Every Year There Is A New Feeling Tasting Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Gold Steel Watch

Over the years, new watches have always challenged watch enthusiasts’ increasingly “picky” taste buds with different freshness, making them fall in love with this surprise. Whether it is the bronze model of last year or the extremely small yellow needle model of the previous year, Tudor every year always brings us a unique new feeling. This year, Tudor arrived as scheduled, adding new works to the 2017 Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair. Among them, a Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan gold and steel watch with a unique style and outstanding new core has won wide attention from watch enthusiasts, becoming one of the brand’s popular new timepieces this year. Now, take a look at the Watch House. (Watch model: 79733N)

60th Anniversary of Tudor Dive Watch

Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Gold Steel Watch
   In addition to outstanding style, this watch also bears the glorious mission of commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of the Tudor diving watch, inheriting the tradition of superb craftsmanship. The new watch follows the lines and proportions of the Biwan series. The delicate rotating outer ring and the atmospheric winding crown are made of gold, which are mutually contrasted with the black bezel, showing the classic and atmospheric luxury sports watch characteristics. In addition, the central metal chain link of the watch’s steel bracelet is also made of luxurious and flamboyant gold material, giving the watch a more formal and dignified overall texture.

Stainless steel case
   The 41 mm stainless steel case, after mercerized sanding, presents smooth and delicate lines. The upper part of the case is a 60-minute gold unidirectional rotating outer ring, which is designed in matte black anodized aluminum. It brings an unprecedented sense of quality.

‘Little Golden Flower’ Gold Crown
   Derived from the ‘Big Crown’ model (model 7924) introduced by Tudor in 1958, it perfectly reproduces the dazzling style of classic models. The crown is decorated with Tudor’s black lacquered rose pattern, which shows the characteristics of the watch inherited from the brand’s earlier watches.

Black dial display
   On the black dome-shaped dial, the angular ‘Snowflake’ hands stand out. This design is borrowed from the classic style provided to the French Navy in the 1970s, adding a unique retro charm to this watch. Continuing the design style of Tudor diving watch, simple round, triangular and long time scales can convey the time of the moment to the wearer more clearly and intuitively. In addition, the hands and hour markers are covered with luminous parts, which can provide accurate time observation even in dark environments, which is very convenient. 3 The time mark position is the date display window, which is full of connotation.
Safety design

Dense back cover, water-resistant to 200 meters
   Like many reliable diving timepieces, this watch also features a dense back cover design that protects the internal movement well and is highly reliable. It is equipped with the Tudor-manufactured movement MT5612, which is based on the brand’s first self-made movement launched in 2015, and has been modified to achieve a combination of classic and innovation. The power reserve is up to 70 hours, in other words, even if the watch is fully idle for two days, it can still be used normally without winding. The new movement has an inertia fine-tuned silicon hairspring balance. Compared with traditional metal hairsprings, silicon hairsprings can effectively prevent magnetic fields from interfering with the watch and increase the watch’s life from the side. In addition, the movement has also been awarded the Swiss Observatory Certification by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC) to ensure accurate and reliable travel time.

Antique leather strap
   The black antique leather strap is atmospheric and classic, connected with a steel discount, which can well protect the watch from the wrist and is very reliable. In addition, a brown textured strap made by the traditional jacquard process in St-Etienne, France. This shows that the brand is full of sincerity for this commemorative moment.

Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Gold Steel Watch
Summary: As in previous years, this year’s Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan gold and steel watch also brings a complete sense of freshness to watch lovers. No matter from the gold steel style or the more accurate new movement, you can See the sincerity of Tudor. In addition, the three-row solid-link gold-steel bracelet with a rivet head connection is also a good choice. If you like it, look forward to it!