Mechanical Watch Calendar Terms

What is a calendar? Understand that the watch can indicate the date on the dial. There is a special area on the dial of the watch, which indicates the day of the month with numbers, and the calendar is equipped with this function. The date indication is mostly in Arabic numerals, but there are also pointer types, that is, the date pointer indicates the numbers or characters distributed on the surface to display the date. In addition, there are those that can indicate the day of the week and the month, which are also called ‘Full Calendar’. Due to the size of the month, a calendar adjustment device needs to be added to the general calendar.

这款 The above seagull calendar can indicate the date and day of the week. The Chinese character ‘六’ stands for ‘Saturday’, which is very individual.
表 This watch is a watch with a calendar function from the top German watch brand Lange. It can not only indicate the date, day of the week, but also the month and moon phase. The attentive reader must have found that, unlike the seagull above that used a small window to display the calendar, this Lange used pointers to indicate the calendar, and it also marked two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, six Month, used to display the current month. Obviously when the pointer points to the scale between FEB (February) and APR (April), it must be March (March).