Gucci V. Guccio Gucciwin Trademark Case

We all like to give a family a name that we like, and we continue to use it. For example, George Foreman gave his five sons George (named George Jr., George III, George IV). , George V, and George VI), and Jermaine named his three sons Jermaine, Jaimy, and Jermajesty, respectively. Unfortunately, the end of such family honors is not always happy. Gucci Fall / Winter 2012/13 ad
    Recently in Florence, in a intellectual property case initiated by the Gucci Group, a judge rejected Guccio Gucci and his brother Alessandro Gucci, both great-grandsons of Guccio founder Guccio Gucci. ‘Women’s Wear Daily’ reported that Guccio and Alessandro’s handbag and accessories company ToBeGSrl was charged with illegally infringing Gucci’s trademark for using ‘Gucci’ and ‘Guccio Gucci’ for marketing communications and website activities.
    The judge finally ruled that the use of the name ‘Guccio Gucci’ would cause an unfair relationship between ToBeG’s products and Gucci’s trademark. The judge also believed that his behavior constituted an unfair competition and would Gucci caused losses because the defendant’s advertising materials were prone to be confused with Gucci’s products and commercial activities, and it unfairly used Gucci’s product quality and reputation.
    Guccio Gucci worked for the family fashion brand for 12 years, leaving in 1989 and helping his father run the GiorgioG handbag collection before starting ToBeG in 2008.
    It is not the first time that the Gucci Group has been forced to take legal measures to protect its own names. As early as 2009, Gucci has sued Jennifer Gucci (the former wife of Guccio Gucci’s grandson Paolo Gucci) and Gemma Gucci (Paolo Gucci and Jennifer Gucci’s daughter) uses Gucci to name their coffee shops and other things. And Gucci finally won the lawsuit. Just two years ago, Gucci sued Cosimo Gucci (a famous Italian designer and the fourth-generation heir of the Gucci family) in Hong Kong for selling its personal brand Cogu in Hong Kong. That same year, Gucci sued Elisabetta Gucci (the third-generation heir to the Gucci family) using her personal name to name her global hotel chain.
    In May, Gucci was sentenced to $ 4.7 million in trademark damages, which was paid by another rival fashion brand, Guess.