Eric Singer, A Famous American Drummer, Tested The Revolutionary Patented Springlock Seismic Protection System Of Ball Watch On The Spot

Since 1891, BALL Watch has been producing precise timepieces of various models, and they all meet strict standards such as accuracy, quality, and reliable performance. In 2013, BALL Watch developed the world’s first revolutionary patented SpringLOCK® shock protection system, which can effectively reduce the impact of external shocks on the hairspring by up to 66% and ensure that the watch moves accurately.
   Philippe Antille, the chief technical director of BALL Watch, often quotes examples when the watch is worn on the wrist of a top drummer, which may be affected by environmental factors, to illustrate the important role of the seismic protection system. Antille developed a new seismic protection system for him, and found the best test candidate-Eric Singer, drummer of the famous American rock band KISS. Singer is happy to wear Pol watches in several concerts and perform cymbals at the same time. Prior to this challenge, he already had two different models of Bol watches, and even became ‘Friends of BALL’.
Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne (DM2076C-S1CAJ-BK) field test in Tokyo by Eric Singer

   On June 18, 2013, Eric Singer wore the first test sample on the stage in Milan, and Philippe Antille also had on-site monitoring results. The test results were better than expected. When the watch passed the ‘violent shaking’ of the county concert, the error was only a few seconds. Later, BALL Watch asked KISS drummer Singer how hard he hit the stick, and he explained, ‘It’s like hitting steel with a stick. I will try to relax, but at the same time try to stay strong. This may sound contradictory. Without the ‘adrenaline’ drive, I only played drums on the stage in the usual way, I think it should cause a lot of pain, so I ca n’t do it. In fact, except for the general wrist The watch doesn’t match my makeup. I’m always afraid that if I wear a regular watch on the stage, it will break the movement. ‘
Drummer Eric Singer belongs to the famous pop rock band KISS.
   ‘SpringLOCK®’ encloses the balance-spring in the mechanical movement by using a ‘protective cover’, so that it can absorb the energy generated by the watch when it is exposed to external shocks; these external shocks The impact is enough to make the movement error of ordinary mechanical movements as fast as about 60 seconds per day. It is a very rare opportunity for BALL Watch to be able to test this seismic protection system through this real operation environment. A few months after testing the first prototype in Milan, the BALL Watch team went to Tokyo to retest the final finished product with SpringLOCK®. This time, Eric Singer is wearing Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne with a new SpringLOCK®.
Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne watch

   At this stage, BALL Watch will be the first to equip the following watch models with SpringLOCK® seismic protection systems, including Engineer Hydrocarbon Black, Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne and Trainmaster Cannonball. Today, BALL Watch continues to follow the brand’s established route, once again being identified as the leader in the history of watchmaking and the modern adventure timepiece.