Embellishment Ring Tasting Piaget Limelight Dancing Light White Gold Watch

Earl is famous for introducing many bold and avant-garde designs. The brand also uses the same style and creativity in elegant watches. Piaget has its own design team, responsible for designing each new watch. Designers fully express their unrestricted design concepts through watches. In the process of completing these steps, the close cooperation between engineers and designers is required, so that the design drawings with unlimited creativity can be transformed into extraordinary masterpieces of timepieces.

  Conceived and developed by Piaget Workshop, the design of the Limelight Dancing Light series watches is unique in design, which makes the movable ring dance lightly on the dial. With a slight movement of the wrist, the decorative ring rotates in different directions, showing an amazingly smooth and elegant charm. Today, the Watch House brings you a Piaget Limelight Dancing Light series watch, the official model is: G0A36156.

  This watch has a diameter of 39 mm. 18K white gold case set with 68 round diamonds (approx. 1.7 carats). Dial with 18K white gold hour markers, set with 98 round diamonds (approximately 0.2 carats). Equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement. Gem setting is a delicate and rigorous work, which has high requirements on technology, and the design of gem setting is an extremely important link, which can highlight the lines of the work and make it rich in layers. At the same time, the watchmaker’s strict limits on errors must be met. Each inlaid part is a carefully carved crystal. Earl devoted a lot of effort in each link to meet the strict technical requirements.

  The thickness of the case is 7.9 millimeters, and the thickness is moderate. The lines are smooth and smooth from the side.

  The strap is made of black satin, smooth and shiny, and equipped with an Ardillon buckle, which is simple and safe to wear. Buckle set with 15 round diamonds (~ 0.1 carat).

  All diamonds selected by Piaget are rigorously tested according to precise internal procedures and meet the highest standards in color, weight and purity, and each central gemstone has a certificate of certification.

  The design of the dial has undergone a brand-new innovation once again, embodying extraordinary imagination, Piaget turned the superb craftsmanship into dazzling magic without revealing it. In this Limelight Dancing Light watch, a small ring meanders on an hour circle composed of Roman numerals and three-dimensional Barton time scales, and intertwines with the outer ring of the hour dial to form the number 8 pattern, symbolizing endless eternity. The round case presents the purest aesthetics, and the bezel is lined with diamonds.

  The crown of this watch is hidden at the bottom cover. The bottom cover has a dense bottom design, a brushed design, and is engraved with Piaget’s English Logo. The eight small screws securely fix the bottom cover to the case. Details This shows the rigor and detail of the earl’s craftsmanship. The movement is equipped with a Piaget 56P quartz movement, which is stable and accurate.

  In summary: Piaget always achieves the mythical watch for women. The Limelight Dancing Light series is the best testimony. This watch has a unique design of the movable ring. The watch uses a quartz movement, an 18k white gold diamond case and a black cross-section material strap. It is only for women. , Also called a well-carved jewelry. The current domestic price of this watch is 329,600 yuan.