Montblanc Timewalker Series External Tourbillon Minute Chronograph (Limited Edition 100)

For the first time, Montblanc’s modern urban style Timewalker series watch is equipped with Montblanc’s exclusive patented external tourbillon. This performance combines excellent time calibration components with a single-button chronograph function, incorporates a bold aesthetic design, and uses lightweight and highly durable materials to enhance the performance of Timewalker watches from the case to the movement.

The Essence of Timewalker Series
   With a large dial, a slim bezel, unique wave-shaped Arabic numerals, spear-shaped hands, and exquisite hollowed lugs, the Timewalker series creates a unique timepiece with a distinctive modern aesthetic style. This model is made of high-tech materials such as titanium, carbon fiber and diamond-like carbon (DLC), making the timepiece light and sturdy. It is also equipped with a selected automatic winding movement and a series of practical and complicated functions, highlighting the timewalker’s outstanding performance and Compact design.
External tourbillon
   Montblanc introduced the external tourbillon function to the Timewalker series for the first time in the Timewalker series external tourbillon minute chronograph (limited edition of 100 pieces). Montblanc’s patented external tourbillon device is one of the highlights of many models of the heritage chronograph series, but has never appeared in the Timewalker series before.
   The one-minute external tourbillon is exclusively developed by the watchmaker at Montblanc. The English name ‘Exo’ is derived from Greek, meaning ‘outside’, and refers to the screw balance outside the tourbillon’s rotating frame. This patented design reduces the size of the rotating frame, is not affected by the weight of the balance wheel, and saves about 30% of energy compared to an ordinary tourbillon. The balance wheel is placed outside the rotating frame, which is not affected by the inertia of the frame and improves accuracy. Another practical feature of this structure is the realization of the stop-second mechanism. The screw balance is stopped by a miniature spring, enabling the wearer to set the seconds hand accurately. This stop-second mechanism can directly stop the balance wheel instead of the tourbillon frame, preventing the ‘back swing’ phenomenon after the stop seconds, which affects the accuracy. The time setting function of this watch is very practical. The wearer can move the crown to the second position and move it back and forth, that is, the hour hand can be adjusted in hours, which is fast and easy. There is no effect on the minute and second hands when adjusting, so that the travel time is always accurate. This feature is also applicable to the date setting, making it easy to set the time on the go. The wearer can dial the hour hand forward or back in 24-hour increments to adjust the date. When the needle point sweeps past the 24th hour, the date hand will move forward or backward accordingly. Turn the crown to the third position, and you can see the red arrow pointer in the tourbillon frame for precise adjustment of the second hand.
   This bold and innovative tourbillon structure is integrated into Montblanc’s uniquely developed chronograph movement. It perfectly integrates all the elements of traditional chronograph with modern high-performance structure. It is equipped with a single button, column wheel, efficient and accurate vertical coupler, automatic winding Chain and double barrel.
   Through the titanium caseback of the Timewalker series tourbillon minute chronograph (limited edition of 100 pieces), you can see the exquisite skeleton winding rotor of the movement, decorated with the carved Montblanc logo, and the exterior is black plated Rhodium coating, more stable temperament.

