Customize Your ‘high Iq’ Travel

‘Flyers’ who frequently enter and leave the cabin have developed travel into scientific activities with ‘high IQ’ nature. To become such ‘scientists’, passengers must have a complete set of travel essentials. One of the essentials is a travel-specific watch suitable for their use. What exactly is a travel watch that travel experts are looking forward to? What are the winning tips for this travel essential?

   Two time zone displays. The destination time must be more prominent than the departure time. The destination time must be adjusted accurately. The positioning of the hour hand must be in one step. The departure time must be displayed in 24-hour format and the date. Being able to switch freely at twelve o’clock in the destination time … these are not enough, is there any other way?

Blancpain Léman series alarm clock

   A watch is in your hands, 8 treasures are exclusive, Blancpain has created a number of practical alarm clocks specifically for travel. Such powerful and complex watches are not a one-time operation. The Cal.1241 movement is equipped with a concept It has been brewing for up to 12 years! At the same time, the birth of this watch was not made by recreating existing models, but Blancpain was carefully designed from scratch. Only by carefully deconstructing all the functions of this watch-including the alarm function, Greenwich Mean Time, the wheel train (spring) and power reserve of the watch-can we deeply understand its long and extraordinary development course.