Innocent Love Ebolu Yali Series Automatic Couple Pairing Table Comment

Maybe love comes from the sky, romantic encounters, real love encounters happen every day, but there should always be something to commemorate such a beautiful moment; Switzerland’s Ebolus watch has 159 Years of long watchmaking history, its exquisite craftsmanship and romantic culture have been recognized and favored by people all over the world. Today, the Watch House will bring you a pair of Ebolu Yali series automatic couples on the watch Brief comment, the official models of the watch are: GS5680-25121, LS5680-25121.

   Ebolo watches always adhere to the belief of ‘durable, precise, reliable, comfortable to wear, beautiful and practical’, with the spirit of ‘excellence’ and the use of high-tech combined with the traditional Swiss watchmaking technology to make its production perfection. An important position in the field of horology.

41 mm for men and 34.5 mm for women

   In this couple’s watch, the diameter of the case of the male watch is 41 mm, and the diameter of the case of the female watch is about 31 mm. The ratio of the two watches is harmonious. The male watch is elegant and elegant, and the female watch is exquisite and elegant. The case presents a long-lasting charm of simplicity and fashion.

Sapphire crystal glass

   Both watches are made of sapphire crystal glass with strong texture, excellent anti-glare effect and clear transmission. The shape of the watch is exquisite, and the rounded arcs at the edges of the dome-shaped mirror sparkle and shine. Elegant atmosphere.

Crown carved with butterfly logo

   The design of the crown is small and exquisite, with large wave embossed tooth patterns, easy winding adjustment and comfortable feel. The top of the crown is engraved with a classic butterfly-shaped logo of the brand in the 1940s, which at the same time shows the brand identity, but also shows retro elegance.

Watch with stainless steel bracelet

   The watch is equipped with a 316 stainless steel bracelet and a five-bead chain design. It is beautiful and stylish, and is durable. It is not afraid of summer sweat. It is more affordable than a leather strap.

Delicate carved dial

   The white dial is decorated with the wave shading of Lake Geneva (Note: Lake Geneva is the largest dammed lake in Switzerland). The delicate and elegant curves seem to flow in the dial. The watch uses simple inlaid Roman numerals. The dial At 12 o’clock, the brand logo of Yibo Road brings romantic imagination, which means a couple immersed in sweet love.

Watch bracelet with butterfly buckle made of stainless steel
   The watch uses a stainless steel butterfly double-button clasp. Touch the buttons on both sides of the clasp to open the strap like a book page, which makes the watch more convenient to wear and exudes elegant elegance.

Equipped with Swiss automatic mechanical movement

   Both of these watches are equipped with a Swiss self-winding mechanical movement, of which a male watch is equipped with a SW200 automatic mechanical movement and a female watch is equipped with a 2671 automatic mechanical movement. Both watches are designed to be transparent, allowing you to see the beauty of the Swiss movement, which is the charm of high-end mechanical movements.

Summary: The pure and concise design of the Polu Yali series is like the beginning of love, and the memory is full of fragrance. Equipped with Swiss-made high-end mechanical movement. The snow-white and smooth dial has no vain and complicated decoration, and the soft and delicate wave curve shading is the heart wave of the time. Twelve tadpole-shaped nail scales create a sense of space depth. The pen-shaped hour and minute hands record every bit of love. The unique design of the twelve-hour pin is like two slightly opened heart doors, leading to the hall of happiness. Green fluorescence appears on the pointer at night, indicating that the day and night synchronization, even if the two ends of the world are separated, will eventually meet and overlap. (Picture / Text Watch House Chen Zhongyun)