Fusion of high-tech materials
   The three-piece case with a diameter of 44 mm is uniquely made of titanium, carbon fiber and diamond-like carbon (DLC). The micro-machined titanium bezel is plated with a scratch-resistant black DLC coating, and the case middle is made of a unique carbon fiber structure with a special horizontal stripe pattern instead of a common mesh pattern. Multi-layer carbon fiber coatings are stacked vertically with each other, and are fused with artificial resin in a high-pressure and high-temperature environment of ten tons to form a dense carbon fiber block. The round case of the case is pressed into the carbon fiber layer vertically to form a tight and seamless ‘single body’, which is tightly placed on the case’s titanium middleware, clamped and fixed by two hollow titanium brackets, and the surface is precision-drawn. Process. The light and sturdy case created in this way not only effectively protects the watch’s internal movement, but also reflects the unique style of the Timewalker series.
Delicate dial design
   Montblanc TimeWalker Series Tourbillon Minute Chronograph (limited edition of 100 pieces) with grained dial design, perfectly blending beauty, function and legibility. The eccentric black dial at 12 o’clock shows the time, with red and white Arabic Digital scale with super-luminous SuperLumiNova® * coating for easy time reading at night; patented external tourbillon device can be seen in the lower part of the dial, with two semi-circular chronograph dials with double hands: seconds counter at 8 o’clock Position, the minute counter is at 4 o’clock. The upper half of the dial is decorated with black horizontal stripes, and the lower half has a vertical matte effect, highlighting the patented external tourbillon device. The dial is also decorated with a domed sapphire crystal, which is anti-reflective on both sides and has vertical wings. It has excellent readability and anti-scratch performance.
   The black alligator strap with red stitching further highlights the urban style of this watch. All 100 watches in this limited series have undergone a full 500 hours of rigorous real-life simulation tests and have been awarded the ‘Montblanc Lab 500 Hour Quality Test’ certification.
   The Timewalker Series Tourbillon Minute Chronograph (limited edition of 100 pieces) is the pinnacle of the Montblanc Timewalker Series. From contemporary design to the use of high-performance movements and high-tech materials, this timepiece introduces the fine watchmaking tradition to future design styles.
Technical Parameters
Montblanc TimeWalker Series Tourbillon Minute Chronograph (limited edition of 100 pieces)
Code: 112587
Movement model Montblanc independently developed movement MB R230
Movement type Mechanical movement with double barrel
Automatic winding mechanism
Patented one-minute external tourbillon with stop-second mechanism
Chronograph single button with column wheel and vertical clutch
Dimensions 33.7 mm diameter, 8.65 mm height
Number of parts 296
Sapphire Bearing 44
Power reserve about 50 hours
Balance wheel Screw balance wheel, diameter 9.7 mm, moment of inertia: 12 mg / cm2
21,600 vibrations / hour (3 Hz)
Gossamer Plane
Rhodium plated with round grain
Splint rhodium-plated with côtes de Genève Geneva
Transmission gear Unique tooth profile to improve power transmission efficiency
Display (watch) Off-centered hours and minutes
The date hand is on the same axis as the hour and minute hands and the eccentric subdial
Patented external tourbillon at 6 o’clock (one revolution per minute to indicate seconds) with steel tourbillon splint
Display (timing) 60-second and 30-minute counters, double hands with corresponding sector scale
Features Travel function to quickly reset the hour hand and date display forward or backward
Stop the tourbillon by pausing the balance wheel directly
Case Titanium and carbon fiber hybrid
Bezel with black DLC coating
Connector made of titanium metal with carbon fiber coating
Crystal Scratch-resistant, ‘chevé’ anti-reflective sapphire crystal on both sides
Back cover Threaded titanium back cover with anti-reflective sapphire crystal panel
Dimensions 44 mm diameter, 16.27 mm height
Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 meters)
Crown Titanium with Montblanc logo
Dial Upper area with black grain, horizontal stripe pattern
White Arabic numerals, rhodium-plated spear-shaped hour and minute hands with Superluminova® coating
The lower area has a vertical matte effect
Two black counters: 60-second counter at 8 o’clock, 30-minute counter at 8 o’clock, dual hands with corresponding sector scale
Wristband Black alligator leather strap, red stitching, matt titanium pin buckle
Limited edition of 100 pieces
500-hour quality test in Montblanc laboratory
(* SuperLumiNova® is not a registered trademark of Montblanc)

Interview With Hublot’s New Global Ceo Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe (2)

Another big event for Hublot this year is naturally the official start of a 360-degree all-round partnership with Ferrari, so I took advantage of Hublot to promote the limited edition of the Ferrari China version in China. ‘I was fortunate to interview the new CEO Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe and listen to him talk about his relationship with the brand and with China.
    WT: In just a few years when Hublot entered China, many Chinese have learned about the brand and become its fans. How did Hublot do this?
    RG: As you said, we have achieved great success in a short period of time. Specifically, we rebuilt the brand, allowing our brand to pass through a period equivalent to the Renaissance, and also to have a revival.
    Of course, it is impossible to have a good brand without a good product. Our products convey a very strong message and image. As long as it is a Hublot watch, no matter which series has its very distinctive personality and characteristics, it has a high degree of recognition. In addition to products, the market is also an important channel for brand rebirth. We have also conducted a lot of innovative explorations in the market, and these measures have achieved good results. The most important thing is the combination with football. Many people say that football is a popular project and cannot be associated with high-end luxury goods, but we successfully made Hublot the first luxury watch brand to cooperate with football. This shows that as long as there is innovation, we can promote it in many areas.

