Jacques De Loire Beijing Series Unveiled Reappearing Legendary Classics Tribute Royal Style

On June 17, 2010, Jaquet Droz ‘Majestic: Beijing’ royal style: ‘Beijing series’ new product unveiling ceremony unveiled in Beijing Jianyi Mansion, presenting exclusive legendary works for connoisseurs of Beijing .
    Jaquet Droz’s watch art treasures were not only widely acclaimed in European courts, but also played an irreplaceable role in early communication with the Eastern world. The world-famous ‘Dolls’ and ‘Liangong Warbler’ bells have almost become an indicator of the diplomatic rank and mission importance of a mission. The works of Jaquet Droz, now in the Museum of the Watches and Clocks in the Palace Museum, have all witnessed a friendship with China for more than 200 years. Over the centuries, Jaquet Droz landed in China again, and the conference scene made people feel the timeless beauty. Open the door that symbolizes luxury art, enter the long history gallery, exquisite pictures are displayed on the elegant wall surface, telling the century-old brand’s timekeeping aesthetics.

    Jaquet Droz is widely acclaimed for his fine watchmaking and luxurious craftsmanship, especially for the ‘Grand Feu’ Grand Opening Enamel Craft. The Arabic numeral ‘8’, as a source of artistic inspiration for the brand, is widely used in all series. Together with the enamel technique, it has become the brand’s logo. The on-site large second hand center display area shows the origin of the brand and the ‘8’, which is difficult to give up. It adopts the traditional tenon structure of China, without using a nail, to cleverly build a solid space and exude elegant classic atmosphere. Dozens of classic “8” large seconds hands with different dials are on display, from the most famous enamel to rare rosewood to the feather-shaped jasper discs limited in the world. These materials are rare and exquisitely crafted. Watches are the best examples of technology and beauty.

    The Eclipse moon phase watch in the Beijing series is inspired by the vast night sky, showing the essence of luxury and classic. With its date, month, year, and moon phase profit and loss display, this exceptional timepiece is guarded in its unique form. The 43mm red gold case matches the dark black Grand Feu dial, with eight glittering stars embellishing it, from the precious star logo of Jaquet Droz.
    Beginning in 1738, Jaquet Droz, Switzerland, presents the noble luxury of top-quality watches. Adhering to the brand’s spirit of innovation, tenacity and excellence, Jaquet Droz brings timeless beauty to China, extending the relationship for centuries, and inviting Chinese watch lovers to appreciate the elegance of luxury.