Not Only Sports Watches Rolex Cellini Date

For a long time, Rolex has a sense of ’emphasizing military use’ in terms of product design, marketing, etc., which is also the sports watch and Dress Watch produced by the brand. The end result is often far away. The fame and popularity of Rolex sports watches need not be repeated, but formal watches are often in a weak position in Rolex’s product line, which is more difficult to resonate with the market. Perhaps it is precisely to close the current imbalance. One of the focus of the brand in 2014 was to restart the Cellini series.

Feature 1: How to change the formal watch is still Sven
The previous Cellini series was characterized by Sven’s elegant design style, echoing Rolex’s earliest creative inspiration to pay tribute to the well-known Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini. However, even though the development history of this series is not short, the shape design also changes with different periods. There are changes and adjustments, but it is still difficult to establish an equivalent product impression with Rolex’s Oyster series, so it has been a long time since the debut of the Cellini series.

Inspired by the well-known Italian Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini’s Cellini series, it has a classic and elegant aesthetic gene. Like many earlier designs in the series, the new Cellini collection embodies elegant classic qualities. In addition, it also blends modern design styles

Feature two: the whole transformation in appearance
In 2014, Rolex’s newly launched Cellini series, although the name and the route setting for the Dress Watch, also follow the old rules, but have undergone major changes in appearance again. The brand this time combines classic styling elements with its own watch as design features. Incorporating contemporary aesthetic perspectives and watch wear habits, the latest look of the Cellini collection is born. The first wave of the new Cellini series has three functional styles. This time, the three-pin date models are introduced. The three are the same 39mm round case. Each functional style also has white gold or eternal rose gold with black face. Or weaving out 4 versions of each, with a wealth of options to try to satisfy consumers’ fuss.

The classic ‘Rayon Flammé de la Gloire’ radial pattern on the black face plate, paired with a double outer ring composed of a dome-shaped outer ring and a triangular pitted outer ring, and a trumpet-shaped screw-down crown make it exquisite and luxurious

Feature 3: The automatic movement is more in line with modern requirements
The rebirth of the Cellini series represents Rolex’s ambition to expand into different market types, and has new and exquisite modeling connotations, such as the double-layered arc of the case and the triangular pit pattern, and the Rayon Flammé de la on the three-hand date dial. Gloire radiation patterns and so on, can be aware of the brand design’s intentions and sincerity, in addition, these three watches have changed to automatic winding movements, which is more practical and convenient for today’s wearing habits.

The new Cellini series still retains a large number of Rolex watches in the classic style. Eventually, the finished products are refined with detailed details, such as the double-layered arc of the watch case and the triangular pit pattern, and the screw-in crown with a horn Etc. are all worthy of careful taste

Cellini Date

18K eternal rose gold material / 3165 automatic movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / 39mm diameter / reference price: 128,000 RMB

Jacques Dro 88 Limited Edition Watch Appreciation

JAQUET DROZ is one of the great creators of mechanical timepieces in the 18th century. He made special eccentric indications of hours, minutes and seconds on the faceplate of the pocket watch. It is located at the lower center of the face plate. The ‘large second’ hand circle with larger hour and minute scale circle is arranged like a ‘8’ on the face plate. With such a unique eccentric faceplate design, no one has ever been able to create such a breakthrough and timeless style.

    More than 200 years ago, Master Jaquet Droz created an eccentric design that separates the hour, minute and second hand rings. The second hand ring, which is slightly larger than the hour and minute hand rings, lists the most unique faceplate designs, even in 200 years. Later, with today’s modern aesthetics, Grande Seconde’s modern design. The Grande Seconde series is the earliest modern work of JAQUET DROZ, and it is also the most representative classic style.

    This time, JAQUET DROZ also exhibited the Petite Heure Minute Enamel-La Musicienne hour hand small hand painting-musician limited edition model for the first time in Taiwan. There is only one model on the whole stage, and the pattern is drawn under the microscope. The enamel dial is a masterpiece of the artist’s paintings. The ‘big fire’ enamel is an extremely rare process. It needs to be coated with multiple colors on the same enamel, and then fired and strengthened by furnace fire.
    At the same time, the Tourbillon meteorite tourbillon dial watch is also on display. As an art master of high-complexity watches, JAQUET DROZ launched the tourbillon watch, which is a watch created with superb technology. Explore the meaning of time passing from different angles.
    The tourbillon watch exhibits precise structural skills. In the 18k RG case with a diameter of 44 mm, it is equipped with a dynamic three-dimensional display. The functional configuration on the dial is simple and methodical, making reading time as if you are enjoying art Just as fun.
    The faceplate is made of meteorites, like fragments of the sky. Meteorites falling on the earth can be divided into three types: iron meteorite (mainly composed of iron), stone meteorite (mainly composed of silicate) And a stone iron meteorite that is a mixture of the two aforementioned substances. Recent scientific research has found that, contrary to general cognition, meteorites have extremely fine holes. Meteorites are mostly fragments of asteroids or comets, but some are fragments from the moon or Mars. Jaquet Droz’s delicate faceplate made of meteorite is like having the wearer wear the universe on his wrist.
     It has 88 hours of power and the tourbillon at six o’clock is decorated with Geneva ripples, allowing the watch’s beating heart to perform beautifully.

    This precious and highly complex watch belonging to the Hommage La Chaux-de-Fonds 1738 series inherits the spirit of Mr. Pierre Jaquet Droz from the eighteenth century to the present day. With a hand-stitched crocodile leather strap, only 8 Numerus Clausus limited editions are produced, and the case back is engraved with an exclusive limited number .

