one degree Celsius can provide power for 48 hours of operation. The ring balance is an example of energy saving: the vibration frequency is twice per minute, and its energy consumption is 250 times lower than that of an ordinary watch with a vibration frequency of 300 times per minute. This is not only a timepiece clock, but also an energy-saving and environmentally friendly mechanical device. Its energy consumption is so low. Even if 60 million ATMOS air clocks are put together, the total energy consumption is not as good as a 15-watt light bulb …

Famous Australian designer Marc Newson
The two new ATMOS air clocks introduced in 2010 converge the essence of the ATMOS series. The nearly permanent mechanical device is still a veritable masterpiece today. One of them reinterprets the classic clock from 1930, while the other is made by Baccarat crystal, which is made by famous Australian designer Marc Newson, which is very modern. Both air clocks incorporate the language of time into a design that incorporates subtle meticulous mechanical craftsmanship.

ATMOS Reedition1930, reference price NT $ 764,000
ATMOS Réédition 1930 (ATMOS 1930 nostalgic classic)
致 Pay tribute to Jean-Léon Reutter and the era that witnessed the birth of this breathtaking mechanism. The new ATMOS air clock is faithful to the original model and is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 560 movement carefully crafted by Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers and designers. The brass clock dial in a transparent glass case follows the Art Deco style. The Arabic numerals and hour markers in the classic 1930s style are used, while the white hands are dotted with black only at the tip of the needle. The air clock style is restrained and concise. The center of the clock dial displays the movement gears. The movement follows the fine tradition of fine watchmaking and is finished by hand. The almost invisible ultra-thin stainless steel base emphasizes the pure lightness of this commemorative air clock, bringing a sense of emptiness that seems to flow from time to time. The ATMOS Réédition 1930 is a limited edition of 300 seats.

ATMOS 561 by Marc Newson, reference price NT $ 735,000
ATMOS 561, designed by Marc Newson
Two years ago, coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the ATMOS series, the watch factory fully commissioned the famous Australian designer Marc Newson to redesign the air clock: the case of the ATMOS 561 air clock was cut from Baccarat crystal blocks. The lines are simple and modern. style. In 2010, the famous Australian designer Marc Newson cooperated again with Jaeger-LeCoultre. He has a special feeling for complex clockwork. In 2008, he redesigned the new shape of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 566, which provided accurate timekeeping for the ATMOS astronomical air clock. The ATMOS 566, designed by Marc Newson, is breathtaking. The Baccarat crystal is used as the case, like the second skin of an air clock. This air clock is available in two designs. The blue version is limited to 18 seats and the translucent version is limited to 48 seats. It fully displays the passionate collision between contemporary art and superb craftsmanship, watchmaking skills and aesthetic concepts.

ATMOS 566 by Marc Newson, reference price NT $ 3,477,000
ATMOS 566, designed by Marc Newson
The design of the bell case shows the delicate and complicated internal mechanism. The hour and minute scales are evenly distributed on the northern hemisphere dome starry sky with dense celestial bodies and horoscopes, and a moon dial and time equation are set at 6 o’clock. This air clock has a clear hierarchy and is patchy, transcending the boundaries of time and space, telling eternity and absoluteness. The clock case contains the exquisite craftsmanship of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory and Baccarat crystals. The modern design is from the hands of internationally renowned designers. Its sophisticated and exquisite mechanical structure promotes complex functions with little energy. The ATMOS 566 air clock designed by Marc Newson is derived from a rare and precious magic, which is a classic of modern life and an art treasure that collectors dream of.

Gucci Watch Jewelry Launches A Pair Of Interlocking Watches

Recently, Gucci Watch Jewelry launched a pair of seasonal Interlocking watches. Designed in glamorous shades of pink and indigo, it can be paired with other Gucci accessories in the same color.
   The head-to-tail design consists of two bold letters ‘G’ to pay tribute to the brand’s founder Guccio Gucci. The double-G pattern is made of stainless steel, with matte & polishing treatment, it is more vivid in the new color tone and diameter of 37mm.
   The pink and indigo sunburst dial and tonal calfskin strap add a lively charm. The solid-colored dial has a simple layout, with the ‘Swiss Made’ and Gucci logos only at 6 and 12 o’clock, respectively.

