Luxury Watch That Witnesses The Memory Of Love

‘I will never admit that there are any obstacles to the combination of two sincere hearts; love is not true love. If you see someone change, you will turn the rudder, or if you see someone turning, they will leave. Love is not for a moment. Change, it stands tall until the end of the end … ‘. Although love does not begin in the time of Shakespeare, the admiration, confusion, and imagination born of love have not been different from Shakespeare’s sonnets for thousands of years.

   In fact, nothing can represent love and marriage. Love is in the heart, cannot be seen, and cannot be easily revealed, but the heart can change, so only the heart that does not change is true. love.
Montblanc “Star Lady Gold Moonphase Automatic” Watch

   The Montblanc Xingyue self-winding watch is made of platinum. In addition to the diamonds inlaid on the case, bezel and lugs, the design of the dial is even more original: the designer collected the starlight of the diamond, The dazzling diamond scales are scattered on the mother-of-pearl dial as desired. Near the middle is the white hexagonal mark of Montblanc.

   The small bezel at 6 o’clock and the moon phase display at 11 o’clock record the day and night with your lover. Pure, elegant ribbons for women of all ages.

Zenith Baby Star Glam RoCK Elite White Watch

   Elite67 automatic movement. The movement has a diameter of 25.6 mm, a thickness of 3.81 mm, a wobble frequency of 28,800 beats / hour, 27 gem shafts, 126 parts, and a 50-hour power reserve.

   The silver case is paired with a white alligator leather strap, the white dial is decorated with a wavy pattern, and diamonds are set at the 3, 6, 9, 12 o’clock and the bezel. Wear this ‘big watch’ with a diameter of 37.5 millimeters everyday and experience the feeling of staying with you, staying with you, and staying with you forever. Shouldn’t that be the case with love.

Special memorial

   On Valentine’s Day or other important days, I worry about not knowing what gift to give to the other half. Some friends ignore the watch as a special gift because they do not wear the watch. Think about it, if you truly love someone, give him or her a watch and wear it on your lover’s wrist, so that your love will increase with each beat of the watch pointer, like the fit of the wrist and the watch Be so intimate that no one can separate you.

   At that time, the light flowed, and both of them were no longer young. They took out the watch given to each other. The sweet scene flashed in their minds. With his (her) companionship in this life, there was no regret.

Patek Philippe 5489G

   Needless to say, as the new version of the Gondolo series, the classic Patek Philippe 5489G is contained in a flat and straightforward design style: white gold case, milky dial, radioactive time scale and Newsaw pattern decoration, equipped with Cal.215 automatic movement The case size is 32.5 × 34 mm, and the waterproof depth is 25 meters. This is a watch without any regrets. It is a gift worth saving for a lifetime.

Brave declaration

   If a single watch is a testimony of two people’s love, then wearing a couple watch is undoubtedly a declaration that two people will love each other for a lifetime. Without any concealment, without any concerns, without any doubt, no matter how difficult the difficulties are waiting ahead, they are determined to face together. Just as in Western weddings, the vow of ‘whether poor or rich, sick or healthy, loving each other, and staying together until death separates us’ is as firm.

Emperor Diamond Star Dragon and Phoenix Enamel Couple Watch

Is love beautiful? The limited edition of 9 pairs of Emperor Diamond Star Dragon and Phoenix Enamel Watches in the world has given us a positive answer.

   When shooting this couple watch, I had the opportunity to appreciate it from different angles. Not only the combination of dragons and phoenixes, but also females and males complement each other. On the dial of the same watch, the ancient love totem drawn with enamel and the sea of ​​diamonds representing contemporary love together build a romantic country on the wrist. The superb craftsmanship reflects the harmony of two watches, the harmony of two people, and also the harmony of love.