    WT: Describe to us, what position does the Chinese market currently occupy in Hublot’s global market map?
   RG: Generally speaking, China is still a relatively young market. From the perspective of performance and sales, the potential that the Chinese market should have is only a very small amount. We have huge potential in Hong Kong and China. Great potential, especially for the Chinese mainland market, where maturity needs to be improved. This is our advantage, and it is also our challenge. At present, we have to do a lot of work to help mainland consumers understand the brand concept and increase their awareness of the brand and products, including the previously mentioned integrated art and other concepts. This is also the focus of our current work. While building a brand, we must also expand market distribution channels. We need to consider how we can more effectively expand and expand our specialty stores and agency channels. All this takes time, so we are still here in Japan.
    WT: For the Chinese market, the Chinese have always had a bottleneck for sports watch consumption. Perhaps most Chinese still prefer the more traditional watch. Have you ever thought about how to break through this bottleneck?
   RG: That’s how we think about your question. Maybe other brands will make corresponding measures for different markets, but we firmly believe in Hublot’s own core values ​​and overall strategy, so we will not specifically make changes to existing policies in a particular market. We will continue to work on the basis of the previous successful series. The most important success comes from the ‘Big Bang’ series and the ‘King Power’ series. We will cooperate with many partners in this regard. Another successful The foundation is Classic Fusion. We will add other innovations and success factors to the classic foundation. For example, in terms of dials, we will innovate on the classic structure. This is our view of the brand itself, so although there will be some specific factors in the Chinese market, we will still adhere to our own ideas and strategies.

   WT: We know that Hublot has also launched some limited styles for the Chinese market after entering the Chinese market. This limited edition of China launched in cooperation with Ferrari is one of them. Some people understand this move as Hublot hopes to please China Consumers, do you understand that?
    RG: We value the Chinese market very much, so we have introduced a lot of styles specifically for China in the past, and now we will continue. Regarding this cooperation with Ferrari, Ferrari is a very high-end brand, which can bring people respect and exclusive feelings. For example, they only produce about 7,000 cars per year, so the cooperation with Ferrari can also complement our Hublot. Watches leave respect and exclusive feelings in people’s hearts. The limited edition of Ferrari we launched this year is not just the only watch we have launched. We will continue to cooperate with Ferrari to launch new models in the future.
    This year marks the 20th anniversary of Ferrari’s entry into China. From this, they launched the 458 Italia China Limited Edition model, and Hublot accordingly launched a commemorative watch for this model. In general, we attach great importance to the Chinese market and will continue to increase our investment in the Chinese market.
   (Editor’s note: This car is specially designed by Ferrari for its 20th anniversary in China. There are only 20 cars in it. The design is inspired by the ‘Dragon Horse’ theme of the artist Mr. Ma Xingwen, because the Ferrari logo is ‘Yue Ma’ and it is on the hood There is a dragon design, with matte gold-coated wheels and gold trim on the side of the car body. The red of this car is also different from the red of Ferrari. —— Marco Polo Red. This car is very different in many details. The Ferrari commemorative watch launched this time is based on the previous version of the Ferrari series, the design is roughly the same, but there are some in the small mind Different, more with the car.)
    WT: How do consumers respond and accept watches launched for China?
    RG: Take the Ferrari commemorative model. Today, I saw many Ferrari owners and talked to them at the track. I also found that many Ferrari owners also wore Hublot watches. We and Ferrari share the same philosophy in many respects. We also pursue excellence in performance, innovation, quality, design, and sports itself. Watch fans applaud this, so this strategy has played a very important role among Chinese consumers. Good effect, Chinese consumers very much accept and welcome such measures.

