Classic Film Repair Let Instant Momentize Eternity Jaeger-lecoultre And Shanghai International Film Festival Film Repair Project Starts Again

Let every second remember eternal moments-with the same mission as film art, world-renowned watchmaking brand Jaeger-LeCoultre supports the classic film restoration project of Shanghai International Film Festival. Six years together, in addition to the luster at the annual film festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre pays more attention to the development and growth of Chinese films, and devotes huge energy to film restoration projects every year, making every effort to rescue and repair old, damaged, or even endangered The film copy leaves precious cultural heritage for future filmmakers, letting the classics resplendent and spread forever.

Jaeger-LeCoultre strongly supports the restoration of old movie copies with advanced 4K technology

   Since the birth of the film for more than a hundred years, countless film masterpieces have transcended time and space, shining brilliantly in the film art history of Can Ruo Xinghe, becoming classics across the ages. For more than a century, film artists carried their artistic creations on film. After hundreds of years of wind and rain, film films have gradually faded out of people’s sight. A large number of excellent films are facing the risk of fading, mildew, frame loss, and even damage over time. The work of rescuing, protecting and repairing film films is urgent.
    Since 2011, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai International Film Festival have jointly launched a film restoration project, which is also the first time that a brand has participated in the restoration of a movie copy in China. Through the latest technology, the film recorded on the traditional physical media is converted into digital format to resist the loss caused by the passage of time. Over the years, Jaeger-LeCoultre has focused on the film industry itself, spared no effort to support the development of the Chinese film industry, inherited the focus of Chinese film, and continued the long history of film culture. The project has aroused greater attention from all walks of life to the restoration of old movies, and has contributed its strength to protect the heritage of Chinese cinema. Over the past five years, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Shanghai International Film Festival have jointly repaired several titles such as ‘One River Spring Water Flows East’ (upper and lower), ‘Eight Miles and Clouds’, ‘Sisters of the Stage’, ‘Street Crossing’, and ‘Manga Lights’. Classic movie with fruitful results.

Comparison of the pictures before and after the restoration of ‘Sisters of the Stage’ movie

    In 2016, the cooperation between Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai International Film Festival entered its sixth year. During the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival, the two sides will jointly meet the audience with Wu Yusen’s classic work ‘Hero Nature’ restored with the latest 4K technology. This film is one of Wu Yusen’s most important works and establishes its unique aesthetics of violence. Style, created a new genre of movies. Fans will witness the rebirth of this landmark classic film work, and relive the passionate years of ‘Little Pony’ on the big screen.

Movie ‘heroes’ poster

    During the current film festival, the next step in the film restoration plan jointly announced by the two parties is also officially announced. This time, the classic love movie ‘Out of the Window’, which was released in 1973, will be restored. ‘Out of the Window’ is not only Qiong Yao’s novel debut, but also Lin Qingxia’s film debut. It is also a masterpiece of director Song Cunshou’s light and timeless style, and it is also a model of Taiwan’s literary love movies in the 1960s and 1970s. Due to the age, the film copy of this film has been damaged to a certain extent. It is believed that with the joint efforts of Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai Film Festival, this classic love movie more than forty years ago will definitely have a brand new brilliance.

Movie ‘out of the window’ poster

    In order to support the film restoration project, Jaeger-LeCoultre will auction a classic timepiece during the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival, and all proceeds will be invested in the film restoration project. 2016 coincides with the 85th anniversary of the birth of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series. Since its inception, its flip case and exquisite craftsmanship have been unique. This time, Jaeger-LeCoultre will donate the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One Duetto Moon engraved with the signature of well-known movie star Zhao Wei for public auction. This custom-made Reverso women’s complication watch is equipped with a double-sided dial. The feminine moon phase display complex features the ultimate elegance of design with superb watchmaking technology. The back of the case is engraved with Zhao Wei’s autograph with superb craftsmanship, giving this watch a unique special meaning and showing Jaeger-LeCoultre’s passion for film art.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One Duetto Moon

    The process of film restoration is actually the process of film re-creation. While giving the classics new life, how to retain the unique sense of the age of the old film in the original way, testing the skills and ingenuity of the film restoration engineer. Repairing damage and polishing quality frame by frame, the key factor in the process of film repair is not only technology, but also the accumulation of experience and perception of the work. Just as the artisans of the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop timed during polishing, balancing the delicate connection between classics and breakthroughs between dimensions, allowing each piece of work to transcend time and space and become a classic that has been circulating forever. For the sixth time, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai International Film Festival will present the grand occasion of Chinese films to the global guests, show the achievements of Chinese films in recent years, and will continue to invest great efforts in restoring old Chinese films, passionately supporting and promoting film art Inheritance and development.