315 Watch House Is Watching Guests Waiting To Know Fake Buy Fake

I believe that everyone who loves watches wants a PP on their left hand, and some people hope that their PP is almost the legendary 6002, 5207, 5208, but hope is ultimately hope, I believe Most people have been discouraged in the face of the price of 5196. Instead, they regard PP as their motivation.
 Since we are constantly striving for it, we must continue to cultivate to increase our knowledge of watches and clocks. The knowledge of fake watches should also become a link in practice. If you can’t tell the true or false of the watch, what kind of watch do you play? Everyone sees here and asks: ‘Is it worth training to learn about these so-called’ junks ‘? Yes! Everyone should think about the prosperity of the fake watch market, there must be a reason for its prosperity. As long as we bear in mind that the school leave is ultimately anti-fake, there is nothing wrong with it.
 First of all, we need to know what is a fake watch? We should admit that all watches that are going to go before they are not printed are all true watches, with clockwork, gears, balance springs and balance wheels (common characteristics of mechanical watches), so fake watches are not born fake, but are affixed with The logo that fits your identity will be called a fake watch later. It’s like a Mercedes-Benz logo on a Geely car. People can only say that it is a ‘hard rivet’, and no one says it is not a car. Therefore, its more appropriate name should be counterfeit designer watches.
 Secondly, we must know how to counteract the bad phenomenon of fake watches. There are only two things we can do now. First, learn fake watches. Second, rectify the reasons for the prosperity of fake watches.
 Let’s talk about how to do the first thing. Since you want to learn fake watches, you have to buy it. The so-called: ‘If you want to take it, you must first go with it. If you don’t even know how to fake a fake watch, how can you counter it? Then everyone will say that the real watch can’t afford it. You are wrong! I’m not saying that buying fake watches is not a blind purchase, but to hold school leave for the purpose of anti-fake. Since it is for learning, you must understand the three characteristics of current fake watches: 1, Fake watches are not quality. 2. Some fake watches have good counterfeiting technology. 3. Without considering investment, it is more laborious to buy a real fake watch than to buy a real watch.
 I will now explain these three characteristics separately. In people’s traditional impressions, ‘counterfeiting’ and ‘counterfeiting’ are always in the same trench. Fake is definitely not good, and bad is also fake in Chengdu. But now some fake watches have gone through the era of ‘counterfeiting and shoddy’, which can be described as ‘counterfeiting is not shoddy’. How can I say this? Please note that a premium fake watch is about the same price as a domestic brand real watch, even higher. If you think that the case of a domestic real watch is good, then the case of a fake watch should also be good. Besides the movement, the movement used in the fake watch is very exciting now, and even reflects the development level of the Chinese watch industry from the side (not alarmist, because the manufacturer that provides the movement has no obligation to review the actual use of the movement sold), There are even Swiss ETA movements. Therefore, it is guaranteed that it can be used under normal conditions, and the accuracy of the travel time is not a problem.

 What has been said above is that the quality of some fake watches basically meets national standards, but it can be called fake watches with good counterfeiting technology. Quality alone is not enough. Because fake watches are counterfeit, it is the most critical factor to measure fake watches. The so-called imitation is to see that its appearance does not look like the real thing (the movement is impossible), it is best to imitate the divine type (of course, such fake watches are really expensive). I’ve seen a lot of fake watches that can be justified, such as Vacheron Constantin’s simple models and Rolex ghosts, etc., I once saw that fake watches also use Pearl Tuo. Fortunately, the fake watch market is currently overwhelmingly impersonated. Not only does it not look like it, but it is also outrageous. Once, I saw a fake watch by Jacques Dro. I thought that such a rare watch was also imitated, and I was shown it to me. I took a closer look and almost fainted. It was actually engraved with PatekPhilippe. I really wanted to It threw it out of the earth (unfortunately it didn’t have that ability). This is not to mention, what’s more, it is actually inlaid with ‘sapphire’ on the crown of the fake Patek Philippe watch, affixed with ‘crown’ on the electronic watch, and the logo is written as ‘Rolax’. Now, I am afraid that others do not know that they are selling fake watches. In the face of such fake watches, I have nothing to say.

