Glasutti Original Beijing Continues To Present An Orthodox German Christmas Market

On December 20th, the joyful Christmas atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. After German top watch brand Glashütte Original and Nanjing Deji Plaza, they joined hands with Beijing APM Plaza to start Dres Day Christmas Fair theme event. During the 20th to the 25th, with the exquisite and colorful wooden houses, the dazzling lights and the Christmas food full of German colors, the traditional Dresden Christmas market style will be reproduced, and Beijing residents will feel the most orthodox from Europe Christmas atmosphere.

Feel the difference German Christmas
   In Germany, Christmas is called Weihnachten. Unlike other western countries, German Christmas Day starts on the first Sunday of the week of November 26 and ends on December 25. In Advent (four weeks before Christmas), households in Germany will buy a Christmas star. This is a very special plant. There are only one or two red leaves on the top of the home. After 4 Sundays in Advent, the red leaves will be more and more. By Christmas, the leaves will basically become Red seems to symbolize the booming days of the coming year. At the Christmas market, handmade paper, bamboo, and wooden stars are decorated with flat and three-dimensional shapes. Other handicrafts, booth posters, Christmas tree roofs, and even luminous decorative lights over the entire Christmas market shape the stars in people’s minds. Looks like. German families will also place Christmas candle rings on the table at home, which are made of Christmas tree branches, Christmas flowers, pine cones, or other coniferous leaves, with four candles placed on them. The first candle started to be lit 3 Sundays before Christmas, and then lit every Sunday until Christmas Eve lit all the candles.

Experience a pure German sensory feast
   This time, Glashütte’s original and complete restoration of the German-style Christmas market. The history of the German Christmas market can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The street vendor is a warm wooden cabin decorated with colorful lights. The shops are lined up in a row, and the decorative lights on the street are shining, which makes the street beautiful. Some small shops sell Christmas tree decorations, some sell candles of various shapes and essential oils for aromatherapy. Now it has become an indispensable and important part of German culture. Delicious gingerbread, fragrant mulled wine, sizzling sausage hot dogs, and unique handicrafts are standard on the German Christmas market. The most special one is German mulled wine. Germans like to drink beer, but at Christmas, they prefer a kind of red wine with hot wine. Without shochu, it is as if they have not visited the Christmas market. Christmas wine Glühwein is one of the hot drinks that Germans must drink at Christmas. It is a heated red wine. Manufacturers will also introduce some different flavors, such as adding cinnamon, honey, lemon, and even fruit spirits. This is In order to dispel cold and warm the stomach, it is also a rare romantic tradition of strict Germans. The scene is full of delicate and beautiful decorations. The huge Christmas tree is dazzling. The colorful balls and garlands are dazzling. In addition to the sweet smell of mulled wine, candy, and cakes, the band also plays Christmas songs live, as if in Europe The atmosphere is average. In the cold winter, the warm lights and sweet food in the original Christmas market of Glashütte hope to bring great comfort and infinite hope for Christmas.

German craftsmanship ignites the passion of the east Welcome to the Glashütte Original APM boutique
   Catering to the warm and interesting Western Christmas, Glashütte Original will be in close contact with consumers in the Beijing APM boutique. Every Glashütte original watch is permeated with German rigor and high-quality details.

   It is worth mentioning that the watchmaker’s resident service adds a finishing touch to the service. In a nearly transparent way, we will show the century-old superb skills to the mass consumers. The masses can communicate with the masters at close range and also have the opportunity to witness the entire production process from complicated and small parts to the advent of a watch. The in-store repair service is a distinguished hospitality offered by the Beijing APM boutique to everyone who loves Glashütte original watches. The professional hand-crafted craftsmanship has a history of more than 100 years, and the German-style precision craftsmanship techniques allow the public to feel the mechanical and splendid culture. breath. Inside the boutique, the ‘Wonder Wall’, made up of Glashütte’s original and self-produced movement parts, tells the story of the excellence of watchmaking for generations of craftsmen in Glashütte. Feel the style of German watch technology, the emperor’s winter becomes warm and peaceful because of art. Following the original minimalist design style of Glashütte’s original design, the boutique decoration not only shows the beauty of elegant and elegant architecture, but also interprets Glashütte’s original watchmaking tradition and original spirit in a modern way.

   At present, the boutiques in the Christmas season also have a unique charm. Under the decoration of red candles, Christmas trees and colored balls, they bring out a warm festive mood. Every Glashütte original watch that greets you, whether it is displayed in a crystal clear glass cabinet or on a smooth snowy display stand, every minute and second blends to drive the slowly passing time, as if lingering Tell your little dreams and hopes at the end of the year.
Senator’s Excellence Perpetual Calendar Watch Simple and Complex

   Striving to achieve outstanding performance with originality and excellence is two of the original characteristics of Glashütte’s originality, and the parliamentary watch of the parliamentary excellence watch exerts this spirit to the fullest, and hides extremely complicated mechanisms under its minimalist surface. The perpetual calendar is one of the most sophisticated and complex functions in watchmaking. Glashütte’s original watchmaking technology has been passed down for more than 100 years to ensure that the date, day of the week and month can be accurately displayed, and even leap years are taken into account. The parliamentary calendar of parliamentarians has become more and more simple in appearance, with deeper connotations and reputations inside. The setting and adjustment of the watch deduces the minimalist design to the extreme. The case is designed with a subtle adjustment button that corresponds to the day, month and moon phase display. The wearer only needs to perform simple operations when necessary, that is, The day, month, and month can be changed independently, making it easier than ever. Equipped with the Calibre 36 automatic movement, which is developed to meet the needs of today’s daily life, it uses innovative silicon swimming ribbons to achieve extreme accuracy. At a glance, the easy-to-read and concise dial is the most perfect reading experience left by the congressman’s excellent perpetual calendar watch. The large and clear calendar, the week and month are harmoniously scattered on the dial, lined with a canvas-like blue night sky The moon phase display is a new chapter in Glashütte’s original aesthetics. Glashütte Original’s parliamentary excellent perpetual calendar watch is simplified. At the end of the year, in the warm festive season, as the same German gentleman accompanies the wearer, he feels the rigor of Glashütte Original’s persistence.
   Now, jubilant Christmas is getting closer and closer, and Glashütte’s original Beijing APM Christmas event will last until Christmas Eve on the 25th. Glashütte is original and invites everyone to have a beautiful memory belonging to the legend of the hour hand.
Glashütte Original Christmas Market Event Information-Beijing APM Plaza
Time: December 20, 2017 to December 25, 2017
Address: No. 138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing