At This Moment There Is You On The Core. Tissot Writes Beautiful Love Songs With Love And Time Spectrum

The years are like shuttles, and they become faces, the same thing is that you are still in my heart. In this lover’s exclusive festival, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot has turned romantic notes into a variety of intimate wrist gifts: the retro-inspired speed running series and the soft and elegant wave series and the time series, simple The restrained charm of the Swissmatic series and the firm and precise treasure ring series whispered the motto of love, and composed every touch of love and being loved.
Hard and soft, love songs are moving
   A suitable person is one whose tempers just complement each other, who will quarrel and quarrel but understand that no one will leave, and take each other into their hearts, and everything is just right. Just like the Tissot Speed ​​and Wave series watches on the wrist, each with its own style, perfectly writes the fascinating chapters of the love story.

Figure 1: Tissot Ocean Wave and Speeder watches

   The Tissot Speeder watch is designed with a large dial of 45 mm in diameter, which is full of male charm and highlights his uniqueness. Retro-looking and mechanical, inspired by the sophisticated aircraft dashboard, plus retro elements of American football and old sofas, he jumped out with a distinctive personality, telling his sincere heart hidden under the charming appearance. The brown leather strap has both retro and texture, revealing the true feelings of my heart, no matter how time changes. The Tissot Ocean Wave series, which is full of affection, transforms the romantic notes into countless shining diamonds on the dial and embellishes her wrists. The moving love songs are accompanied by a brilliant light to add color to love. A teardrop-shaped scale at 12 o’clock is just like a striking highlight on the crown, making her a gentle and elegant princess in a fairy tale. The various styles of this series reveal a variety of feminine charms, interpreting water-like tenderness in rose gold, or using a touch of silver to soften the band, to reveal the elegance of the woman, capturing him with soft lines and delicate details. heart of.

Tissot Speed ​​and Wave watches

Tissot Wave Series Valentine’s Day Special

   The Tissot Zhenshi series Valentine’s Day special model, which made her stand out from the crowd with a red hot leather strap, uses an oval dial, 12 o’clock position and crown ruby ​​inlay and a small second hand design at 6 o’clock. The dial adds a balanced aesthetic. The mother-of-pearl dial shines brilliantly. Against the background of the fiery red strap, it is like a gorgeous blooming rose tied to the wrist, always telling the sweetest romantic flower language, letting her feel the happiness of being loved and cherished.

Tissot Zhenshi Collection Valentine’s Day Special

Simple and melodious, expressing romantic love
  Simplicity is not less, but nothing more. The simple but intimate companion is like a warm powder, gently rubbing the honey of love into it, soft outside, warm to the heart. This intimate guardian is like a simple Tissot Swissmatic watch that accompanies the wrist. With a fully automatic Swissmatic movement that lasts up to 3 days, the hour hand and second hand reflect each other, giving love the beauty that never fades.

Tissot Swissmatic

   The new series continues the simple style of the Meishi series. The Swissmatic movement consists of 51 parts, which realizes fully automated processing and assembly. At the same time, the manufacturing process has made a huge leap, while ensuring the long-lasting life of the movement and the mechanical innate Precision characteristics. This watch is self-winding, equipped with a date function, and has an accuracy of -7 to +7 seconds per day. The dial is classic and low-key. It is clever to use white space to give love unlimited imagination, and the neat and concise scale hour markers and slender hands explain: love is the simplest and most straightforward transmission.

Tissot Swissmatic watch and Swissmatic movement

Permanent classic poems just for you
   Love is deep, the clouds are light and light. Those details scattered in time are not testimonies of our love? At this time, a precise and dynamic wrist companion let love pour out in minutes, engraved in the eyes, visible everywhere. As the first full series of Tissot watches that are certified by the Swiss Observatory (COSC), the Baohuan series watches introduce a silicon hairspring with excellent anti-magnetism and extremely stable performance. It is equipped with a mechanical power reserve of 80 hours. 80 The movement, which sings time into a narrative poem, runs through the moment when they are together.

Tissot Collection

   The delicate silhouette and polished surface of the Tissot Ring series watch create a satin effect. With the Paris pattern on the bezel and the clear and easy-to-read dial, the expectation of eternal love is revealed. In addition, the mother-of-pearl dial of the Baohuan series ladies watch shows the gentle and modest temperament of women in love, as if she is elegant and firm, gentle and intelligent. The resolute sword-shaped pointer shows his wise self-confidence without fear of challenge. The gentleman’s stainless steel strap has no lack of texture, like a heavy feeling flowing freely on his wrist.

Tissot Collection

Mechanical power 80 movement with silicon hairspring

   Sweet seasons are spreading in the air. Tissot watches witness the love between the lovers, letting love and time go along, and sending out more beautiful moments.