 I said earlier that if you do n’t consider investment, it’s harder to buy real and fake watches than to buy real watches. Some people do n’t believe it, but it’s true that if you want to buy real watches, you only need to go to a regular watch store, and then choose the watch you want. Money, everything is OK! 100% fidelity. But if you buy a fake watch, the rules are completely different. First of all, the general fake watch market is located in some large-scale bazaars. Its environment is really different from those of specialty stores. Dozens of booths are scattered in Nuoda’s market and the counters are placed on it. Hundreds of ‘models’ of various brands guarantee that your eyes will change immediately, and what you have to do now is to quickly browse tens of thousands of watches in dozens of counters, and then simulate the degree of watches placed on his counters, and The degree of affinity of the stall owner to choose which counter to trade on. After selecting the counter and starting to select the watch, this step is the most critical and difficult. Since you buy a fake watch, you want to find the most like real watch The only one, so you have to know the information of the true watch, you must know the brand, series, style, features, functions and some unique elements of the true watch. In spite of this, some parts of the fake watch will never be true. Take Rolex, for example, the pin of the oscillating weight is fixed and there is no sound when it is shaken. No matter what movement the fake watch uses, the oscillating weight is all bearing. , Shake ‘buzz’, I am afraid that even many people who have real labor do not know. When Rolex introduced ceramic rings in 2005, it became a nightmare for fake watches again. Because the true watch uses precious metal ion precipitation technology, even if the bezel of the fake watch is ceramic, the font can never be imitated. In addition, you must contact a large number of true watches to experience what it feels like in your hands, so buying fake watches can indeed provide a basis for counterfeiting.
   Having said the fake watch itself, let us think about the reason for its prosperity. I think this should start with the use of the watch and talk to its purchasers. To this day, watches have three main uses: to watch time, to appreciate play, and to symbolize status. I think most people now buy watches for a third purpose. Fake watches are nothing more than these three uses, they just change the status symbol into a vanity symbol. This has just become the common psychology of many fake watch buyers. First of all, they know some top watch brands and feel that it is a bit of a loss to bring some miscellaneous watches. They think they will wear Vacheron Constantin if they are in bad shape, and they will think that Wearing fake Vacheron Constantin is more tasteful than Daizhen Swatch! Not only that, they also wore fake watches in front of friends and said, ‘My watch is the real ‘Vacheron Constantin’, do you know?’ Suddenly, the friends around him cast envious eyes on him. And he also earns enough for himself, thinking to himself, the fake watch is really ‘good’! Faced with such a fake watch purchaser, I would say: ‘You are not deceiving yourself, but you are deceiving others! This is like a thief stealing Ferrari and a thief stealing Xiali. The former is better than the latter. It’s a lot taller, but after all, it’s a thief, and the end result is definitely behind bars. If you always take fake watches to hide people, one day you will be spotted sooner or later, and then you will lose your face. Then someone will Having said that, I bought fake watches to see the time. Then I said, there is no need. Where can’t I watch the time, why do I have to buy fake watches? Of course, there are some fake watches like mine, which are used for anti-fake purposes. Buyers of watches. For this type of consumer, I would like to say that after you buy a fake watch, do not wear it. Because once you wear it, the purpose is not pure. The knowledge of fake watches is to learn, but never from fake watches. Get started, learn to mix a lot of water like that, I ca n’t learn the truth. I also want to say to these buyers: ‘When you put a piece of real and fake watches together with the real watch, you immediately want to throw the fake watch Off! ‘
   Let’s talk about the second reason. People should divide into two and look at the issue dialectically. We must acknowledge that fake watches are special products that appeared in special historical periods and are the result of historical choices. No one of us can change it. Although the problem of fake watches infringing intellectual property rights has been cast aside by the people of the world, it must be acknowledged that fake watches objectively disseminate knowledge of watches and clocks. Just as Emperor Sui Yang built the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal for his own pleasure, but it also greatly promoted the economic development in the future, so everything has two sides, and the same is true for fake watches. Ignore it, you ca n’t always ask for full blame, and you ca n’t say bad things like nervousness as soon as you hear a fake watch, bad, just bad irresponsible words. Instead, we should treat it properly, analyze it, and make the most of its strengths to turn bad things into good things. At least fake watches can learn a little bit of knowledge, and there are still many low-end consumers in the world who are equally eager for watch knowledge. I firmly believe that with the development of China’s economy and the increasing purchasing power of the people, fake watches will gradually disappear until they exit the stage of history.
   In the end, I sincerely hope that everyone who loves watches will make unremitting efforts to add a good watch that truly belongs to him and that is worthy of his name.