Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Awards Announces 2015 Winners And Enters Its Tenth Anniversary Countdown

On October 15, 2015 (Deauville, France) during the World Women’s Economic and Social Forum, the annual ‘Cartier Lings Surging Women Entrepreneur Award’ announced the results of the 2015 awards, from Chile The six groups of female entrepreneurs from Canada, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, and Taiwan China win from their respective regions with outstanding business projects that are highly creative, sustainable, and can create positive social benefits. The conference also announced that the ‘Women’s Economic and Social Forum Branch’, which will be held in Dubai from February 23rd to 24th, 2016, will kick off the 10th anniversary celebration of the ‘Cartier Lings Surge Women Entrepreneur Award’.

Komal Dadlani, Chile, develops web and mobile technologies to transform smartphones and tablets into scientific instruments

Alexandra Greenhill, Canada, web and mobile services to help families find childcare, home care and retirement services

Ciara Clancy, Ireland, provides sonic therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease via mobile app

Mouna Abbassy in the UAE, using argan oil imported from Morocco and other precious natural ingredients to make cosmetics

Chinwe Ohajuruka, Nigeria, designs and builds affordable, energy-efficient green homes

Taiwan Han, Zhou Han and Huang Mengchun hire disabled people to collect and share information on restaurants that they can easily reach through mobile technology
   Founded in 2006, the ‘Cartier Lings Surge Female Entrepreneur Award’ is aimed at women entrepreneurs worldwide, regardless of nationality and industry, and annually from North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and One winning project was selected from each of the six regional projects including the Asia-Pacific region, and the prize was presented during the World Women’s Economic and Social Forum. Winners receive a $ 20,000 business start-up fund and receive one-year guidance from a team of professional consultants. This award aims to inspire innovation and pioneering spirit among women worldwide.

   In 2015, the ‘Cartier Lingshui Flowing Female Entrepreneur Award’, more than 1,700 entrepreneurial projects from 100 countries and regions in the world participated in the evaluation. The award-winning projects cover the fields of education, biomedicine, environmental protection, art, people’s livelihood, and highlight the Internet entrepreneurial hotspots.

   As of now, 51 women entrepreneurs worldwide have won the award for their business projects. In 2011, Chen Chunhong, dedicated to water conservation and environmental protection, became the first Chinese woman to win an award.
   The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards was founded in 2006 by Cartier in collaboration with the World Women’s Economic and Social Forum, INSEAD International Business School, and McKinsey & Company . This eye-catching annual international award is used to inspire women’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, achieve women’s entrepreneurial dreams, and help female entrepreneurs build international communication platforms. This award recognizes and honors six outstanding women-led innovative business plans worldwide each year.
   ‘Cartier Lings surging Female Entrepreneur Award’: