Celsius Launches Watch Phone Ledix Véloce

Following the successful launch of the first micromechanical phone LeDIX Origine, Celsius X VI II continues to launch the new creation LeDIX Véloce.
If LeDIX Origine is more focused on watch design, then LeDIX Véloce is based on the world of motorsport. The black streamlined movement highlights the aerodynamics of its lines, while the new black titanium and carbon fiber sleeves reveal a blend of power and speed.
Just like a high-performance racing car, combining cutting-edge innovation and avant-garde materials, LeDIX Veloce continues to push communication equipment to the extreme.

Following LeDIX Origine’s use of natural titanium internal fittings ebony, LeDIX Véloce uses black PVD to treat titanium-inlaid carbon fibers.
Consistent with the watch movement made of black gold, this new all-black version highlights the contours formed by beautiful round lines, like a racing car speeding around the track at full speed. This extraordinary mobile phone required 35 engineers, watchmakers and other craftsmen to complete one in 6 months.
LeDIX Véloce went on sale in October 2011 with a limited edition of 18.
Original source: www.Celsius-X-VI-II.com