24-hour ‘control’ Time

After the long holiday, do the office workers have the symptom of ‘no distinction between day and night’ in ‘post-holiday syndrome’? If there is, a watch with a 24-hour system can help people quickly adjust and return to the ‘working mode’ from nine to five. For travelers and workers who stay up all night to travel back and forth between time zones, a 24-hour watch is also a necessary helper to maintain a clear understanding of time.
Strenuous reading
Re-examine the relationship between the numbers on a 12-hour junior dial and time, and you will find that the habitual reading method is not so taken for granted.
For example, when the hour hand points to 6 at night, you say it is 6 o’clock, and sometimes it blurs out according to need. It is 18 o’clock. And when the minute hand points to 6, you will quickly read ’30 minutes’ in the way your parents taught you.
I am accustomed to this logic of reading time. When the dial of a watch is divided into large circle scales of 60 minutes, you may be able to read the minutes for a while, but it will take several hours to say the hours. And when the dial of a watch is divided into large circle scales at 24 times, I am afraid that you will feel even strenuous reading minutes.
But for some special industries, the 24 digit moment is still very important, even if it seems a little crowded. The 24-hour clock was originally widely used on mission watches, such as flight watches and marine watches. These professional watches provide strict, intuitive and clear instructions for the wearer, and are dedicated to reducing fatigue and misinterpreting information under simple communication. . As the world becomes “smaller”, when working and traveling across time zones, people not only need to know the hour of departure, but also confirm the week and day of departure. In this way, 24-hour watches are gradually becoming available on watches. Began to become a trend.
更新 Renewal of movement structure
A 24-hour watch may seem to be just a number of moments on the dial, but for watch designers, this means that the movement has to do some structural updates from a mathematical point of view. For example, a simple three-handed watch model, the 12-hour watch, the hour hand rotates twice a day, its transmission system is: the ratio of the number of sub-gear teeth to the number of teeth of the cross gear is 1: 3; the number of teeth of the cross gear and the time wheel The ratio of the number of teeth is 1: 2, so that the minute hand has completed 12 turns and the hour hand has also completed 1 turn. In the 24-hour system, the former ratio becomes 1: 6, and the latter ratio becomes 1: 4. The minute hand turns 24 times and the hour hand completes one turn. After the hour hand rotates relatively slowly, the day passes. Already. However, it is rare to see the junior hand marked on the dial only at 24 hours, because after all, it is too inconsistent with people’s daily reading minutes. So generally the 24-hour watch we see, the dial has a 60-minute scale circle, or a 12-hour scale circle.
更多 In more cases, the 24-hour clock provides the perfect function experience for the timepieces in the two places.
One design is to form a concentric circle with the 12-hour graduated circle, and place a single pointer with a color, shape, and length that is different from other pointers to indicate, which is equivalent to using another set of ‘languages’ to indicate the hour of departure for the traveler At the same time, it can also be combined with the city name of daylight saving time to form a watch that looks quite aerospace and chronograph ‘technical flow’ style.
On the other hand, watch models that seek balance and minimalism tend to put the 24-hour display in the small dial. Because the dial is too small, it can often only be marked with even-numbered moments, and single-pointed moments are replaced by a small dot or a vertical line. The brand every 3 takes a number. But in general, although the sparrows are all small, there is no difficulty in reading the small dial for 24 hours, otherwise it is just a chicken rib.
Aesthetic fun
In addition to its functionality, the 24-hour watch is also very aesthetically pleasing and interesting.
First of all, can you find where the number 12 is at a glance? On the 12-hour watch, the number 12 is undoubtedly the most important node. It represents the end of a cycle. However, on the 24-hour watch, the numbers 18 and 6 are the most important. Because 6 represents dawn and 18 represents dusk, in this sense, the 24-hour watch is more targeted to the needs of human habits, especially for office workers, when the pointer points to the number 6 at the division, it means that the heart is happy. Coming from work.
It is worth noting that on 24-hour watches, sometimes you don’t see the number 24, which is replaced by the number 0, which is more in line with the habit of referring to ‘0’ in many industries.
At the same time, the emphasized ‘day and night’ concept has given more design inspiration to 24-hour watches. Generally speaking, the 12-hour half-circle that represents daylight, the background color is often designed as white or light, and The half circle that represents the night is painted black. Many brands not only make color contrast on the ring-shaped moment circle, but even divide the dial color into two, which brings a different visual experience. These, I am afraid that only 24-hour watch can do it for granted.
& Gt; & gt; & gt; Glossary
24-hour system is the most commonly used time division rule in the world today, which is ‘International Standard Time’. It divides the day from midnight to midnight into 24 hours. The number from 0 to 23 is the course of the day, and 24 marks the end of the day at midnight. It not only indicates the time accurately, but also contains the meaning of distinguishing between day and night. The 24-hour clock is still referred to as military time in the United States and Canada and continental time in the United Kingdom.
& Gt; & gt; & gt; Watch recommendations
1. Jaeger-LeCoultre World Time Zone Chronograph Watch: The back of the watch is equipped with a world time display function. The transparent disc, which is evenly divided into 24 zones, can not only display the time in 24 global time zones, but also facilitate the appreciation of Jaeger-LeCoultre 753 models. Chain movement.

2, Jacques Dro Grande Heure ONYX watch: carefully carved onyx display window, the simple and extremely simple design shows the philosophy of time.
3. Montblanc Timewalker World Standard Time Chronograph: Date display dial edge with 24-hour continuous day / night display function, the hollow red head pointer is the 24-hour hand.

4, Ruibao Regulateur24: a special model to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the brand’s birth. From the original 12-hour display to the 24-hour display.

5. IWC Pilot’s World Time Watch: The new Pilot’s World Time Watch displays the time again in a semi-circular window mode, instead using a 24-hour outer ring. For easy identification of day and night time, the design is divided into black and white zones.

6. Girard Perregaux ww.tc John Harrison Limited Watch: The Atlantic chart on the dial depicts the navigation route of William Harrison from Portsmouth, England to Royal Port of Jamaica. The movement is equipped with a clever coupling mechanism that drives a two-color time display ring to display 24 time zone times.

7, Admiral Kunlun Cup Victory 48 Day & Night watch: white triangle sign to indicate the time in the second time zone.