A Woman Is Like A Cat, In All Kinds Of Poses. What Kind Of Woman Are You

Zhang Ailing, a famous writer, once said: ‘A woman is like a cat.’ It goes without saying that each cat’s personality is different. The cat was coquettling and stroking with you the moment before, and the cat might stretch out its claws the next second. Therefore, based on the love of women, GP Girard-Perregaux inspired cats and launched the CAT’S EYE cat’s eye series, which is popular with ladies and ladies. With different functions, diamond or gem setting, and even the way of case presentation, A cat’s distinct personality is a metaphor for the different attitudes of contemporary women.
   The creation of CAT’S EYE series began in 2001. A designer casually used a pencil to outline the outline of a cat’s eye on a piece of straw paper, and then a clever touch: If such a beautiful shape can be transformed into a case, it can be said to be a female watch. As a result, the GP Girard-Perregaux R & D team spent several years creating the CAT’S EYE cat eye series, which was finally released for the first time at the Basel Watch and Jewellery Show in 2004. It attracted attention from the audience and received high recognition and praise from all over the world. .
Countless award-winning product lines
   When Girard-Perregaux CAT’S EYE cat-eye series came out, it won the 2004 Women’s Watch of the Year award at the “Geneva Watch Awards” and was selected as the “Women of the Year” by Japan’s “Wristwatch” magazine. For more than ten years, Girard-Perregaux CAT’S EYE cat-eye series has been continuously updated, with functions ranging from the basic three-pin to the moon phase, and even the complex golden bridge tourbillon. Diamond or colored gemstone models are also popular among ladies Favorite, such as the newly launched full-diamond CAT’S EYE cat eye series Water Lily, is even more dazzling.
   The other, the CAT’S EYE cat eye series Majestic, which was also newly released this year, turned the original horizontal ellipse by 90 degrees-the vertical ellipse, creating a completely new look that is completely different from the original CAT’S EYE cat eye series. Its design inspiration comes from: in the evening between day and night, the cat’s pupil gradually shrinks due to the softer light, forming a vertical oval. The new addition of CAT’S EYE cat eye series Majestic not only makes the CAT’S EYE cat eye series more complete, but also allows female watch fans to have more choices.
For a woman like a cat
   In 2016, GP Girard-Perregaux presented four new cat-like women with different cat-like personalities.

Charming sexy stunner—CAT’S EYE Golden Eye Tourbillon Watch
   Cats are always lazy and casual, but naturally and deliberately emit noble and charming light, and have keen intuition. A cat-like woman is sexy and sensual, with a fascinating charm, just like the unique and noble temperament emanating from the CAT’S EYE Golden Eye Tourbillon Diamond Watch. Not only the 18K white gold case, bezel and crown are all Set with dazzling diamonds, the mother-of-pearl engraving on the dial accentuates its delicateness. In addition to its eye-catching appearance, the single-bridge tourbillon at 6 o’clock is the best manifestation of its profound connotation. The watch is equipped with a GP09700-0012 manual-winding movement. The precision single-bridge tourbillon is interlaced with 80 parts. The elegant beauty that runs every 60 seconds makes people feel moved.

Cute wayward little princess —CAT’S EYE Water Lily watch
   Like a kitten, a cute and wayward woman, sometimes naughty and playful, is inaccessible but wants to protect and pamper her like a princess. The new CAT’S EYE Water Lily watch released in 2016 is composed of 6 olive-cut pink gems to form two blooming stamens. The pink stamens are a metaphor for a woman’s sweet charm and are particularly pleasing. The oval dial, set with 412 brilliant-cut diamonds, is radiant and fascinating. Water Lily, scientific name ‘nymphaea’ is derived from the Greek ‘nymph’, which means the body in the water that contains the female soul.

Domineering Royal Sister Who Loves to Hate —CAT’S EYE Majestic Watch
   A cat is a kind of animal with clear love and hate. There is a woman who loves and hates love and hates, and loves with her, which is unforgettable and unforgettable. The debut of the Girard-Perregaux CAT’S EYE Majestic watch has been given such a unique personality: the new vertical oval watch case with diamonds is stylish and modern. The delicate bezel is set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds, glittering, and the mother-of-pearl dial decorated with the sun pattern, romantically reflects. Among them, the stainless steel and rose gold two-tone models are paired with elegant engraved dials to highlight the harmonious beauty of the vertical oval case.

Gentle and restrained talent — CAT’S EYE Aventurine watch
   A gentle and restrained woman, sometimes stingy, like a docile and docile man, makes people feel fragrant and cherish, and doubles in love. The newly launched Girard-Perregaux CAT’S EYE cat eye series Aventurine watch just echoes this beauty. The dial uses aventurine like a starry night sky, low-key luxury; the day and night display at 6 o’clock is a highlight, the day and night display panel carefully made with 22K rose gold, vividly sculpts the sun and the moon, and changes day and night with time. Exudes noble and gentle poetic beauty.