Vacheron Constantin Art Sculpture Only Watch

Only Watch 2015 charity event will be held in Geneva, Switzerland on November 7. In support of the watch, Vacheron Constantin reinterpreted the Métiers d’Art master Mécaniques Ajourées watch, with red enamel on the dial Circles, adding visual characteristics. This design combines two areas that developed in the same direction at the end of the 19th century: architecture and watchmaking. The new model uses Vacheron Constantin’s outstanding 4400 movement, with a clear and transparent, perfect arched structure, which fully embodies the art of sculpting like a sculpture. It can not help but reminiscent of the large European railway station during the golden age of the industrial revolution. The sculpting craftsman combines the skills and techniques of the sculptor to show the lighting effects due to the three-dimensional structure, as well as another artistic technique: the Great Fire Enamel Craft.

A quest for history
Vacheron Constantin’s first fully-engraved movement appeared in 1924, but in fact, the first watch manufactured by the brand’s founder Jean-Marc Vacheron as early as 1755 had been equipped with an engraved balance wheel plywood, confirming that the brand has been a pioneer in this field . Since then, Vacheron Constantin has been pursuing the transparency of machinery and producing more and more detailed parts. After the pocket watch, the brand began to develop carved parts for the watch in 1960, such as making carved movements for complex timers with minute repeater, perpetual calendar and tourbillon. There are even ultra-thin versions. Technology advances to a higher level.
Despite the passage of time, Vacheron Constantin’s thirst for innovation persists. The brand’s new watch is reminiscent of the arched doors and windows and the smooth ribbed vaults of the Gothic architecture in the old railway station. The sculptor-like sculpting technique, combined with different arcs to form a three-dimensional structure filled with light, has made this art work ingenious.
A new milestone in carving art
The engraving movement is a difficult art. It is required to hollow out the material of the movement as much as possible and carefully ensure the smooth operation of the timepiece. In order to show the unique charm of the carving art, watchmakers usually start a long process of conception, design and molding on the existing solid movement. And this Métiers d’Art Mécaniques Ajourées watch is no exception. The 4400SQ hand-winding engraved movement took hundreds of hours to be carefully crafted to achieve a transparent aesthetic and practical function. Perfect balance. Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers and craftsmen not only emptied nearly half the area of ​​the original solid 4400 movement, but also faced another challenge: to add a three-dimensional light and shadow effect in architectural aesthetics to this brand-new engraved movement. To accomplish this task, they set a new milestone in ancient hand-carved art. Instead of sawing off the smooth main board and bridge board with a miniature handsaw before cornering, the engraving technician chose to slowly and carefully cut along the entire circumference to form a truly three-dimensional sculpture. Drawing inspiration from the vaults of the 19th-century train station, the master watchmaker meticulously carved the fine arches on the movement with his carving knife on the curved building. These arched shapes completely subvert the straight lines of the engraving movement, condensing more complex chamfering techniques and manual polishing processes. At the tiny inner corners, only human hands can create clever staggered textures, so that the polished area can capture more light, while the hand-polished matte-finished surface more and more sets off the crystal clearness of the polished area. The ingenious combination of different hand-polishing techniques brings out the relief effect of the engraved skeleton. The engraving process of the skeleton of the movement alone takes at least three days to inject unique charm into the movement.

When art flowers bloom
Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’ Art master Mécaniques Ajourées watch not only uses extraordinary contemporary craftsmanship to reproduce the essence of traditional hand-carved art, but the great fire enamel technique that Vacheron Constantin specializes in further sublimates the artistic expression of this watch. Vacheron Constantin’s enamelist is full of talents, using enamel glaze to draw decorative circles on the periphery of the movement carefully, a little carelessness will destroy the overall beauty of the ring pattern, so the technician’s painting skills are required to be perfect. In pursuit of perfection and refinement, the enamel technicians face a more difficult challenge in the painting process: pay tribute to the King of Monaco with the deep red fired by the large fire enamel. They chose to show the unique beauty of this color flawlessly. The enamel master needs to create a completely smooth and uniform surface to avoid any air bubbles generated in the burning enamel.
This large fire flame enamel ring is reminiscent of the retro charm of a central clock carved with Roman numerals in a large European train station at the end of the 19th century, contrasting with the carved movement bearing the architectural aesthetics. The ONLY WATCH mark at 3 o’clock on the dial represents Vacheron Constantin’s support for this charity event organized by the Monaco Yacht Show, the Philip Watch Department and the Monaco Muscular Atrophy Association.
A watch engraved with the Prestige Geneva
The 4400SQ engraved movement combines a variety of hand-carved techniques, and its outstanding technical performance has also attracted much attention. The 4400 SQ movement is a manual winding movement with a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Its accuracy and amazing 65-hour power reserve are very close to user needs. However, the highest standards in the manufacturing process of high-end watches are not only at the technical level, because the entire watch has passed the certification of the Geneva Seal, which is a guarantee of quality, craftsmanship and durability, and fully guarantees that every performance of the timepiece is exerted To the best.

Métiers d’ Art Mécaniques Ajourées
Vacheron Constantin develops and manufactures its own 4400SQ manual winding mechanical movement
 Hour and minute display
18K white gold case, 40 mm diameter, water resistant to 30 meters
Big red fire enamel bezel, 18K gold bezel with Roman time scale
18K gold bezel with “ ONLY WATCH ” mark at 3 o’clock
ONLY WATCH’s exclusive model, the case back is engraved with ‘2015’ and ‘N ° 1/1’