Although The Blue Balloon Often Goes Higher, The Tank Is Always Stable

It is not too late to get to the topic. Cartier in Hong Kong has raised prices again, and the public price has risen, which has driven the secondary market prices up. The blue balloon has always been one of the hottest watches in the bezel. The price of a used 42 mm large blue balloon will not be lower than a used 214270 (the price of 214270 is higher than the 42 blue balloons). In contrast, the tank has always been a very stable watch for Cartier. The price has never fluctuated and the price is very good. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Cartier tank (the tank is one of the oldest watches), so let’s talk about the tank.
   Many Cartier tanks wrote that they were born in 1917. They were inspired by the shape of the French World War I FT17 light tank … Rest assured, I will not repeat these news materials with you because it is too soft. So I continue to write some useful today for you, how can we choose in the face of several Cartier tanks currently on the market.
Many models of Cartier tanks are named after countries. Why does Cartier use the country? I do not know either.

Cartier Chinese tank

Cartier Flip Tank

Cartier Jump Tank
   There are currently several types of tanks on the market, mainly American tanks, French tanks, British tanks, Andy Lau tanks (tank MC), tank solo, etc. Cartier is really a master of design in the watch industry. In history, many models of tanks have been introduced, including Chinese tanks, flip tanks, jump tanks, etc., but today we will talk about what is available on the market. Excluding the auction market).
First of all, the first thing I want to say is tank solo.

   Although high-end watches are not cost-effective at all (casio is cost-effective), I still want to use the word ‘high cost-effective’ here, because the tank solo makes me feel very worthwhile. There are two types of tank solo, one is quartz and the other is mechanical. The public price of the steel case quartz version is only 19, 000 (steel belt 20,000), and the steel case mechanical movement, that is, the ETA movement version, is only 25,000 (steel belt 27, 000). The public price is very low. If you add factors such as exchange rates, discounts and second-hand markets, you can imagine that the price of this watch is very cheap (I really think it is very cheap, and the gold shell is also very cheap). Put another way, with a Longines money, you can buy a Cartier. The Cartier brand is high-grade, and the tank is one of Cartier’s most classic series. The watch is very good (personal aesthetics), and the ETA movement is quite satisfactory. Unless the individual does not like this watch, the tank solo is simply ‘no problem’ from other perspectives.

Cartier tank solo, this watch is ‘high value for money’.

   One of the reasons I admire Cartier and Rolex is that Cartier and Rolex watches are basically men and women. A watch can be worn by both men and women, and the design level is really high. While maintaining their own characteristics and recognition, they have also reached the aesthetic balance of men and women. This is the master. Among the various tanks of Cartier, the solo with the lowest price is the one I think is the best (brand, price, style has reached the best balance). Even if you buy this watch, your wife can wear it. Most girls in this world should like Cartier.

The tank solo case is simple and free of muddy water. The blue spinel crown is very beautiful.
Next came American tanks.

   We can often see American tanks. The shape of the American tank is narrow and long, and it looks more retro. The American tank was launched relatively early. The American tank was born in 1989, and it intentionally used a retro look. Here I want to focus on American tanks with gold shells, because we can often see American tanks with gold shells on the market. The narrow long island shell is striking.

Two-pin American tank
   Once a friend of mine who opened a watch store had a few American tanks in his hand, he suggested that we buy them and said it was very worthwhile. I am not too cold about the narrow case of the American tank, but I have to say that the price is really good. Although the watch at that time was a quartz movement (American tanks include quartz and mechanical two), the 18K gold case is really fascinating. Looking at this long strip of ‘gold’ and looking at the price, it really makes people say nothing wrong. It is precisely because many American tanks have gold cases, and the Long Island-style case is not everyone’s interest, so the price of the American tank gold watch is not high. Don’t be scared by the public price. well. It is not difficult to buy a gold case Cartier tank for the price of a steel watch. You can find it just by looking it up.

