Swatch 集团 简介

In 1985, the reorganization of Asuag and SSIH, which lasted more than four years, was completed. The two companies eventually merged to form the Swatch Group, with its headquarters in Biel, Switzerland. Mr. Nicholas G. Hayek joined hands with A group of Swiss investors took over and became the main shareholders of the new group company. In 1986, Mr. Hayek was elected Chairman and CEO of the Group.

group profile

瑞士 In the late 1970s, the Swiss watchmaking industry was in an unprecedented crisis. At that time, the proportion of watches produced in Switzerland in the global market had fallen sharply from 43% to 15%. The revival of Swiss watchmaking has become an urgent task. In 1978, the world’s thinnest wristwatch was born in the world, which once again posed a serious challenge to the Swiss watchmaking industry. The Swiss watchmaking industry is determined to rise to the challenge and create lighter timepieces. In 1985, the father of Swatch, Nicholas G. Hayek, after restructuring Asuag and SSIH for more than four years, eventually led to the merger of the two watch companies to form the Swatch Group. The watchmakers of the Swatch Group have not only created a new ultra-thin watch record, but also invented a completely new watchmaking process. This watchmaking process uses a one-piece case and uses the bottom of the case as the base plate for the movement. The movement is installed from above the watch, and the installation of the sapphire crystal is the last step. Simplifying complexity is a bold but extremely successful subversion of watchmaking. But is it possible to make more cost-effective watches from plastic? The Swatch Group takes the Swiss watch industry on a journey to conquer the next challenge. Watches made of plastic should have a movement that is easy to wind and set, and must be able to mount the movement from one side of its plastic case. In addition, the men’s and women’s models of plastic watches should also use the same base. After countless improvements, Swatch Group’s watchmakers replaced 51 or more parts that usually make up watches with 51 parts, eventually making plastic watches possible. The Swatch watch is made of Swiss quartz movement and synthetic materials. It has the advantages of waterproof and shockproof, accurate timing and cheap price. Watches are particularly suitable for mass production and have a wide selection of colors. Exclusively made in Switzerland, this young and innovative watch has become the perfect symbol of passion, excitement and life.

Brands owned by the Swatch Group

 The Swatch Group owns many watch brands, including
1. Swatch
2. Breguet
3. Blancpain
4. Jaquet Droz
6, Leon Hatot,
7, OMEGA (Omega)
8. Longines (Longines)
9. Rado (radar)
10. Tissot
11. Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein)
12. Certina 13. Mido
14. Hamilton (Hamilton)
15. Pierre Balmain
16. Flik Flak