How About The Le Méridien Watch Movement Le Méridien Bento Series Introduction

As a rare brand known for independent design and has always produced its own case independently, Amy has been active in the world watch market. How do many people care about Le Méridien movements? Does the Le Méridien Bento series perform well? Next, the editor will introduce it to everyone.

Le Méridien Bento movement
 The movements used by Le Méridien Bento series watches include the automatic mechanical movement valjoux A07, the automatic mechanical movement ML121, ML113 and so on.
 The Bentao series power reserve watch is equipped with the ML113 automatic winding movement, and the vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour. Sometimes the minute and second indication, date display and power reserve indication can continue to operate for 42 hours after winding.
 Amy’s self-made ML122 automatic winding movement, vibrating at 28,800 times per hour, provides hours and minutes indication, date display, day and night display and moon phase display, and has a 38-hour power reserve.

 The Pontos Décentrique Phases de Lune eccentric moon phase watch was formerly an eccentric two-time timepiece. Both watches have won the international design award Red Dot’s most outstanding design award, which shows that this series is outstanding in design. These two models present the moon phase and time functions as eccentric faceplates, and the hours, minutes, and seconds are also arranged in an eccentric manner.
 In eccentric time watches, the date display is another feature. The general model has a date disc that rotates with time on the movement configuration, but it also makes a gap between the date dial and the face dial. In order to overcome this problem, Le Méridien redesigned the date display dial to be as parallel as possible to the face plate height. This technology that connects the movement with the complex performance module is pending patent application, which greatly improves the overall face plate’s ease of use. Readability also makes it present a harmonious beauty.
 In addition, this watch also has a sun and moon dial, which can clearly show the day and night in the second time zone. The dial and the sun and moon are both on the dial. The matte and bright sapphire crystals are used to distinguish between day and night. the design of.
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