If 20,000 Yuan Buy A Watch That You Will Not Regret …

Rabbit was sitting in front of the computer at home when writing this article-although always love to stay up late, but this time is especially spiritual, after all, jet lag is still real. I have sorted out the comments of rabbit fans that I have ignored these days (I’m too busy, everyone). I group them one by one. I saw a reader’s thinking about buying a watch for 20,000 yuan, which is exactly related to my topic today. Used it directly. Since October last year, Rabbit has been strongly recommending the Clayton series that Baume & Mercier uses the new Baumatic movement, because everyone can see the fancy things, but it is only internal and needs to be explained in detail. In fact, I was always worried about such a good series last year, but the choice was not particularly many. Fortunately, at this SIHH (Geneva Haute Horlogerie), I finally waited for a new watch from Baumatic, which is worth showing to everyone. Before I asked the rabbit fans to guess what kind of new products the celebrities would have. As a result, several people really guessed the blue face. First look at this year’s white noodles added a new general, Crichton BAUMATIC Observatory certified red gold watch. The dial is ‘warm white’ with ceramic texture, and the case is 18K red gold. Because it is a model certified by the Observatory, you will see a charcoal gray cross pattern in the center of the dial. The central second hand is also charcoal gray, with a golden hour hand. The size of this watch is 39 mm. The blue-faced model is actually more intimate, because it is also divided into observatory-certified and non-observatory-certified models. The difference is that the observatory-certified models will see the cross pattern design on the dial. Of course, the price will differ by about 2,000 yuan. On the left is the model certified by the observatory, not on the right. As for the strap, the steel belt belt can be selected in both blue surface 40mm diameter, and both can be replaced with leather strap or steel belt. Let’s show you my hands-on photo. Regarding the advantages of the Baumatic movement, I have said several times, mainly because of good anti-magnetism, high precision, and super power (120 hours, this number is quite scary), and a warranty period of more than 5 years (actually Baume & Mercier’s recommended maintenance period is over 7 years). These features make this watch very worry-free, and its benefits will be seen in the future. This year, Baume & Mercier actually made a small update to the first-generation Baumatic movement and replaced a part without affecting the quality of the movement. Therefore, the price of the watch was reduced by about 2,000 yuan compared with the first generation. The current price of the new series this year ranges from 19400 yuan to 54900 yuan. The main price is 20,000 yuan. It is expected to be listed in China this September. Speaking of why blue-faced design is made, Geoffroy Lefebvre, global CEO of Baume & Mercier, in an exclusive interview with the gossip rabbit, specifically mentioned that blue is a more suitable try for young people. On the basis of maintaining the elegance of this series, increase the Attraction of young people. ‘For Baume & Mercier, we never want to do nothing for young people. After all, our product line is still relatively wide, but we want to let young people see us.’ Geoffroy Lefebvre told me that when the Baumatic movement was just launched last year, The earliest was in the Chinese mainland, Japan and Hong Kong markets in April, and then the global release was made in the second half of the year, with good results and high acceptance. The rabbit believes that the appearance of the blue-faced model has given everyone a more suitable choice of formal dress table. Many readers have expressed their entanglement in color before: ‘The white surface is easy to make mistakes, but the blue surface is beautiful and unique.’ This choice is more obvious once the budget of more than 100,000 is reached. After all, the higher the price, choose a special color The harder it is, because it means that you spend a lot of money, but you have to give up a lot, but the normal choice makes people feel lack of waves. This is also a great opportunity for Baume & Mercier to make a blue-faced Crichton series. From now on, the entry-level blue-faced formal watch of 20,000 yuan is in hand, and it will form a perfect combination with more than 100,000 or even more expensive white-faced formal watch under future consumption upgrades. From then on, no one will be eliminated. Buying a watch is a process of careful calculation, as long as you see far. In fact, this year’s Clayton series also appeared a perpetual calendar watch, the price is in the early 180,000 yuan, more than the positioning of celebrities, but has been set a lot at the watch exhibition. The existence of this watch is nothing more than a celebrity hoping to let everyone know that they have the ability to make complex-function watches, and history has indeed proven this. Baume & Mercier also launched new women’s watches this year. In the 189-year history of Baume & Mercier watches, women’s watches have always been strong. Many women’s watches from the 1920s to the 1980s have a long history, such as the Galaxy and Stardust watches in Germany in 1972 and 1973 Golden Rose Award in Baden-Baden International Design Competition. There are also iconic ‘baignoire’ (bath / oval) models, and Marquise-a female watch with a slim rectangular dial and an ‘esclave’ bracelet. This Baroness watch was one of Baume & Mercier’s best-selling watches until the early 1960s. The celebrities and ladies watches in history and this year’s heavy task was handed over to the Clemasme series, the new series is very rich, including a total of 3 sizes, 31mm, 27mm and 34mm. It has everything from quartz to mechanical movements. The surface includes white, silver and mother-of-pearl. The price ranges from 9,100 yuan to 31,700 yuan. It will be available around April this year. Among them, the style with diamonds took a little care in setting and looked more flashy. In the end, Rabbit’s usual style is to carry private goods. Let me give you a glimpse of this year’s bronze watches by famous people. It is said that I am the only Chinese media to try on the real thing? There are also a lot of choices in style and color. I secretly put 2 pictures for everyone to explain. This series should be released in China immediately. More details will come later. Every time I write a Baume & Mercier, readers protest: ‘Sister Rabbit, can’t you just poison and detoxify, where can I buy it?’ Indeed, Baume & Mercier’s current domestic sales are not many, but this year there will be breakthroughs. ‘Our plans to open a store in China, as well as WeChat and e-commerce platforms, are all in the works.’ Geoffroy Lefebvre, global CEO of Baume & Mercier, told me that it shouldn’t take long before you can buy Baume & Mercier watches online. At the end of last year, Richemont Group has announced its cooperation with Alibaba, and Baume & Mercier is obviously the best brand in the group for online promotion. Low-key and powerful is the consistent feeling of famous people, but the wine is also afraid of the alley. A few days ago I saw a paragraph that suddenly reminded me of a lot. In the age of the Internet where the navy is full of fakes, people with strength can’t give up sipping for themselves and give up the world. Let’s encourage everyone, after all, the real masters are all WTO players. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

