Give Me A Teacher’s Day Gift Tissot Will Be Your Brightest Teacher

As a teacher, facing each student with tolerance and love, and watching the young plants raised by myself lead to the road of own success, is probably the most fulfilling thing. However, what is the image of the teacher in the eyes of the students? Heavy glasses? Dress conservatively? Maybe it’s time to change those stereotypes. The annual Teacher’s Day arrives on schedule, and I receive a full blessing from the students. The surprise and impression in my heart must overflow. This fall, give yourself a gift after hard work, and let the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot accompany you to show the best side to students and be the most dazzling teacher!
Exotic style, dancing gracefully

Tissot Flamenco Collection-Front View

 Exotic customs are accompanied by an exotic atmosphere. As a foreign language teacher, it seems to be born with elegance. Just like the Tissot Flamenco watch, the movable lugs and elegant beauty create the luxury and elegance of jewelry accessories. Under the podium’s light, the crown made of a smooth, faceted hemispherical gemstone is shining. Coupled with your warm smile and signature gestures, elegance has long been inadvertently blooming.
Detail comes first

Tissot Durul Women’s Steel Strap – Front View
 Ten volumes of poems and nine chapters are articulated. As a language teacher, rigor and seriousness are the principles you have always adhered to. The female model of the Tissot Durusel steel strap full of intellectual characteristics will perfectly display your intellectual atmosphere. The simple silver-white dial, with the Paris studs of the representative design of the Düssel series, has three-dimensional Roman numerals to complete the finishing touch. Just like your meticulous teaching attitude, this watch, known for its exquisite details, will definitely bring you a pleasant mood every time you teach.
Just soft in the middle, classic taste

Tissot Duluer Men’s Steel Strap – Front View
 As a male science teacher, in fact, your world is more than linear algebra and solid geometry. The direction of refraction of each ray of light, and the dynamic picture of each cell division constitute a bit of fun in life. Just as the Tissot Durusel series men’s steel strap-the low-key silver-white dial is engraved with interesting and noble Paris studs, the 316L stainless steel strap is simple and versatile. The details and the atmosphere of life converge on a watch-who said that the male science teacher didn’t understand life?
Beat your passion and run freely

Tissot Solar Series Orange – Front View
 It is said that the physical education teacher is an artist, running, jumping, and shooting-it seems that every sport is presented by you wonderfully without losing beauty and fun. Artists in the eyes of children, Tissot Solar Series solar watch is your best partner-a small watch brings together 20 practical functions, including weather forecast, altimeter, compass, with log function Segmented timer … the stylish and attentive physical education teacher is you, let the children run!
 Time flies like a white horse. After many years, you will be fragrant. One day, you may be pleasantly surprised to receive a blessing from a student, thank you for every guide you have on your way to life, and miss every time you bring your watch, neatly written blackboard and every lesson.
Technical Parameters:
Tissot Flamenco
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Water resistance to 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft)
-Some models have a mother-of-pearl dial
-Patent leather strap with butterfly buckle; stainless steel strap with butterfly buckle
Suggested retail price: RMB 2,250-3,150

Tissot Duluer Women’s
-Made in Switzerland
-80-hour power reserve movement, 23 diamonds
-Domed sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
-The diamond dial is set with 32 individually cut Weselton diamonds set on 8 scales
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Water resistance to 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft)
-Strap: leather strap, push-button butterfly clasp; 316L stainless steel strap, push-button butterfly clasp
-PVD rose gold coating on some models
-Some gold models are PVD-coated
-Size: Women: 32mm * 32mm
Suggested retail price:
Leather strap three-dimensional dial diamond model: RMB 6,700
Steel strap three-dimensional dial: RMB 6,050 Tissot Duluer series for men
-Made in Switzerland
-80-hour power reserve movement, 23 diamonds; chronograph model with C01.211 movement, 15 diamonds
-Domed sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Water resistance to 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft)
-Strap: leather strap, push-button butterfly clasp; 316L stainless steel strap, push-button butterfly clasp
-PVD rose gold coating on some models
-Some gold models are PVD-coated
-Size: Men’s: 42mm * 42mm
-Chronograph for men: 44mm * 44mm
Suggested retail price:
Leather strap three-dimensional dial: RMB 6,450
Steel strap three-dimensional dial: RMB 6,050
Chronograph with leather strap: RMB 8,300
Tissot Solar Series Solar Watch
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal touchscreen mirror
-Titanium case with black PVD coating
-Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet)
-Titanium strap with push-button folding clasp
-Leather strap with push-button butterfly clasp
-Black rubber strap with push-button folding clasp
-Orange silicone strap with push-button folding clasp
-Size: 45mm * 45mm
Suggested Retail Price: Men’s RMB 7,700-8,550

Introduction Of Hublot Luxury Watches Shanghai Exhibition

The first ‘Luxury Watches Shanghai Exhibition’ (Belles Montres Salon) will be held in Shanghai Exhibition Center from October 27th to 30th, as one of the important watch brands participating in Hublot (HUBLOT ) Will present top-of-the-range complicated watches during this period, of which the brand “Master Passion Series” (MasterPiece Series) second watch “MP-02 Key of Time Watch” (MP-02 Key Of Time Watch) will Debuted domestically.

This watch is inspired by the brand’s understanding of luxury concepts. Time itself is the most precious luxury, with a black natural rubber strap and a micro-blasted titanium case, with a complex black dial. The dial consists of Black polished nickel metal hands covered with green luminous coating, vertical flying tourbillon frame, second hand indicator decoration, with hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve display. In terms of power, the watch’s HUB9002 movement not only provides a 100-hour power reserve for the watch, but also the special mechanism of the movement can control the rate of time. The gear position and the speed adjustment function at 9 o’clock can extend the time by four times and shorten the time by four times. When you want to restore the normal time, you can use the real ‘mechanical memory’ device in the movement to make the pointer Get back on track. Limited to 50 pieces.
In addition, Hublot’s ‘Anticythere by Hublot’ movement built in tribute to Hawthorne’s earliest calculator & mdash; & mdash; Anticythere mechanical device, as well as a full-diamond Million Dollar Lady Unveiled at the Luxury Watch Show.