Exploring The Source Of Time Seiko’s ‘long’ Clock Appears

The ‘Ship of Water Transport Instrument’ designed by Prime Minister Su Song during the Northern Song Dynasty was hailed as ‘the originator of the world clock’ and ‘the fifth-generation invention of ancient China’, which took 4 years and cost 6 100 million yen, successfully restored the object in Suwa, Nagano. In recent years, Japan Seiko Clock and Seiko Epson have jointly developed a newly-conceived advanced clock DECOR SEIKO ‘long-term’ based on the driving principle of the ‘Water Transport Instrument Observatory’ and have been launched in the Chinese market.

DECOR SEIKO is ‘old’
I took a train from Tokyo for 2 hours and came to the Time Science Museum in Lake Suwa, Nagano Prefecture. In the ‘Yixiangtang’, the reporter and his party visited the restored ‘Yixiangyixiang’. This three-story building was exceptionally open to Chinese journalists from afar and was able to walk into each floor and look closely.
Designed and manufactured by Prime Minister Su Song of the Northern Song Dynasty, the ‘Water Transport Instrument Observatory’ was born in 1094, and the escapement structure appeared more than 200 years ahead of the European mechanical watchmaking industry. It was driven by the natural gift of water, which was a pre-modern technology. The largest precision mechanical instrument created by human beings, the error of 24 hours a day is less than 100 seconds. The British scientist Needham et al. Think that the Watercraft Observatory ‘may be the direct ancestor of the medieval astronomical clock in Europe’.
最早 The earliest Chinese people invented the mechanical clock
学 The academic community has always debated whether the earliest mechanical clock of mankind was invented by Europe or China. In fact, a key point that distinguishes ancient Chinese machinery from European ancient machinery is in driving force. The driving force of China’s Tang Dynasty machinery was water, while Europe in the 13th to 14th centuries was powered by hammers and clockwork.
‘From the rules of the celestial body operation, see the law of heaven and set the political foundation; from the change of the celestial phenomenon, see the will of the sky and correct the political atmosphere’, the Northern Song Dynasty adhered to this idea to implement politics. Therefore, Chinese astronomy is a national science. The observatory located in the capital is an indispensable unit in national institutions. The Observatory shoulders three important tasks: organizing a ‘calendar’ for one year, managing ‘timekeeping’ and observing astronomical phenomena, and predicting the ‘horoscope’ of the future. In order to perform these tasks, astronomical observation instruments and clocks are required.
The large astronomical instrument that combined the armillary sphere, the elephant, and the time-keeping device in the Northern Song Dynasty was completed by the prime minister at the time, which took 7 years. The escapement was a key part of the clock. Appears on the European mechanical clock.
的 Dialogue with Northern Song Dynasty scientists
The ‘Water Transport Instrument Observatory’ is 11.8 meters high and 7 meters square. Its shape is narrow and wide, and it is divided into three floors. At the top is a cabin with armillary spheres. The top cover can be opened freely. One, the third floor is equipped with power driving device and time signal system, its structure and function have reached an unprecedented degree of complexity. The three levels are connected to each other by a transmission device, which is uniformly pushed and controlled by water leakage. Not only can it automatically time, time, and demonstrate the astronomical phenomenon, but it can also drive the turbidity to automatically track a certain celestial body for observation. The timekeeping system is also divided into five layers. In addition to being able to manipulate the puppet to use the bell, drums, and bells as the initial, timely and timely signal, and display the hour and number with a villain license, it can also manipulate the puppet to Mingyu is used as a more time signal at night, and it can display faint, daylight and other moments with seasonal changes. During the Northern Song Dynasty, in order to ensure its normal operation every day, 82 full-time personnel were deployed.
Mr. Tsuchiya Eifu, the first clock technology expert from Seiko Clock Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Japan Seiko Clock Co., Ltd., was selected and entrusted for dynamic display. He spent four years researching and analyzing the literature of the time, ‘The New Instrumental Methodology’, and finally recovered the object in 1997 in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture. The armillary instrument (astronomical telescope without lens), the armillary sphere (celestial globe) and the circadian wheel (timer) can be operated by water. In the past, the Watercraft Instrument Observatory has also been restored, but it is the first time that the restoration design has been carried out with the strict goal of ‘completely restored according to the size of the object, so that the Watercraft Instrument Observatory can run endlessly’.
‘During the process of researching and repairing the Watercraft Observatory, I seemed to be talking to ancient Chinese scientists thousands of years ago. This feeling made me feel satisfied.’ Senior Clock DECOR SEIKO One of the ‘long-time’ inventors, Niu Yuejian Said.
A thousand years of wisdom turned into a ‘long’ clock
Japan Seiko Clock Co., Ltd. and Japan Seiko Epson Co., Ltd., based on the driving principle of the ‘Water Transport Instrument Observatory’, sought to replace water conservancy power, complicated gear calculations, and established precise processing and assembly technology. After repeated experiments and error correction, they finally reached Practical, co-developed a new concept of advanced clock DECOR SEIKO ‘long-term’ in 2005.
EISEIKO DECOR is a new type of clock that can use your eyes and ears to feel the time passing slowly. A high-precision steel ball is used instead of water conservancy. The water wheel is rotated by the power of the falling steel ball, which continuously passes the passage of time. The steel ball lifted by the ‘circling rising structure’ on the left side of the clock advances along the track behind the clock until it reaches the ‘waterwheel’ on the right side of the clock. Then use the weight of the steel ball to drop the ‘waterwheel’ to drive the pointer to move one square. Then the steel ball slid into the track in front of the clock and continued to advance, and finally returned to the entrance of the ‘circling rising structure’ on the left. The entire ‘old’ clock is all gold-plated, in addition to its beautiful appearance, the friction is also minimized.
的 The track that guides the steel ball forward is designed to incline by 0.5 degrees to make the steel ball roll slowly. And the running speed of the steel ball is calculated through rigorous calculations, and it will always return to the entrance of the ‘circling rising structure’ at the appropriate time. This is a ‘long’ journey that loops every 37.5 seconds. The lifting and rolling of the steel balls are repeated, making the flow of time more fun.
Because only two technicians from Seiko Clock Co., Ltd. in the world will assemble “long” clocks, the monthly output is only 3 to 4 units. After the installation is completed, it needs to be tested in the working room for one month, so it usually takes 2 months from the time of booking to obtaining the advanced manual clock. In China, you can book this clock at Tianyi Clock Store

