Nomos Won The ‘best Luxury Brand’ Award

This German watchmaking company won the German Brand Award (German Brand Awards) Gold Award, ranking among the top German brands.
   Best Brand: NOMOS has recently won the ‘Best Luxury Brand’ award selected by the German Brand Awards, and its work has won the ‘Brand Strategic Pioneer Award’. NOMOS ‘excellent watchmaking tradition began in 1990, and many products can be called classics, such as the elegant Tangente watch on the German brand’s big prize trophy in the picture.

   (June 2016, Glashütte / Berlin) NOMOS wins the Gold Award: NOMOS has now officially ranked among the ‘best luxury brands’. The award was presented at the German Brand Awards Ceremony in Berlin on Thursday (June 23). It is designed to recognize far-reaching brand marketing and first-class brand management, and has a reputation both inside and outside the industry. This award was created to discover and recognize pioneering brands and brand creators. As the establishment of this award, the German Design Council was founded by the German Bundestag in 1953 and is the premier center of expertise and knowledge dissemination in the global design field.
   The professional jury was led by Andrej Kupetz, Executive Director of the German Design Council, and NOMOS finally stood out in the ‘Best Luxury Brand’ category. Not only the brand itself, but also its design, are considered ‘daring to break through’: ‘Brand marketing and design are two inseparable areas, and more and more companies have gained a lot because of the attention and investment in these two areas. Success. ” And this is also confirmed on the NOMOS brand.
   NOMOS ‘excellent watchmaking tradition began in 1990 and many products are classics. Today, the company takes the lead in the ‘Made in Germany’ mechanical watch market and its products are exported to more than 50 countries around the world. In the past three years, the size of the company has doubled again, with more than 260 employees, and it is planned to continue to grow in the future.

   The new product design and the company’s innovative marketing strategy are completed by Berlinslau, NOMOS’s in-house creative center in Berlin. This center coexists harmoniously with NOMOS watch factory, and their efforts have also won the favor of the jury. Judith Borowski, Director of Brand Marketing, said when receiving the award: ‘We are very happy. Being rated ‘Best Luxury Brand’ and among the best German brands shows that although sometimes our choices are not favored, they are ultimately correct Yes, so we will keep up the hard work and keep going. ‘
   The design of timepieces produced by NOMOS is concise. The two new watches released by the neomatik series this year are examples. It represents the extraordinary strength of traditional watchmaking technology and German engineering design. War support.