Carbon Steel High-tech Weapon Brief Comment On Engineer Carbon Steel High-performance Automatic Watch

IWC introduced its latest engineer carbon steel high-performance automatic watch at the 2013 SIHH Watch Fair. Carbon steel is twice as strong as steel, yet weighs only one fifth of steel. . This high-strength case material is not as easy to break as a ceramic watch, so I know it is more practical. The official model of this watch introduced today is IW322401.

 Since 2013, IWC has been the official engineering partner of the Mercedes-AMG F1 ™ team (MERCEDES AMGPETRONAS Formula One ™ Team) for the next three years. Both companies are models of global craftsmanship, innovation and performance engineering. Taking this cooperation as an opportunity, IWC produced a new timepiece with a carbon steel case.

 The black dial of the engineer’s carbon steel high-performance automatic watch is woven from carbon fiber twill. Each bundle of longitudinal fibers alternates twice above and twice below with the transverse fiber bundles. In this way, a very distinctive pattern was created, exactly like the one on the steering wheel of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 ™ Formula 1. The black carbon fiber structure expresses the sporty temperament of an orthodox F1 ™ racing car and adds dynamic and three-dimensional effects to the watch surface.

 This is the date display window at the 3 o’clock position of the watch. From the figure we can also see that the watch uses a glamorous yellow minute scale display, which is particularly displayed on the gray dial.

 The crown and shoulders of the watch, and the watch case are composed of three parts. The manufacturing principle is consistent with the single body of the car. First, the fiberboard impregnated with epoxy resin is shaped, then baked in high temperature and pressure, and then Resin hardened. If you look closely at the fibrous tissue, you can see that a single fiber is five times thinner than a human hair.

 The watch is equipped with a fiber-lined rubber strap, which is very waterproof and sweat-proof, and is stitched with yellow silk. The stitching on the strap echoes the yellow or red seconds scale on the edge of the dial. The color is based on the engineer’s carbon steel high-performance watch.

 The watch is designed with a transparent bottom. The transparent sapphire glass can be used to watch the rotor, and its shape is like the engine piston of a Formula 1 ™ racing car. Here, the watch’s engine is the IWC-made 80110 movement, equipped with a Pellaton automatic winding system. This engine is powerful and reliable, with a power reserve of 44 hours.

 This watch is equipped with a cal.80110 self-winding movement, which is one of the most rugged movements of IWC and has successfully passed the most tests. It can withstand all the tests that the watch will face under normal and extreme conditions. From the picture we can see that the word ‘ONEOUTOF100’ is engraved on the bottom of the watch, indicating that this watch is limited to 100 pieces.

Summary: There is also a similar model IW322402 of this watch. The seconds and digital minute scales and the thread sewn by the strap have all turned red, and the limit is 100. . As one of the world’s leading brands in the field of luxury watches, IWC combines precision and unique design to create a model that reflects the highest state of fine watchmaking art.

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