Hamilton’s Behind-the-scenes Heroic Ceremony Supports Upward Chinese Movies (September 15 Official Website Dynamics)

On September 13, 2012, HAMILTON BEHIND THE CAMERA AWARDS (hereinafter referred to as BTCA) was sponsored by HAMILTON Hamilton Watch and co-sponsored by the high-end men’s magazine ELLEMEN. The award ceremony was held in Beijing Water Cube. This is the first time BTCA has landed outside the United States since it was founded in Hollywood. That night, more than forty Chinese film and entertainment celebrities and senior behind-the-scenes workers, including judges Jia Zhangke, Yu Nan, Ye Jintian, and Yan Geling, were present at the ceremony.

   The sponsor and sponsor of the ceremony, the Hamilton Watch, has been inextricably linked with the Hollywood screen since 1951, and has been in more than 400 titles such as ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Man in Black’ and ‘Superman Returns’. Featured in the blockbuster; in the process, Hamilton was deeply aware of the great contribution behind filmmakers to the film industry, so he founded the annual ‘Hamilton Heroes Festival’ in Hollywood.

   The Hearst Magazine Group, where the co-organizer ‘ELLEMEN’ is located, focuses on Chinese movies, from hosting ELLE Huayi Night, Shanghai’s largest filmmaker event, and working hard to create a ‘poor movie theater’ that cares for disadvantaged children, to jointly hold the first ‘ ‘Hamilton’s Heroes Behind the Scenes’ Ceremony pays tribute to the dedicated Chinese film crew. With the power of the Media Group, Hirst continues to support the Chinese film industry, which has been moving forward.

   When Hamilton watches met ELLEMEN, the dream of paying tribute to Chinese movies became real.
Judges: Only knowing can produce deep love
   This is the emotion sent by Mr. Li Taotao, one of the judges, when he was interviewed by ELLEMEN and talked about the concept of ‘behind the scenes heroes’. In his opinion, the significance of Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes heroes ceremony is ‘to let the audience to the film There is an overall understanding of all aspects of creation, because only true and clear understanding can produce deep love. ‘

   The Chinese film industry is already hustle and bustle, but in fact there is still a long way to go. Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony hopes to get rid of all performances and politeness. Beginning with the behind-the-scenes workers in the film industry, he examines the true standing of the entire industry. To pay tribute to the heroes behind the scenes. As the director Jia Zhangke said, the creativity and texture of a movie benefited from the efforts of all the people behind the scenes.

Star: Stealth darkness, only for the most sincere tribute
   In previous Hollywood festivals, many big names such as Judy Foster, Anne Hathaway, Robert Pattinson, etc. have stood on this stage. The stars were hidden from the darkness, launched their partners behind the scenes, and gave them bright spotlights. The contrast between light and dark is the most noble tribute to those behind the scenes in the American film industry.

   For the first time, the stars acted as award-winners, paying tribute to these true behind-the-scenes heroes. At this moment, all eyes are on the award-winning behind-the-scenes people, praising their contributions to the film industry. For example, Ni Ni, the new ‘mourning girl’, the swaying style of Jinling Thirteen Sisters has attracted the attention of many people. At this award ceremony, Ni Ni will pay tribute to the staff behind Jinling Thirteen Sisters. Thanks for the beautiful sway that is perfectly presented by the efforts behind the scenes.
Behind the scenes: set yourself up and be a Chinese film escort
   The list of awards covers a wide range, from the annual visual blockbuster ‘Jinling Thirteen’ to the small production literary film ‘Steel Piano’, from the popular ‘Sister Tao’ to the black humorous ‘Mr. Hello Tree’, The box office is not the only criterion for judging. No great movie is successful only by actors. Every lamp, every beam of light, every line of speech, every action design, every piece of music … perfect combination. In order to achieve an excellent movie.

   Each one is behind the scenes to create today’s Chinese film industry, including a number of international-level masters:
   Tao Jing who won the ‘Best Recording Direction’ this time, his works are like Lei Guaner: ‘Alive’, ‘Farewell My Concubine’, ‘Ambush on Ten Faces’, ‘Hero’, ‘Jinling Thirteen’, and even Beijing in 2008 The sound effects of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games are his masterpieces. Another example is Zhang Meng, screenwriter and director of ‘Steel Piano’. He is known as ‘the new power of Chinese literary films.’ He just has a simple film ideal, ‘I think we should take the camera and record the entire era.’

   The ‘Most Breakthrough Spirit Award’ specially set up by ELLEMEN has given documentary director Xu Xin, who has always been concerned about the subsistence conditions in China, especially the disadvantaged and minority groups. For the author, the record itself is a way to participate in the construction of history. That night’s other award, ‘Hamilton’s Special Hero Contribution Award’, was given to art director Zhang Shuping. He has liked movies since he was 14 years old. He persisted in his dreams and gave the audience too many surprises: In The Mood for Love, Zhang Manyuna Twenty-three sets of stunning and unforgettable cheongsams; and the yellow stripe cardigan of Leslie Cheung in ‘The Light of Spring’ has become a classic in the movie.
   Too many behind-the-scenes workers are working hard and persevering in these simple movie dreams, but when the public can recognize these simple dreams and attachments, or as Ye Jintian mentioned, ‘the value of behind-the-scenes staff can be overall When presenting, everyone can feel safe and secure because of their own work. ‘Chinese movies may be truly powerful, aside from the frivolous pursuit of name and profit.
Winners of the First Chinese Version of ‘Hamilton’s Heroes behind the Scenes’