2016 Bvlgari Divas’dream Series The Art Of Existence In Life

To pay tribute to the world-famous ‘Sweet Life’ era in Italy, the new Diva series presents extremely rich, precious and amazing creativity.
 The bold styling design firmly and faithfully demonstrates the value deeply rooted in Roman history, and pays tribute to the women who created this magnificent city and created the art of life: the new Diva series watch reproduces the star of the Italian film ‘Sweet Life’ Glittering and brilliant, the movie stars of the time brought the eternal light of Rome to the world. The past stars have inspired more rising stars, and they have become the source of inspiration for Bulgari’s creation. Every Bulgari woman deserves something beautiful.

 Amazing, bold and precious: the new Divas’Dream series pays tribute to femininity in many different ways. This collection of watches captures the beautiful shapes of sophisticated watches and is created with precious qualities, including pavé diamond dials and fascinating choices such as the mother-of-pearl dial.

 These extremely romantic creations skillfully combine the use of colored gemstones and Bvlgari’s exquisite watchmaking technology. The new Divas’ Dream watch has the function of jumping and retrograde minutes, bringing women different reading than before Time experience.
Purely exquisite dial

 The new Diva’Dream series uses a minimalist dial with an exquisite and dynamic appearance: an hour jump window at six o’clock, and a retrograde minute hand turning above the colored gemstones. The dial design presents an open and generous surface, which can intuitively appreciate the unique texture and color of sky blue lapis in the white gold case, while the rose gold case is matched with burgundy ruby ​​ore. The retrograde minute display hour markers in both models are presented with 7 diamonds.
 The BVL 262 self-winding movement is the heart of the watch and has a 42-hour power reserve. Its single retrograde minute hand and jumping time are displayed in a circular window, which also makes the reading experience more dynamic, poetic and precious. The Divas’Dream watch case and its distinctive lugs are reminiscent of the fan-shaped mosaic pattern of the Caracalla Grand Baths in Rome, set with 79 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing more than 2 carats.
 The balanced aesthetic design is filled with a unique and beautiful modern atmosphere. These two watches combine simple and fashionable style with sophisticated clockwork and craftsmanship, echoing the long history of Rome, and subtly combined with the high-quality jewelry series from Bulgari headquarters in Rome , Complement each other.
Sexy and romantic