Three-needle American tank
French and British tanks

   The French tank was first produced in 1996. The characteristics of the French tank are that the case and the bracelet are integrated, and the case lines are very sharp. French tanks are often seen on the market. Most of the French tanks I see are small in size, which is more suitable for girls. Compared to the previous tank solo, the French tank appears more fashionable. There are two versions of the French tank on the market, one is gold, the gold French tank is gold bracelet, the watch head is steel, because unlike the Rolex gold watch, the watch head and bracelet are both With gold, the gold ratio of the Cartier gold watch is not so large, so the price is good, and the bracelet with some gold is also good-looking; the other is back-drilled because the French tank case is relatively wide, and the two sides of the case are suitable for diamond setting So there are many back-drilled French tanks on the market. As for the watch after drilling, you can buy it if you like, but you should pay attention to the problem of no warranty and after-sales.

Steel shell french tank

Golden french tank
   Compared to French tanks that are more suitable for girls, British tanks are very pure watches for men, because the British tanks are relatively large (girls who like big can also wear them, such as changing the color strap), and the crown is also protected. bridge. The British tank was launched in 2012. A major feature is the bridge on the crown. The crown is a major feature of Cartier watches. We all know that whether it is a male or female watch, the crown set with blue spinel is a major identifying feature of Cartier. The crown of the British tank is built into the case and protected by a bridge. It should be noted that the 47mm large British tank uses Cartier’s own 1904MC movement (with a transparent bottom), and the 39.2mm medium British tank uses the ETA movement. The large-sized British tank with a steel chain is suitable for men’s wear. The shell-shaped pure man is large in size. The technical characteristics of the 1904MC self-produced movement are obvious. Under the factors of exchange rate, discount and second-hand, the price of British tanks is also very good. There is no pressure to buy one.

Steel shell British tank

Golden British Tank
Andy Lau Tank (Tank MC)

   Cartier tank MC, the bezel is commonly known as ‘Andy Lau same tank’, because after the launch of the tank MC, Andy Lau endorsed, Andy Lau wore this Cartier. Andy Lau’s same tank MC is the highest end of Cartier tanks, and of course the highest public price, the public price is 51 thousand (steel shell). Tank MC is currently the highest quality of the various types of tanks on sale. The first is Cartier’s self-produced movement 1904MC. This movement was developed by Carole Forestier-Kasapi, director of Cartier’s movement research and development department. Developed by Carole). The 1904MC has a double spring and a power reserve of 48 hours. It is an automatic winding movement with a focus on stable torque output. Cartier’s transparent bottom treatment of the tank MC is in place. The entire back of the case is completely bottomed. The 1904MC movement with the movement’s periphery is decorated with Geneva stripes.

Tank MC
   Tank MC is the only small three-pin model in the sales tank. The surface of the tank has a radiating guilloche pattern. The dial work table is complicated and delicate. If I were to buy one in various tanks, I would definitely buy the tank MC. Every old player must have his own way to buy a watch. Although the public price is 510,000, the actual price of this watch is very good and it is very common.

Tank MC uses Cartier’s self-made 1904MC self-winding movement, and the back-through processing is in place.

Cartier tank is worth buying, because the style is very famous, but the price is very good

   Let’s not say nothing. It’s okay to talk about things without talking about money. It’s totally meaningless. Regardless of money, I immediately went out and bought 5271P at Patek Philippe Yuandi, No. 23 Qianmen. Cartier’s market has always been very strong, especially 42mm blue balloons. In contrast, the market for tanks is usually very friendly. If some players have limited budgets and want to buy big brands, then you can look at tanks, especially tank solo. Although Cartier also has a London solo and the price is very cheap, the position of the tank in the watch world is not comparable to the London solo. The tank solo watch should be one of the cheapest watches in the famous series of high-end watches. The high-end watches with actual prices lower than it can basically not be found (already a price with Longines, it can’t be lower) .

   PS. Finally, regarding Cartier’s movements, Cartier’s small-sized watches (women’s watches and 36 mm models) generally use ETA2000 or 2671, and large-sized watches (men’s watches) are mainly 2892. Because the small size models use ETA2000 or 2671 movements, these two movements are relatively small in size, about 20 mm. Although the power reserve is written for 38 hours, but because the movement is small, the power will be insufficient, so I often hear If you don’t wear it for a day, you will stop the watch. So we want to buy a large Cartier. Large-size models use ETA2892 or 1904MC self-produced movements, both of which are about 25.6 mm in size and have better dynamic performance. I believe everyone is assured of the quality of 2892. I don’t think there is much to use the universal movement. Many IWC watches also use the universal movement. After all, the warhorse is still 7750.