Parmigiani Shines With Brand Friends At The 2018 Montreux Jazz Festival

ZUCCHERO (Italian rock singer), Massive Attack Band (MASSIVEATTACK), Charlotte Gansbu (CHARLOTTEGAINSBOURG), Iki Pop (IGGY POP), Deep Purple Band (DEEPPURPLE), than BILLYIDOL … Many international musicians and singers brought a lively and extraordinary vocal feast to the shores of Lake Geneva this summer, making music fans from all over the world forget to dance, and this is only part of the music superstar . The 52nd Montreux Jazz Festival has once again demonstrated its roots in success: high-quality music programs and rare opportunities to meet artists intimately. Since 2007, she has been inextricably linked with Montreux Jazz Festival and as a global partner, Parmigiani has continued to help the music event for the 11th year, providing a passionate and memorable music experience for brand guests and friends.

Parmigiani celebrates 2018 Montreux Jazz Festival

Friends of Parmigiani
‘I am very pleased to be able to invite these five outstanding people to become friends of the brand. Their rich experience has condensed into a force that runs through the concert. Seeing their focus on the development of their respective fields has inspired us Creativity, and a desire to go beyond ourselves. ‘
Michelle Parmigiani

   This year’s Montreux Jazz Festival Parmigiani invites five of today’s most influential celebrities to participate in the 2018 Montreux Jazz Festival. Parmigiani is proud to be able to forge a friendship with each of them and make them a brand Distinguished friend.

Friends of Parmigiani brand American music producer Ryan Leslie visits Parmigioni watch factory

   The five brand friends include American producers and composers, Ryan Leslie, nominee for the 2011 Grammy Awards, and CEO and founder of SuperPhone, a company that develops innovative CRM systems. , Which is known for its many collaborations with the biggest names in the music industry; the Russian entrepreneur Ilya Sachkov, whose cybersecurity company was founded is considered one of the best cybersecurity companies in the world Russian sports legend Evgeni Malkin is one of the best hockey players currently active in the global arena; his wife Anna Kasterova is one of Russia’s most popular and well-known TV One; and the rising star of French cuisine, Akrame Benallal, who is building a refined and elegant culinary empire, including 14 restaurants around the world.

Parmigiani brand friend Russian ice hockey player Yevgeni Malkin Evgeni Malkin and Russian TV personality Anna Kasterova

   Five elite businessmen with very different fields; five people with very different personalities work together through their outstanding achievements and infinite passion in their respective fields. Parmigiani admires the selfless selflessness and enterprising spirit of these brand friends, as well as the dedication and dedication they have on the road to success. On July 2nd, Lesley, Sachkov, Malkin, Kastova and Benalal met to exchange views and share their firm convictions. The magical magic generated between them inspired the spark of creation; this power comes from their diversity and reflects the watchmaking values ​​of Parmigiani.

Parmigiani brand friend Russian entrepreneur Ilya Sachkov Ilya Sachkov and rising star of French cuisine Akram Benalal AkrameBenallal

Parmigiani KALPA2018 Montreux Jazz Festival Special Watch
   As always, Parmigiani launched the newly designed KALPA2018 Montreux Jazz Festival special watch, this time launched a total of 10 KALPA Montreux Jazz Festival special watches to help celebrate the 2018 Montreux Jazz Festival. The dials of the special watches reflect the theme of the festival: the Kalpa Grande Montreux Jazz Festival special men’s watch is decorated with a piano keyboard pattern on the edge of the dial; the Kalparisma Montreux Jazz Festival special ladies watch is set with gems on the edge of the dial. Among them, the alternating pattern of black and white keys is achieved through a coating process called ‘épargnage’ (protection). After satin processing, the Parmigiani dial craftsman will have to keep the pattern surface area clear and achieve the final design effect. Covering, and subsequently sandblasting the areas that are not protected by the “épargnage” coating process, creates black keys and keyboard gaps. It is this strong polishing technique that presents such a contrasting effect: the contrast between the two surface treatments, namely sandblasting and satin, makes the keys appear as if they were magically seen.

   These two Parmigiani KALPA2018 Montreux Jazz Festival special edition watches are limited to five each, and engraved with ‘MONTREUXJAZZFESTIVAL2018’ (2018 Montreux Jazz Festival) engraving on the back. Parmigiani has launched special Montreux Jazz Watches since 2007. These ten Kalpa Grande and Kalparisma watches are new members of many special Montreux Jazz Watches. They not only show the brand’s spirit of innovation, but also show their enthusiasm for participating in the Montreux Jazz Festival held every summer.