Message From Teri Stein, The Fourth Generation Of Patek Philippe, The Insistence And Development Of The Independent Watchmaking Family

In order to retain the purest Geneva descent, Patek Philippe has been implementing independent family management, so far it is the fourth generation. The world is changing rapidly, and in Patek Philippe’s confidential workshop, tradition and innovation, purity and precision remain perfect, as if time was still in Geneva in 1839 and never changed.

Honorary Chairman Philippe Stern and his President Thierry Stern

Inheriting 173 years of independent watchmaking

   As the fourth generation of the Stearns family and the future heir to the family industry, Teri Stein has watched the watch industry since he was a child. After 10 years of trials by his father and family, in the days before Christmas in 2008, Teri Stein His father gave a short speech at the year-end party, just like the past thirty-two years. ‘That was the last time my father had spoken publicly as the president of Patek Philippe. From that day on, this responsibility fell on me.

   Terry Stein officially took over his father’s Philip Stein’s baton, shouldering the 173-year value jade law of conservative Patek Philippe, and meeting the challenges and innovation of the times.

   The newly appointed Terry Stern comes from a modern world. His biggest wish is to abandon the pile of documents on the desk. No matter where he is, as long as he clicks the computer keyboard, he can know any part of the workshop. Teri Stein is determined to ensure Patek Philippe’s leading position in the field of watchmaking technology, and to study the performance characteristics of watchmaking materials, so as to continuously improve the long-term quality and reliable performance of timepieces.

   In 2009, Patek Philippe announced a new quality standard for mechanical watches-Patek Philippe Seal. This mark blends the essence of Patek Philippe’s watchmaking workshop and goes far beyond official standards. Unlike the Geneva mark, the quality mark of the Patek Philippe mark not only applies to the movement, but also extends to the entire watch, from the case, dial, hands, buttons to the earrings of the strap, and even involves the aesthetics and function of the finished watch Standards and after-sales services to meet current and future requirements, suitable for the evolving watch industry.

Terry Stern admits: ‘The biggest challenge I am facing now is to master and understand the long history of Patek Philippe. My father has worked hard to build the Patek Philippe Museum. He clearly knows every piece in the museum. Origin and story, which took him 40 years. When someone gave me a watch from 40-50 years ago, or even 100 years ago, I should be able to tell its age, The craftsmanship, and even the story behind it-it’s not easy for me, but I do enjoy the process.

   Passing Patek Philippe’s mind in China

   Since the 18th century, Patek Philippe has forged an inextricable bond with the East, creating many gorgeous clocks rich in Oriental elements. As time goes by, Teri Stein hopes to continue Patek Philippe’s traditional watchmaking skills and culture to China.

In 2005, Patek Philippe officially settled in China, and first settled at No. 18 on the Bund. This classic historic building originally used by Standard Chartered Bank of China in China opened the first Patek Philippe store and service center in Asia.

   In 2008, Patek Philippe opened China’s second specialty store and service center, a national historic building located at 23 Qianmen, Beijing-these two stores and service centers-not only provide product sales and after-sales maintenance, It also aims to provide Chinese consumers with the most professional life-long services from Patek Philippe to ensure that each Patek Philippe timepiece can inherit its original quality and precious value for a long time.

   In order to better enable Chinese consumers to enter Patek Philippe and understand the brand value and culture behind it, Teri Stein hopes to keep the ten values ​​of Patek Philippe for a long time (independence, respect for tradition, innovation and creation, quality technology, precious Rare, enduring value, craftsmanship aesthetics, quality service, emotional transmission, inheritance and quality), integrated into China’s most profound soil.

   At the end of 2006, Patek Philippe selected nearly 300 precious collections from the museum collections in Geneva and arrived in China for 3 days. The theme was ‘The Values ​​of a Family Watch Company’ Large-scale exhibition.

   Facing the rapid development of high-end consumption in the Chinese market, Patek Philippe has adopted a stable and service-oriented market strategy. Teri Stern hopes that Patek Philippe will adhere to its inherent development rhythm and philosophy in all aspects, low-key and stable; and in China, it can have a more solid and long-term planning and development. The ten values ​​are combined with Chinese culture to lead Patek Philippe to a wider world.