 Although the new Diva series watches are very sexy and romantic, they use a minimalist watch design to interpret the exquisite background, which can be regarded as a representative masterpiece in jewelry watches. There are two new interpretations of the jumping time and retrograde style. Its iconic acetate dial marks the innovation gene, which makes people shine. This high-tech material is composed of a mixture of natural cotton and wood fiber. After processing, it is solid and then carved into fine lines. After the surface has been carefully polished and treated, these lines create a dazzling dial with a flash of unique light. Acetate is an excellent material for creating precious jewellery watches. The time scales and graduations that make it easy for the wearer to read are diamonds, which perfectly match the taupe strap. The details of the jewellery also echo the decorative convex rose tourmaline. The Divas’Dream series also offers ultra-bright 18K white gold models with diamond-paved dials for modern and sophisticated women.
Rigorous watchmaking guidelines and superb jewelry craftsmanship

 Bvlgari once again proves the brand’s relentless pursuit of jewellery craftsmanship and strict watchmaking standards. For Bulgari, headquartered in Rome, there is no material or craft that merely reflects performance or is used only for decoration. The new Divas’Dream collection is inspired not only by the timeless beauty of this magnificent city of Rome, but also by the fan-shaped mosaic floor pattern that decorates the Caracalla Grand Baths. This pattern is now the iconic design of the Bulgari haute jewellery collection and is used in watch design to complement the round case. These completely natural and smooth lines not only highlight the design of the case, but also ensure that the strap can be seamlessly combined with the case secretly. It also gives the watch an unexpected fit, and its flowing touch ensures that Designed for comfort when worn.
 Life is an intoxicating dance. The new Divas’Dream series invites you to dream together and dance passionately together.
Technical specifications

DIVAS’DREAM Lapis Lazuli

Case, dial and strap
18K white gold case; 37mm diameter, set with 72 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 2.07 carats, 18K white gold crown set with convex sapphire; waterproof depth: 30 meters.
Lapis lazuli dial, brilliant-cut diamond hour markers (approximately 0.08 carats), blue satin strap with 18K white gold pin buckle.
Automatic winding mechanical movement, movement model BVL262, jumping time display can be viewed through the window at six o’clock, and there is a retrograde minute display.

Case, dial and strap
18K rose gold case; 37mm diameter, set with 72 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 2.07 carats, 18K rose gold crown set with convex rose tourmaline; waterproof depth: 30 meters.
Ruby end dial, brilliant-cut diamond hour markers (about 0.08 carats), burgundy satin strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle.

Case, dial and strap
18K white gold case; 30mm diameter, set with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.94 carats, 18K white gold crown set with convex tourmaline; water-resistant to 30 meters.
The brown acetate dial is a combination of natural cotton and wood fiber. The taupe satin strap is set with 12 diamond hour markers (approximately 0.13 carats) and 18K white gold pin buckle.
Full-diamond dial, black satin strap style set with 233 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.95 carats, with 18K white gold pin buckle.
The quartz movement is adorned with the Bulgari logo (B046).

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust ‘thunderbird’ Watch

Estimated price: 14000-22000 HKD
Including commission price: HK $ 13,800 (about RMB 12,103)
[Overall description]
    The case diameter is 36 mm and the thickness is 12 mm. Case number 53 * 364, model 1625, certified by the Observatory, manufactured in 1960, central seconds hand, self-winding, waterproof function, stainless steel three-piece case, polished and matte, screw-in case back and crown, two-way Rotating bezel with 60-minute Arabic numerals and bar engravings, date magnification, silver textured dial, baton-type hands with luminous material filling, black-treated stainless steel baton-type hour markers, Luminous texture dots.
[Movement configuration]
    Movement 1560, rhodium-plated, fish scale pattern polished, 25 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal balance, temperature and 5-position accuracy correction, shock absorber, self-compensating blue steel Breguet balance spring, fine adjustment screw , Case and movement are signed.
[Phase report]
    Case 3 (good), 9 (slightly scratched); dial 3 (good), 10 (slightly oxidized); movement 3 (good); expert comprehensive evaluation A (good).
    To commemorate the brand’s 40th anniversary, Rolex launched the Datejust series in 1945. The Rolex Datejust is modified from the previous ‘Bubbleback’. Its biggest feature is the use of a coin-shaped bezel and black and red date display numbers alternately. Prior to the appearance of the Rolex Day-Date calendar (or ‘President’s Watch’) in 1956, Datejust was the most precious representative of the Rolex collection. Around 1954, Rolex first used the ‘Goldfish Eye’ date magnifier in the Datejust collection. It was also during the same period that Rolex launched the ‘Thunderbird’ represented by this lot, which we now call the Turn-OGraph bezel style.