Bet G-shock Mysterious Spokesperson

G-SHOCK, which is famous for ‘making watches that never break’, has led the trend of shock-resistant watches around the world by constantly subverting the traditional cutting-edge design and powerful performance. Spirit develops cultural cooperation in many fields such as music, fashion, art, sports, etc., and shakes the world tide. Following the successful tour in 18 cities in 11 countries around the world in 2009, SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR in Shanghai in 2010 The curtain of the station is about to be unveiled. On September 15, the M2 CLUB in Hong Kong Plaza shook the tide and swept away!
Mysterious endorsement creates suspense

SHOCK THE WORLD 2010 Shanghai station lineup is still strong. Trendsetters and stars gather together. Old friends of Li Chansen, Li Chen, MC HotDog & hellip; & hellip; will bring their enthusiastic discography technology and exaggerated style music to the audience. show.
At the same time, G-SHOCK mysterious spokesperson will appear that night, revealing the biggest suspense.
TA’s name is unique, TA’s style is hip-hop, TA is non-mainstream in the mainstream, TA is a sexy idol in the minds of popular actresses, TA’s music makes Chinese music not lonely, TA’s concerts have once turned HIGH Taiwan, TA’s latest movie has sparked billions of sparks & Who is TA?