Inventory Of The Moon Phase Watch

The curved small window on the dial (mostly set at twelve or six o’clock) shows the moon phase changes of the new moon, first quarter, full moon and second quarter. The full moon and blue starry sky are printed on the moon phase disk. As it turns day by day, the full moon is obscured by different angles of arcs on the fan-shaped window, thus showing the change of the lack of the moon.
On the issue of moon phase function, there are two completely opposing sounds. The pragmatists claim that this is a rather non-trivial function, and it cannot play a practical function in modern life. Romanticists exclaimed: What other functions can be compared to the romance of the moon phase when facing cold parts?
Regarding the origin of the moon phase table, it has become a problem left over from history. At present, one of the most reliable conjectures is due to navigation requirements. The development of watches and clocks has also developed rapidly with its incomparable importance in the maritime industry. The tide of the ocean is directly related to the gravitational effect of the moon. Tide changes directly affect military strategy, ocean navigation, marine fisheries, and so on. Therefore, if you learn to look at the moon’s face and do things, you can save your life. It is not difficult to explain the birth of the moon phase function.
On the watches of famous Swiss factories, the classic engravers of retro-style moon phase watches often show smiles. The moon is anthropomorphic to the lips, lips, and eyes. The color scheme is in addition to the most common golden moon and dark blue starry sky. There are also overlaps of dark blue, light blue and silver, as if engraved with thoughts in the hand.
The function of the moon phase table not only has a ever-changing form, but also has a symbolic meaning that is fascinating. Therefore, after the increasingly precise and complete functions, the design requirements of the moon phase watch began to gradually move towards a deeper aesthetic taste. Various unique and interesting design concepts not only vividly interpret the dynamics of the moon, but also many watch brands try to hide the infinite changes in the vast sky.
的 Adjustment at Full Moon
The most common moon phase profit and loss display in watches today is the combination of the fan-shaped moon phase window on the dial and the moon phase disk on the movement. Designers usually use a cloud shape close to the heart shape to make the moon in the dial show different shapes in turn as the moon gear rotates. A common moon phase table usually has a 59-tooth moon phase wheel, which is set based on the moon’s average profit and loss cycle is 29.5 days. The moon phase wheel is pushed forward by one tooth every day after being pushed by the transmission wheel. At this time, the change of the moon phase profit and loss can be timely displayed on the dial.
Because the moon’s revolution cycle is not exactly 29.5 days, but 29.53059 days, based on this basic design, an error of about one day occurs every two years. As a result, the masters and masters of watchmaking began to make painstaking research and development and improvement. The most accurate moon phase table, its adjustment cycle has reached hundreds of years, even thousands of years. Regardless of the life of the watch itself, at least in your lifetime, you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore.
The moon phase watch has an adjustment button on the side of the case, which is used to adjust the indication error. The easiest time to refer to and adjust is when the full moon. Experts suggest that it is best to choose the fifteenth lunar calendar because the moon is in the middle The effect on accuracy is minimal. Adjust the pattern of the full moon to the center of the window and you can continue to appreciate the precise full moon.
Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch
The 5023 model uses the classic silhouette-type moon phase display, showing the moon phase changes observed from the northern hemisphere. Thanks to the improved moon phase gear, the display of the moon phase cycle achieves unparalleled accuracy. One day of error accumulates every 577.5 years. The price is 300,000 yuan.
Tissot Art Plastic Series Moon Phase Watch
The overall outline of the Yiyisu series is three-dimensional and agile. The moon phase watch in this series can clearly show the moon’s trajectory. The watch has a small seconds at 6 o’clock and a moon phase window. The moon phase is displayed in a golden yellow full moon, with two stars appearing peacefully above the white clouds. The price is 52650 yuan.
Langer 1815 Moon Phase Watch
Because of a set of gears with special transmission ratio, the error of each lunar month is only 6.61 seconds. This series of watches has a unique logo, which is to reproduce the ‘Dipper’ on the dial in an artistic way. The 1815 moon phase watch has always been one of Lange’s treasures that collectors are scrambling to catch. It is well maintained and can even be sold for three times the original price.
Patek Philippe Ref. 5216 watch
传奇 A legendary super complex watch with minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, automatic return date and moon phase display. After 18 years of brilliant achievements, it finally ushered in a long-awaited brand new image. The unusually precise design makes the phase display of the lunar phase differ from the actual lunar cycle by one day every 45 days after 122 years, which is equivalent to a complete lunar cycle every 3420 years.
Amy Bentao Series Eccentric Moon Phase Watch
系列 This series is eccentrically arranged without affecting the harmony of the watch. The new moon phase watch inherits this concept and reinterprets the beautiful complex functions. The two display plates overlap each other, as if dancing with the moon. In stark contrast to the dial’s sun-brushed, polished finish. The price is 43,000 yuan.
月 Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Phase Watch
表 This model not only has all the famous chronograph functions of the Speedmaster series, but also has the moon phase function and the date indicator, equipped with the Omega 1866 movement. This hand-wound chronograph has many modern design features: the wear-resistant sapphire crystal is anti-reflective on both sides; the polished screw-in caseback also features sapphire crystal. The price is 86,900 yuan.
Jacques Ultra-Slim Moonphase Master Watch
积 In 2011, Jaeger-LeCoultre adhered to the tradition of launching ultra-thin moonphase master watches, each detail of which continues the Jaeger-LeCoultre’s exquisite taste. The watch is composed of 246 parts, but the thickness can be kept below 4.90 mm. The appearance of the watch demands simplicity and cleanliness, whether it is the classic and timeless dial design, or the case lines carved in stainless steel or rose gold No exception. The price is 75,000 yuan.
Zenith Commander Big Date Moon Phase Watch
After the sailing timepiece, Xingchen was the sailor’s second companion. By observing the position of the stars in the sky, the latitude of the ship can be calculated. With the two coordinates of longitude and latitude, the captain can accurately locate himself and determine the heading to his destination. Zenith pocket watches were equipped with the moon phase display function very early. The commander series reproduced the star cycle at night on the dial-the new moon, the first quarter moon, the full moon, the second quarter moon. This function is displayed in the display window at 6 o’clock. The price is 95,000 yuan.
Blancpain Villeret series moon phase watch
In the center of this women’s moon phase watch, the center of the round pearl dial, a square tiny track highlights the new idea of ​​the moon pattern. She sketched all kinds of customs. Blancpain’s watchmakers used moon phases and flower language to express their praise for women, and it was naturally the most romantic and poetic expression of time.
Glasuti Women’s Moon Phase Watch
Inspired by the moon to represent women, Glashütte created a women’s moon phase watch. The elegant mother-of-pearl dial exudes a beautiful luster. The price is 154,000 yuan.