How About Tissot Eta Movement Watch?

Recently, many netizens are interested in Tissot Leloc watches and ETA movements. Next, I will introduce to you the Tissot Le Locle watch and the ETA movement.
Recommended ETA movement Tissot Rock watches:
Tissot-Le Rock series T41.1.423.53 men’s mechanical watch
 Tissot-Leloc series T41.1.423.53 men’s mechanical watch is equipped with Swiss original automatic mechanical movement ETA2824-2. Movement ETA2824-2 performance is quite good, not only stable, high accuracy, but also has the function of bracelet. In addition, the movement of ETA2824-2 is relatively thick, which is also suitable for sports watches, such as Colt of Breitling, using the ETA2824-2 of the observatory level, and the accuracy of the tests by foreign professional magazines is satisfactory. In addition, Tudor’s junior hands and sports watches also use ETA2824-2, but the fine-tuning device and Kif shock absorbers have been replaced. The unique approach also represents the insistence of Tudor Watch Factory, and Amy’s originality There is also no shortage of using the ETA 2824-2 movement, giving the calendar, the moon and other functions, plus gorgeous polishing, has been out of the traditional impression of cheap.
 The birth of the Leloc watch emphasized the profound connection between Tissot and its birthplace, Leloc, and the profound influence of its long history on Tissot. Inspired by Century’s Watchtower, the oldest landmark of Le Locke, the Tissot-Le Locke T41.1.423.53 men’s mechanical watch’s dial center is molded and pressed, surrounded by silver Roman numerals, with the most elegant temperament Classic pointer. Fine wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass, high-grade stainless steel case. The movement of the movement can be clearly seen through the transparent case back. The black dial with black alligator leather strap is deep and low-key, highlighting the connotation and background of the wearer. This model is only ¥ 3440, which has an absolute advantage in price, which can be described as the best cost-effective automatic mechanical watch.
What is eta movement?
 The history of the ETA Group goes back to the end of the 18th century: a watch factory established in Fontainemelon in 1793. In 1855, another factory in Grenchen was opened to manufacture ‘Ebauches (semi-finished watch movements)’ (blank movements). It was later named ETA. In 1926, Ebauches SA, a joint stock company that brought together the major blank movement manufacturers in Switzerland, was established. When SMH was established in 1983, Ebauches SA was renamed ETA SA Fabriques d’Ebauches. With more than 9,000 employees in Switzerland and around the world, ETA is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of watches and movements. Production reached 100 million units in 1996. Manufacturing and assembly plants are located in Switzerland and around the world including France, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia and China.
 The main business of ETA, which is the cornerstone of the Swatch Group, is as follows: to ensure the technical research of Swiss watches; to develop low-price accessories, large-scale production of ETA movements and entire watches; to master all the technology of watches and production machines; to assemble ETA in batch Movement and watch.
 To achieve this, ETA has its own R & D laboratory: it is also responsible for the design and development of its own production equipment. For example, one of ETA’s most successful products in recent years, the Swatch production line (more than 200 million watches have been manufactured so far), is designed, developed and constructed by the company itself. More than 30 ETA electronic and mechanical watch movement series active in the market must pass the system quality inspection of each production process in accordance with the relevant requirements of quality assurance regulations. ETA has a global spare parts distribution network and movement inventory for after-sales service. By regularly distributing technical materials and international training courses to all markets, ETA has significantly enhanced its influence on global professional watch manufacturers.
Which watch brands use eta movements?
 According to Xiaobian’s understanding, ETA’s main product is focused on mechanical movements, and many different types of watch movements are produced. In addition to the Swatch Group’s watch brands such as Longines, Omega, Swatch and Tissot, it is also a movement supplier for many watch manufacturers. For example, Breitling, Fortis, Inag, Torx, and even Rolex watches, ETA movements have appeared in their products, and IWC, Oris, TAG Heuer and Tudor watches use ETA movements as the Basically improved movement.
 I hope today’s content can provide a reference for everyone who loves watches when choosing ETA movement watches.