Courageous Nobility Necklace Watch Luxury Time

Wristwatches—thus the name is a clock worn on the wrist, but designers do not allow timepieces to be beautiful on the wrist, they are also embedded in necklaces, worn on the neck on. Necklace watches are different from traditional timepieces such as pocket watches. Its decorative effect is far greater than its timepiece functions. Next, let’s take a look at the charm of these “noisy and dominant” necklace watches.

 Van Cleef & Arpels limited Vaux-le-Vicomte necklace watch

 Vaux-le-Vicomte necklace watch from top French jewellery brand Van Cleef & Arpels, the case is inlaid with pillow-cut diamonds and decorated with sapphire beads to shape the magnificent small waterfall landscape in the palace. The fountain is made of round, pear-shaped, and pillow-cut diamonds, and sapphire cut around the gorgeous pear-shaped. The pear-shaped diamond next to the fountain is like a spray of water, creating a perfect symmetry. The mother-of-pearl dial more vividly depicts another waterfall fountain. What is even more surprising is that the detachable strap can turn this magnificent timepiece into a beautiful necklace. The precious one in the world is definitely worth having.

 Harry Winston Ultimate Adornment Fine Jewelry Necklace Watch

 The best of this fine jewellery watch is a buckle of a necklace watch and a detachable brooch or pendant. A total of 191 diamonds with a total weight of 62.35 carats were set with 14 peacock feathers. The famous ‘Cluster’ three-dimensional three-dimensional mosaic technique spreads outward from the center to make the most natural and pure side of the diamond. The clever design allows the mother to take it on and off, and she can come and go freely on every occasion, and the picture is very exciting.

 The slender case is set with 16 marquise-shaped diamonds, 1 pear-shaped diamond, and 42 brilliant-cut diamonds. It looks like phoenix decorated with sparkling eyeshadows, elegant and harmonious, shining brightly. In the dial with bright iridescent light, the hour and minute hands witness romantic time in an elegant way.

 The new AMADEO Fleurier 39 Joaillerie watch

 Bovet (Broadway) uses modern methods to interpret the immortal charm of distinguished materials. The three-piece AMADEO Fleurier 39 Joaillerie mother-of-pearl dial exudes dazzling glory and is decorated by a rose made of 94 diamonds. It is similar to the miniature drawing design used in the Mille Fleurs series. The Mille Fleurs series was created in 2011. Launched with great response.

 Equipped with the AMADEO. Conversion system, this timepiece can be switched directly on the watch, small table clock or pendant necklace watch without using any tools.

 Multimeter AMADEO Fleurier 39 Joaillerie can be worn as a watch according to the occasion. The wearer can choose his favorite materials and colors. At night, the bracelet with 80 Akoya pearls and 24 golden spheres (22 diamonds each) will shine on the wrist of the watch owner, adding elegance. Another bracelet is also available with Akoya pearl and diamond embellishments.

 Earl’s Watch Time Gallery

 From left to right on the picture are: a long-chain watch produced in 1973, which can be converted into a watch and necklace, 18K yellow gold, lapis dial, 9P ultra-thin manual winding movement; a long-chain watch produced in 1970, can be Transformed into watches and necklaces, 18K yellow gold, lapis lazuli dial, 9P ultra-thin hand-wound movement.

 Gucci 1921 Necklace Watch Series

 The 1921 Necklace Watch is one of Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini’s most innovative watches recently. This model was born to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Gucci brand. It is part of the 1921 collection, which was named after the year when the Gucci design office was created. The 1921 necklace watch comes in two colors: bright red and classic camel. It is not only a practical watch, but also a unique accessory.

 The 1921 necklace watch is set against a red or camel leather strap, which can be hidden in a special leather case that protects the surface. When the holster hides the watch, the pendant becomes a multifunctional accessory and necklace. There are several special details on the leather case, such as the embossed ‘G. Gucci 1921’ logo and the ‘green-red-green’ striped label.

 This model follows the style of the ‘1921’ watch. The square case is elegant and small (25 mm x 25 mm), and the crisp lines are the typical aesthetic form of the 1920s. The case is wrapped in a special red or camel leather with a white surface and plain columnar hour markers. The surface displays distinctive decorative patterns: the Gucci logo at 12 o’clock and the ‘Swiss Made’ (Swiss Made) stamp at 6 o’clock.