Radar Rado ‘real Series’ Chronograph

& ldquo; True Series & rdquo; Platinum Matte Chronograph 2009 Basel Special
 ‘Real series’ chronographs show extreme charm, high-tech ceramics, rounded shape, outstanding temperament. A masterpiece of art that perfectly combines minimalism with excellent performance, limited to 800 pieces worldwide.
 Radar materialists have revolutionized the combination of platinum and high-tech ceramics to create a unique matte effect on the surface of specially treated materials. Innovative materials can absorb the surrounding light, highlighting the watch’s restrained character, creating a warm and gentle fresh temperament. Under the domed sapphire crystal, the dial with superb metal plating exudes pure tranquility. The hands and scale made of rose gold are perfectly recognizable. The carefully designed three timing rings and the date window at the four o’clock position are clear and precise. The three chronograph rings are carefully carved, with beautiful proportions, which perfectly echo the round dial, creating an excellent sense of visual balance. Each chronograph ring is equipped with direct-drive hands, two of which are chronograph seconds and chronograph minutes. The round timing button reflects a unified design style. There are also two sizes of three pointer models to choose from, limited to 1000 and 500 respectively.
 Simple design, sensual and authentic, the ultimate modern.
 & ldquo; True Series & rdquo; White to Pure Series
 Following the successful launch of its young series RADO.TRUE by Radar, the designers of Radar have reversed the traditional black temperament of the brand, and created a more futuristic white with magical creation methods, incorporating high-tech ceramic The lightness and agility of diamonds and the brilliance of diamonds are eternal examples of the design of artistic watches.
 White and round. The Radar True Series white to pure series is unique among the legendary models with black geometric structure. Still, she fits perfectly with the model of the brand. Its shape is seamless, pure and smooth. The round dial flashed a creamy white sheen, she was perfectly sunk under the arched sapphire crystal. An uninterrupted curve extends naturally from the dial to the strap. Completely high-tech ceramic-covered models, pure white monochrome, beautiful.
 Among them, the ‘real series’ white to pure diamond series, on the milky white round dial, the silver silhouette of the pointer is thrown at the date window at six o’clock, and fourteen diamonds directly set on the dial are clustered on the date. Around the window. Tiny ring, white halo overflowing, bright and moving.
 & ldquo; True Series & rdquo; Chronograph won the 2008 iF China Design Awards
 In the 2008 “iF China Design Contest”, the Swiss radar watch, which has always been famous for “Innovation and Design”, added another gold, and its flagship young and fashionable “True Series” chronometer won this excellence Design Award. ‘The iF Design Award’ is strictly selected and awarded by the world’s most authoritative expert jury. It, together with Reddot, G-Mark and IDEA, is known as the world’s four top design awards. ‘The iF Design Award’ is awarded to those most original design products every year. In 2008, 408 products from 13 countries competed for the design award.
 Radar watches ‘True Series’ chronographs won the ‘Oscar Award’ for this design field with their unique and innovative design. First of all, in the shape design ‘True’ chronograph reflects the perfect fusion of different design elements. The newly introduced chronograph continues the family characteristics of this series of round shapes. The carefully designed three timing rings and the date window at the four o’clock position have a beautiful contrast ratio, creating an excellent visual balance. The round chronograph button echoes the watch’s circular outline slightly protruding from the side. The matte black high-tech ceramics are in sharp contrast with the golden hands, scales and rings on the dial, perfectly recognizable, clear and precise. Secondly, from the material point of view, ‘True Series’ uses the most famous high-tech ceramics for radar watches. This material is not only extremely hard, but also has extraordinary abrasion resistance and compression qualities. It can maintain a flawless surface as long as it is worn for a long time, and it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.