Beauty And Elegance Princess Choice Bucherer New Year Watch Recommendation

Abandon exaggerated jewellery, a refined and perfect watch is more worthy of the pursuit of every mature and elegant woman. The graceful design of the watch can control any fashion. Beautiful arcs, ingenious combinations and natural elegance are the keys to enhancing your noble temperament. When 2014 is full of joy, it is time to choose a timeless elegant watch to realize the princess dream in your heart.

Graceful and Elegant Princess Choice

 Bucherer deeply understands the inherent beauty and elegance of women, and loves to create a princess choice, bringing together modern, beautiful and other characteristics of the Beatrice Princess watch. Polished 18K rose gold and stainless steel two-tone strap continues.

 Pleasant glossy texture; the dial is decorated with rose gold scales and Arabic numerals for the ultimate simplicity. Jewellery artisans are highly skilled, and their timepieces not only follow magnificent aesthetics, they also feel more comfortable to wear on the jade wrist. The built-in movement is equipped with a more century-old watchmaking process. The high-quality movement is accurate and can be described as both internal and external. The charm of transcendent temperament is eye-catching. From style to form, they present a classic sense. No matter how time evolves, their classic designs will be accompanied by women who can present a graceful and elegant princess temperament at different ages.

Lady’s Watch Omega Seamaster

Omega and Rolex have become the most recognized watch brands in the country. Many of its collections are widely favored, such as the Haima series. Omega’s hippocampus watches are also inspired by the sea. For many years, sports watches have been designed with the theme of spirit. This ladies watch introduced today is derived from the Omega Ocean Universe Planet Ocean series watch.
 Omega’s dazzling case is eye-catching. Against the backdrop of a 37.5mm 18K rose gold diamond case and a pure black surface, those bright diamonds of the marine universe theme are like stars shining in the universe. The hands and tick marks made of rose gold and the three numbers 6, 9, and 12 are very eye-catching, but the small calendar that lacks the 3 position makes people stand out, adding a little more to the dazzling appearance delicate. The arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective and abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal has achieved a very high level of stability and light transmission. With the luminous hands, the wearer can clearly read in any environment. . The new Ocean Universe series watches are in the same vein with the classic hippocampus series. The iconic hippocampus badge is attached to the spiral bottom cover, the toothed bezel, the soft strap and the apparent contrast of the surface color, which have inherited the consistent characteristics of the hippocampus. The black alligator leather strap with 18k rose gold folding safety buckle is stylish and also carries a distinguished one.

 As a professional diving watch, the Omega watch has a traditional calendar function at only 3 o’clock in other functions, but it can be said to be the ultimate in its professional field. First of all, the waterproof depth of a typical diving watch is about 300 meters, and the Omega Ocean Universe series is designed to be waterproof to a depth of 2000 feet, which is a full 600 meters. At 10 o’clock is the helium exhaust valve. The helium exhaust valve helps the helium particles that have penetrated into the watch due to the water pressure during the dive to be discharged when the pressure is reduced to avoid damage to the watch. When diving, time is extremely important for divers. Misjudging may be life-threatening. Therefore, the presence of the rotating case and luminous hands makes this watch a very professional diving function. And these functions can also bring many conveniences to the wearer in life, the rotating shell for convenient timing, the luminous hands for easy reading and the high-strength waterproof have brought great convenience.
 The Omega watch uses a Cal.8521 self-winding movement. The 5.3 mm thick movement is covered with 28 gems, ensuring stable and orderly movement of the movement. The silicon si 14 balance without balance spring in the movement can be fine-tuned to further enhance the performance of the watch. The 25200 oscillations per hour is different from the 28800 oscillations per hour of most movements. In theory, this movement is slightly worse than the 4HZ movement, but because the error itself is already small, so This kind of error is very small, but it makes the internal parts of the movement operate in a more stable and ideal environment. Coupled with a 50-hour power reserve, the wearer can use it with peace of mind and long-term use.

 Extremely professional functions adhering to the purpose of Omega sports elements. The dazzling 18K rose gold diamond case is wrapped with a sapphire mirror. The black dial sets off the luxury of the hands and ticks made of rose gold. Style fits into it. Driven by Cal.8521 automatic winding movement, various professional diving functions run stably and provide a 50-hour power reserve. This Omega Ocean Universe watch reflects the theme of this series-the Ocean Universe. The ocean is the source of life, and life gives the earth an extraordinary charm. As an omega celebrity ambassador, astronaut Buzz Aldrin recalled the scene of looking at the Earth on the moon and said, ‘You are from this lovely planet, and now when you look back at it from a distance, you see the various They have a variety of colors and know what they represent. Some people have always called the earth a planet of water. The ocean has brought such colorful colors and vitality to the earth. ‘
 Watch details: omega / 12003 /

Breitling Held A Party To Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of Sports Illustrated

According to the Watch House, this year is the 50th anniversary of the sports weekly ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition’ owned by the American media giant Time Warner. The famous Swiss watchmaker Breitling’s boutique in Miami A special and grand celebration was held.

 Of course, it is indispensable for such a grand event to be Mr. Thierry Prissert, the president of Breitling, and models Jessica Gomes and Kate Bock of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

 The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is a swimsuit album released by the famous American sports magazine Sports Illustrated. It is published every February. The magazine was founded in 1968 and has been leading the American sports and fashion industry for 45 years to 2013.

   In the United States, the publication of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is a publishing event and advertising event. One in five adults in the United States reads this issue. As of 2013, it has been leading the trend in the US for more than 40 years. It has exceeded other magazines in terms of content, circulation and advertising revenue, and even changed the aesthetic standards of American men.

 It has more than 3 million subscribers, 23 million adult readings per week, and includes more than 13 million, 19% of men in the United States. It was the first magazine to win the National Magazine Award for Excellence twice, with more than one million circulations. Its Swimsuit Issue has been an annual event since its release in 1964, releasing its own TV shows, film and television products, and monthly calendars.

 At the 50th anniversary celebration party held this time, Jessica Gomes and Kate Bock greeted the visiting friends in the boutique, and Mr. Thierry Prissert, the president of Breitling, also said that the spirit of Sports Illustrated and Breitling are quite consistent Breitling is committed to the development of watch performance and technology, just like the athletes shown in Sports Illustrated. Competitive sports is a process of constantly surpassing the limit and surpassing itself. So this is the same spiritual pursuit although it is in a different field.

 With the grand occasion of the 50th anniversary of the American Pictorial, many celebrations have also started to be held around the world, and various swimwear parties and related fashion events have begun to flock. The most important thing is that the special issue of the 50th Anniversary of the American Pictorial will also meet with you.