Longines And Image Ambassador Lin Zhiling Unveiled A New Store In Chongqing Longines Watches Riding Series Lead The Elegant And Elegant New Ideas

[April 21, 2016, Chongqing, China] During the Spring Festival, Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, brought elegance to the mountain city of Chongqing. On April 21st, Longines watch store Chongqing Beicheng Tianjie store opened grandly. On the day of the event, Lin Zhiling, the elegant ambassador of Longines, came to the scene, dressed in moving clothes, adding elegance to the opening of the new store. At the same time, Longines Riding Series watches lead many of the brand’s masterpieces, and will also present ‘Longines Elegant Timepiece Tour’ on April 21-27 at Chongqing Beicheng Tianjie. By then, the majority of Chongqing watch enthusiasts can watch Longines’ exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and elegant design up close, and appreciate its unremitting pursuit of pure watchmaking tradition and classic elegant attitude.

Long Chin’s elegant ambassador Lin Zhiling, along with Mr. Li Li (second from left), Vice President of Longines China, Ms. Cai Bo (first from left), General Manager of Chongqing Longhu Commercial, and Ms. Yang Yan (right from Chongqing), Shanghai Xinyu Watch Group Co., Ltd. A) The grand opening of Longines Watch Store Chongqing Beicheng Tianjie Store

   Quan Sina’s exclusive watch store is located in Chongqing’s iconic business district-Beicheng Tianjie. Relying on its superior geographical location and mature operating concept, Beicheng Tianjie has become the fashion trend center of Chongqing, known as one of the ‘eight landmarks’ of Chongqing, which perfectly meets the strict location requirements of Longines. The new store adheres to Longines’s simple and elegant design style, with the brand’s iconic dark blue tone, carefully interpreting the brand’s unremitting pursuit of ‘elegance, tradition and superior performance’ for more than 180 years. The store includes masterpieces with different styles such as elegance, watchmaking tradition, sports, equestrianism, and classic engraving. The elaborate VIP exclusive service area will also bring customers a comfortable and elegant shopping experience.

Longines watch store in Chongqing Beicheng Tianjie store presents exquisite timepiece space

   Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, said: ‘Chongqing is a cultural city with a history of more than 3,000 years. The unique geographical location and local customs have shaped the long and profound Bashu cultural heritage, and this unique charm is also deeply attracted. Longines. Since its founding in Soymia, Switzerland in 1832, Longines has demonstrated a classic and timeless elegance in the accumulation of time. Today, Longines unveiled the store in Chongqing Beicheng Tianjie, and opened the Longines elegant time. I plan to tour the exhibition, hoping to present the pure watchmaking technology and elegant attitude to more watch lovers. ‘

Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling visited Longines Watch Store in Chongqing Beicheng Tianjie Store to sign the store poster

   On the opening day of the new store, Longines’ elegant ambassador Lin Zhiling wore a cavalier series watch, and shared her love for this timepiece: ‘I personally like the appearance of the longines cavalier series watch very much. Design, it draws inspiration from the iconic elements of equestrian sports, and at the same time takes into account women’s needs for elegant appearance. It is a perfect watch suitable for wearing in equestrian events. Emotions are graced by the grace of time. ‘

Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling, along with Mr. Li Li (left), Vice President of Longines China, unveiled the Chongqing Beicheng Tianjie Store
   At the same time, from April 21st to 27th, the week-long “Longines Elegant Timepiece Tour” will be elegantly opened in Tiancheng Street, Beicheng, Chongqing. The Kashi series watches will lead many of the brand’s masterpieces, telling Chongqing watch enthusiasts the long history and exquisite craftsmanship of Longines watches.
   The Longines Riding Series watches have carefully interpreted the deep roots of the brand and equestrian sports, and its elegance has been highly sought after since its birth. All models are equipped with a stainless steel case and quartz movement, and some models are set with diamonds. The different styles of this series are inseparable from equestrian sports. The shape and materials of the watch draw inspiration from the iconic elements of equestrian sports and resonate with equestrian sports enthusiasts. Longines also pays tribute to the elegance of its riders and horses.
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Longines Riding Series Stainless Steel Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L6. Price: RMB 22,500
   Continuing the brand’s long-standing respect for equestrian sports and its emphasis on female customers, Longines launches its new Longines Equestr ian, whose shapes and materials are inspired by the iconic elements of equestrian sports. This arched watch is 26 mm in diameter and has a quartz movement in a steel and diamond case. The mother-of-pearl dial is set with diamond hour markers, with blued-steel hands, and stitched leather straps complete with rider suits.