If There Is Enough Budget, I Want These Three Women Watches Sooner Or Later

I was busy and looking back at this year’s Basel show. In fact, I always remembered the messages of some girls in the background-I was a little confused about buying a watch, because there were too many voices around me, often messy Beginning. And I happen to be hiding a few new women’s watches this year, and I want to find a suitable opportunity to share with you (and male compatriots who have been thinking about buying a watch for my wife, but never understand what his wife likes). Anyway, we don’t chase (unavailable) hotspots, naturally we don’t have to be too anxious, after all, what is really beautiful should not be slow or slow. Chanel: If the J12 under the new movement was changed five or six years ago, when many girls asked me if J12 should be bought, I would always hesitate for a while, because I didn’t know how to answer the other party. After all, I ca n’t ask others first, what’s your income, who’s usually spending, whether her husband will interfere with your consumption, or if you do n’t care about the price in the second-hand market … For today, there is only one sentence left: ‘Choose A special piece, buy! ‘What is special? Limited editions are, of course, special colors, as well as special features, but the true heart is in everyone’s own heart, there is no uniform standard. Since I lost my love that year (you know, the loveliest J12 in my heart), in fact, I always look for my wallet with Basel every year because I have a goal in my heart—I want a Chanel watch. Although sometimes it may take a little longer than I expected, experience has shown me that it is very likely that you and your love will meet by chance. In fact, think about it, it is more interesting than predicting the so-called explosions, because you never know what Chanel will do next. The biggest highlight of Chanel this year is that the new J12 uses a new self-produced movement. Many people will say that women do not care about the movement anyway, but this is still worth mentioning, because its technical strengthening can reduce the broken thoughts of the (technical flow) man in the family-making him unable to choose all aspects It’s too successful to pierce. J12 has become an iconic series since its birth in 2000. This year, Arnaud Chastaingt, director of Chanel’s watch creative studio, reinterpreted the J12 watch. The change in appearance is to be described in detail later. It is the most ruthless way to develop a new movement. It has strengthened the technical imprint of a watch series that originally had more accessory attributes. It’s almost gone (of course, I personally always think that the face value is higher than the movement, but if both are strong, it is invincible). The J12 watch still uses a one-piece precision ceramic case with a sapphire glass at the bottom, which has a back-through effect. You can directly see the 12.1 caliber automatic mechanical movement. This movement was specially made for Chanel by the Swiss watchmaker Kenissi. This news is also not unexpected, because Chanel acquired part of KENISSI’s equity earlier this year and naturally took action. Moreover, J12 has also launched new movements in cooperation with Audemars Piguet movement factory APRP, so the long-term layout is the most stable way for J12. However, for brands pursuing aesthetic design, instead of just having a self-produced movement, Chanel wants to keep its classic circular design, so the movement design is also very recognizable, and the wobble is redesigned with tungsten. hammer. caliber 12.1 is certified by COSC (Swiss Official Observatory Testing Agency) and has a 70-hour power reserve. In addition to the movement, the new J12 also has changes in its design. For example, the grooves on the edge of the dial have been increased from 30 to 40, and the glyphs of the bezel numbers and hour scales have been redesigned. In addition, the AUTOMATIC and SWISS MADE signs are presented in Chanel-specific fonts, and the position of SWISS MADE is moved to the flange. Let’s compare the old and new models-left new right old need to remind everyone that this year’s new J12 are 38 mm size, which means that the old 38 mm J12 will not be produced again. As for other sizes, Chanel will slowly update in the future. Bulgari: The most iconic design of the Bulgari that is shiny but not too luxurious, I am afraid that many people will think of snakes-Serpenti watches are the dream of many girls, and by the way, the very famous Tubogas With design (gas pipeline shape). The Serpenti watch was born in the 1940s, when Bulgari first used the Tubogas bracelet in a watch series. Of course, this is what I think is a very classic Bulgari (also the Bulgari watch I most want to buy), but there is also a problem, that is, its design is very grand, for everyday wear, some people will Worried about the occasion. Therefore, Bulgari decided to make some changes on the bracelet, not only maintaining Serpenti’s classic drop-shaped snake head shape, but also more suitable for daily wear. The new Serpenti Seduttori watch is inspired by the Serpenti Tubogas watch, but the new watch is thinner, and with a hexagonal geometric grid bracelet, it is actually more handy. Let me show you my hands-on photos, 18K rose gold, gold and platinum are all there, and the stacking effect is too bright. Of course, this watch will also test the girls’ wrists. Too fleshy hands may be ‘stretched’. So the rabbit’s suggestion is still, if you like snake watches, you can try it out. After all, the more choices are not a bad thing, there is always one that will suit you. Some time ago, a male reader came to ask me, and I wanted to choose a Bulgari snake watch for my wife. In fact, I was very relieved-this is really enlightening. It is worth encouraging! Chopard: ‘No diamond is not happy’ is the truth No matter how men do not understand, Chopard’s Happy Diamonds Happy Diamonds is always one of the most popular high-end women’s watches, even if many girls do not know the name of this series, but all I know there is a watch with a small diamond in the dial that can slide freely. This is simply the best sign. Rabbit once wrote the draft design of Happy Diamonds long ago, but it didn’t become real until 1976. Karin Schaefer, who was managing the family brand with her husband at the time, famously said, ‘Freedom and diamonds are the happiest.’ The sporty Happy Sport combines diamonds and stainless steel, making the style easier to match and less formal. This is the Happy Sport in 1993 and 1997 respectively. This year, Chopard made a new attempt in the Happy Sport series. The first was the Happy Sport Oval watch, which was first introduced in 18K white gold with a bezel set with gradient sapphire. This watch has an oval case, and this shape was created last year. There are 5 sapphires and 2 dazzling diamonds as well as more luxurious versions. The 18K white gold case, convex round decoration and faceted crown are all set with diamonds. The 01.09-C automatic winding movement developed and manufactured by Chopard is also used. In addition, Happy Sport Oval also has a metal bracelet version, with the ‘Galet’ bracelet used when the first watch of this series came out in 1993. There are many versions to choose from, with bezel with diamond and no diamond version, and even the bracelet has a choice of gold and one color, depending on personal preference. Finally, there are 2 new models of Happy Sport’s 30mm model. Personally, I think it’s relatively more conventional. The purpose of rabbits today is just to introduce bricks and stones, giving everyone the opportunity to follow this series in depth according to their preferences. As a well-established series, it will be relatively mature in the development of new models, and there are many styles, and Happy Sport in history has produced very exciting models (to be honest, this year’s new products are slightly mediocre). Rabbit’s suggestion is not to be too anxious. May wish to look closely at the styles of the past few years, or look for a blow from the heart with a waiting mentality-when you really wait for the watch in your heart, you will never hesitate, compare, Hesitated. In recent years, there has been a more interesting trend-men’s watches began to look for beauty, while women’s watches wanted to talk about technology. The two sides tried to get closer to each other in order to find a more acceptable existence. But my opinion has never changed for so many years-the value is the first, the technology is the second (of course not the second to an unacceptable level, of course, the rabbit has a bottom line and a standard). No matter how a watch is blown up by technical factions, ugliness is the original sin. After all, as a decoration, good-looking is the first glance, and it is also a universal language, but speaking technology requires a lot of tongues to cultivate the group. And we often habitually emphasize the technical difficulties, or the fineness of the polishing of the movement, but many people ignore the value of beauty itself-good design is priceless, and it is extremely difficult to be mechanized to learn (only plagiarism) . In a sense, the starting point of some women’s watches is more pure-if there is no brand aura blessing, ‘beauty’ is one of the most fair competition standards. If you have both, it will be a big win. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!