Lv Launches Emprise Women’s Watch

Louis Vuitton’s first suitcase has a long-lasting craftsmanship, which injects infinite inspiration into the creation of the brand, transforming from exquisite and practical travel supplies into an elegant and luxurious jewelry series full of time. The exquisite structural details not only make the luggage sturdy and durable, but also embody the aesthetic elements of the new Emprise series: metal fittings, locks, studs and other small decorative themes, which not only contain the history of Louis Vuitton craftsmanship, but also highlight the contours of lines and graceful beauty. Create distinctive personality. The beautiful ladies’ watches, which are changed from the metal parts of the luggage, are amazing. The Emprise series contains the brand value and superb craftsmanship tradition and aesthetics. The hard work and enthusiasm of the watchmaker continues the craftsmanship tradition that the brand was founded in 1854 to keep all luggage craftsmen.

EMPRISE watch series, stainless steel case with 64 diamonds, black calfskin grosgrain strap
The women’s watch is a model of Paris’s delicate craftsmanship aesthetic of the Emprise series: the lugs are born from the brass corners of the suitcase, and the four-square case is more elegant under the chamfered polished mirror and glittering diamonds; the silk satin watch Strap or embossed leather strap echoes the fashion design; the texture of the gold-white dial model is taken from the protective padding inside the luggage; the dial of the stainless steel model is black or white, and the texture is decorated like The wooden siding on the wall of the classical Chinese house in Paris; the dial is simple and simple, and there is no time-marking number. The LV logo is only displayed at 5 o’clock, which adds timeless beauty.

 The sharp and clean shape, the carefully selected outline of bright gemstones, and the elegant and gorgeous watch design perfectly match the contemporary elegant female style with unique taste. It has a subtle idea and a charming charm that makes it Parisian .

Lange A.Lange & Söhne’s New 1815 Updown Continues The Extraordinary Tradition

Several features are enough to create a distinctive style. In addition to the famous design, the Lange A. Lange & Söhne logo also represents ingenious mechanical technology. This feature penetrates into all models of the 1815 series, especially the 1815 UP / DOWN, which was released this year. The name of the timepiece is derived from the birth year of Ferdinando Adolf Lange, and the extraordinary traditions that began in the early 19th century and contemporary watchmaking knowledge are merged to create a perfect and exquisite watchmaking art.

A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1815 UPDOWN
Connoisseurs don’t even need to see the Lange logo on the 1815 UP / DOWN dial to recognize that this is Lange’s product. Just glance at the watch factory-made L051.2 movement through the back of the sapphire crystal is enough to know everything. In addition to the 3/4 splint, hand-engraved details such as the balance splint, the classic screw balance, and the blue steel screw fixing gold sleeve are also the best evidence. The sun-coated winding gear is reminiscent of the perfect modification of a former high-end pocket watch movement. The following pictures show the traditional Lange logo components one by one.

Hand-engraved balance splint and gooseneck lever
The engraving on the balance plate is like a fingerprint, making each Lange watch unique. The sculptor hand-drawn floral patterns on the small parts. A gooseneck lever with lateral micron screws is another characteristic feature of the movement. This device can precisely adjust the amplitude of the watch.

Screw balance
The classic screw balance helps control the amplitude of 1815 UP / DOWN. All four screws are adjustable. Adjust the watch in different positions to achieve the best timekeeping effect. Tighten the screws to slightly increase the speed of the watch and loosen the screws to slow it down. This device can also correct minor imbalances.