Hublot Enters The Chinese Mainland Market

See how young luxury brands win hearts Hublot The next second of wisdom
Unconsciously, Hublot became the favorite of some people. One day, the employees of Hublot Shanghai store excitedly called Shen Qian, the brand manager of Hublot China, and said, ‘Sandy, do you know who is in our store? Faye Wong accompanied Li Yapeng to select the watch, named AllBlack series. & rdquo;
Compared to other brands on the global luxury watch list, Hublot, born in 1980, is too young. In 2008, it became a member of the LVMH Group and began its rapid expansion strategy. However, its expansion is not a surge in the number of stores, but an increase in brand awareness and reputation. Like its strategy in the European market, sponsoring large-scale events and launching related limited-edition products, celebrity effects, and charity have all become common methods for Hublot’s brand marketing.
Every watch brand has a marketing slogan
CEO Jean-Claude & middot; Beaver (Jean-ClaudeBiver) is the soul of Hublot. Thirty years ago, he successfully restored the old Swiss Blancpain Blancpain (later acquired by the Swatch Group). He was also invited to join the group, and then brought Omega into the high-speed commercialization road.
Jean-Claude & middot; Mr. Beaver, who took over Hublot in 2004, used Hubble’s BigBang series to subvert the watchmaking industry to make Hublot sing all the way, and also announced the arrival of Hublot’s revival era. In just five years, Hublot has launched a number of iconic watches, including the BigBang million-dollar series, the BigBang all-black series, and the MagBang series, which have attracted worldwide attention. At the same time, it has successfully ranked among the high-end watch brands.
Mr. Beaver has pioneered a marketing style in the industry, that is, every watch brand should have a slogan. Omega’s slogan is ‘Omega, mychoice’. With his help, Omega now enjoys a worldwide reputation.
The slogan of the Hublot watch is ‘The art of fusion’. Its fusion is first manifested in materials: Hublot is the first Swiss top watch brand to combine precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. Its birth comes from watchmaking materials and unique aesthetic concepts interpreted by watches. In other words, a revolution has been launched in the watch industry. Hublot boldly uses more than four materials. Its products are the perfect fusion of precious metals such as zirconium, tantalum, magnesium and titanium with diamonds, rare gems, gold, platinum, ceramics, stainless steel and natural rubber.
Hublot watches currently have 7 stores in China. In Mr. Beaver’s view, when people own five watches, he will not buy the same style of products. ‘Hublot may not be your first watch, but it is most likely your last watch. & rdquo; He said.
Some people say that Hublot is very picky, and its target consumer group must have a stubborn personality, but it may not necessarily show it; it must have a unique vision and insist on its own subjective judgment; it will never show the brand LOGO , Will be pleased that others do not see the brand they wear.
Look what people have done for Hublot
西班牙 In Spain, Hublot is even called ‘King’s Watch’. Here’s a little story: One day, Mr. Beaver discovered that the Spanish king Juan Carlos had worn a Hublot in public for seven consecutive times. Mr. Beaver said to his colleague in charge of the Spanish market of Hublot: ‘Go to the king and he likes our watches so much to see if there is any opportunity for cooperation. & rdquo;
As a result, Hublot became the official chronograph watch of the Spanish King’s Cup, and launched a corresponding limited edition. The King of Spain also personally awarded Hublot watches to the winners of the various events in the regatta. Today, Hublot plays fiercely with many celebrities, Pavarotti, Maradona, Jet Li, Jia Zhangke, Han Han & hellip; & hellip;
The Olympic Games, Formula 1 race, World Cup, America’s Cup regatta, and American professional rugby are considered to be the world’s most watched and high-profile world-class events. In addition to the Olympics and American professional football, people can see Hublot in three other events.
In 2010, Hublot became the first official chronograph watch brand since the creation of the World Cup. Also during the World Cup last year, there was a figure that brought everyone’s attention to Hublot. He was the coach of the Argentine team Maradona.
There is also an interesting story inside: Mr. Beaver accidentally found that Maradona’s left and right hands were wearing two identical Hublot watches. This puzzled Mr Beaver. He asked someone to ask Maradona why he wanted to buy two identical Hublot watches.
Maradona responded to him: he has two daughters, and his love for both daughters is the same, so he must buy two identical watches. After deep contact with Maradona, Hublot also made limited edition watches for Maradona.
I have to mention that Hublot also became the official watch of Formula 1 F1 in 2010. Around the important event of F1, Hublot also launched a number of limited editions.
A story happened between Bernie Ecclestone, the head of F1, and Hublot: One day in November 2010, Ecclestone was robbed in London. The 80-year-old In addition to the billionaire’s head injury, the Hublot watch on his wrist was also stolen.
On the same day, he sent Mr. Beaver a photo and a text message of his robbery. The two humorous gentlemen came up with an idea and decided to take this opportunity to make an advertisement. Attachments to the ad showed a completely authentic and untouched photo and Ecclestone’s text message: ‘See what people do for a Hublot watch!’ & rdquo; (SEEWHATPEOPLEWILLDOFORAHUBLOT!)
广告 This ad was published in the Financial Times and the International Herald on December 9, 2010.
Look what Hublot has done for charity
Adding points to the brand image, focusing on charity is another marketing magic weapon for luxury brands, as is Hublot. Hublot is one of the few brands that continues to sponsor children’s philanthropy. Every year, it donates 2% of its global turnover to children’s philanthropy. Because Mr Beaver believes that children are the future of the world and everything.
In November last year, the Hublot flagship store on Wangfujing Street in Beijing opened grandly, and Jet Li became Hublot’s Asian image ambassador. Among Mr. Beaver’s reasons for choosing Jet Li as the image ambassador, One Foundation is the biggest reason. Mr Beaver believes that One Fund is the most professional and trustworthy fund in China.
In China, Hublot’s donation money will be handed over to the One Fund, and will communicate with the One Fund, and the money will be dedicated to charity activities to help children.
The latest news is related to F1 competition and One Foundation. On April 15th, Hublot held a press conference in Shanghai to celebrate the opening of the 2011 F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai. At the same time, it announced that Han Han, a Chinese racing figure and famous writer, had joined the Hublot family and became a Hublot Goodwill Ambassador.
In April last year, Han Han became involved with Hublot for racing. Since then, the two sides have specially designed a F1 limited watch full of personality. The back of the watch is engraved with the declaration of freedom written by Han Han. & Mdash; & mdash; Advocating freedom) and Chinese signature. In March of this year, this watch was auctioned for two weeks through a two-week online auction, and was eventually sold by a Mr. Xiang from Sichuan for RMB 160,000. The entire auction income together with Hublot’s generous donation of RMB 160,000, and Han Han donated 100,000 yuan at the scene, and all the donations totaling 420,000 yuan were donated to the One Foundation to help and improve the living and treatment environment of children in distress due to HIV infection.