Introduction Of Blancpain 8-day Long-power Three-hand Watch

As a generation of gold-collar workers, personal aura is very important in both life and work. Many famous psychologists abroad have developed an interesting phenomenon: whether two people can talk, it’s actually in The answer can be obtained within the first 3 minutes of the initial contact between the two parties, and the most critical of these is often the external taste of a person on your sensory stimulation and intuitive psychological impact. The general aesthetic of today’s society is changing with the evolution of fashion trends, and it has spread to watch circles, and oversized watch cases of 40 mm and above are in a fashionable tense. But people often overlook an important point: Of course, the watch is not just ‘big’. Just to really attract the other party’s eyeballs on their wrists, the dial must be filled with content. Based on this, the dial scale marks of the enlarged size can give the most powerful visual impact, whether it is Roman numerals or Arabic numerals, so that the other party can feel the wearer’s strong aura and personality charm (also bring a (A sense of the atmosphere), and the watch with large scale marks at the same time, read the time even more handy and hearty. Conversely, people who like this type of watch are, of course, also big men with a relaxed and open mind and a capacity of millions of male soldiers.

Blancpain 8-day long-power three-hand watch RMB149500

The surface design of this watch is complex and exquisite: the dial is beautifully engraved with Geneva; the two windows on the dial: the date display at 6 o’clock and the power reserve display at 12 o’clock create a striking structural vision Depth effect. In addition, two oversized Arabic numerals at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock add to the three-dimensional character of the surface of this high-tech watch.