2015 Basel: Urwerk Titan’s Crazy Creativity

Crazy, complicated, coveted, high-tech, future breath … In short, UR-1001 ‘TITAN’ is the most extraordinary timepiece of URWERK. It has a titanium armor body. The most original mode displays the seconds, minutes, hours, day / night, date, month, year, 100 years, and even 1000 years indications, presenting the imaginary and mysterious concept of time from a real angle.

UR-1001 “ TITAN ” showcases URWERK’s extraordinary watchmaking technology

The UR-1001 ‘TITAN’ is different from its predecessor in that it is equipped with a wide strap for easy wrist wear. This new work ‘TITAN’, as its name suggests, comes in a titanium case. The size of 106 x 62 x 23 mm is quite stunning. It is the best match with the amazing complexity of the timepiece. It is also a stage to showcase the excellence of URWERK’s watchmaking technology.
UR-1001 ‘TITAN’ function Patented satellite hour system and dial minute hand
The carousel in the center of the satellite system does not require splint fixation, and is supported by a bearing ball at the bottom for rotation. The operation is clear and unobstructed. Carrousel is connected to three satellite hours and turns to display the hour number. The dial-back minute hand is connected to a spring ring on the periphery of the satellite system. The satellite system pushes the ring ring along the orbit. The gooseneck trimmer spring on each Carrousel arm is connected to two coaxial star cams. Take the minute hand to slide along the track; when the minute hand reaches the end of the track for 60 minutes, the star cam will be stuck and release the minute hand, and the minute hand will spring back to the 0 position, and then start the next hour of sliding.
Rotary satellite calendar system
Rotating satellite calendar is a function originally developed by URWERK. The level of wheelless technology and visual effects are amazing: its appearance is similar to the satellite hour system, but the month and date replace the hour number and dial-back minute; but the hour turns and slides past 60. The minute trajectory will continue, but the satellite calendar is more complicated in that the pointer will advance to the next month accurately when it reaches the last day (regardless of whether there are 30 or 31 days in the month). URWERK co-founder and chief watchmaker Felix Baumgartner explains the mystery: ‘In the 30-day month (April, June, September, and November), the date will automatically jump to the first day of the next month, because In the 30-day month, a protruding little finger on a Maltese cross part will push the calendar wheel to jump in two steps, directly to the first day of the next month. ‘

Uncovering the protective cover UR-1001 ‘TITAN’ case back shows 5-year oiling tips, 100-year and 1000-year cumulative display

Day / night and power reserve display
Day / night display The black luminous material part of the turntable shows night, the white frosted rhodium metal part represents daylight, and the striped part represents dusk / dawn; in addition to the basic functions mentioned above, the day / night display also provides parameters when adjusting the calendar. In contrast, make sure the date numbers are converted at midnight and not noon. The movement’s mainspring can provide a 39-hour power reserve. If the indicator of the power reserve slides to the red part, it means that the power reserve of the movement is about to run out, and it needs to be stored on the chain.
Open the protective cover over the UR-1001 ‘TITAN’ case back, another time the universe is in sight; in addition to the bottom of the satellite hour and dial-back minute hands and red gem bearing parts, you can also see 5 years oiling tips, 100 years and 1000 Year cumulative display. Grease reminder: the middle position on the right side of the back of the table is the grease reminder for 5 years. The white scale is 1 to 3 years and the red scale is 3 to 5 years. When the pointer moves to the red scale position after 3 years, the reminder is mainly used to wipe Oil maintenance; the reminder will be reset to zero after maintenance
100-year cumulative display: The 100-year cumulative display is in units of 5 years, and functions as a car’s mileage meter, but the latter displays the total mileage of the car, while the 100-year and 1000-year cumulative display shows the total accumulated running time of the computer core. . 1000-year cumulative display: When the 100-year cumulative display pointer reaches 100, the small needle next to the 1000-year cumulative display will jump by a small cell, and so on to 1000, which represents the arrival of a new millennium.

UR-1001 TITAN’s case, dial and all parts are exquisitely and meticulously decorated, combining contemporary watchmaking technology and traditional craftsmanship, which is closer to URWERK’s 21st century avant-garde watchmaking philosophy based on excellent traditional craftsmanship.

Exquisite decoration: UR-1001 TITAN’s case, dial and all parts are exquisitely and meticulously decorated, combining contemporary watchmaking technology and traditional craftsmanship, which is more closely related to URWERK’s 21st century avant-garde watchmaking concept based on excellent traditional craftsmanship. The surface of the case has a circular ring pattern and a chamfered edge. The dial’s Paris nails are rich in texture and contrast with the smooth display surface. The satellite rotor and hands have diamond cutting and chamfering, which reflects light during the day, but The white luminous material plays a role in the evening, without hindering the indication function; the back of the table also has exquisite Paris spikes, and the surface of the plywood supporting the satellite hour system is polished by Geneva ripples to show that URWERK means Geneva as its home.