Richard Miller Launches Rm 030 ‘whtie Rush’ American Limited Edition Watch

Recently, Swiss watchmaker Richard Miller launched the RM 030 ‘Whtie Rush’ Special Edition for the Americas, limited to 50 pieces, only available in the Americas.
   This watch has three main features: the famous three-layer barrel-type case, groundbreaking innovative materials and a hand-finished movement that showcases the superior performance of high-end watches. The case is made of ceramic and NTPT® carbon fiber. The white ATZ sandblasted ceramic forms the front and rear bezels of RM 030 ‘Whtie Rush’. It is also equipped with a white strap, which forms a distinctive ring and crown made of black NTPT® carbon fiber. Compared.
   The sapphire crystal dial features red embellished hands and a power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock. The case is equipped with a specially designed self-winding movement, equipped with a self-removing automatic top. When the spring is wound on the mainspring, the barrel will be automatically disengaged from the winding mechanism of the automatic rotor to avoid excessive winding. In addition, this mechanism is linked to the power reserve display at 9 o’clock to provide optimal winding control. This also allows the movement and oscillator to work at the best constant torque / power ratio, ensuring precise timing performance.
   The Richard Miller RM 030 ‘Whtie Rush’ limited-edition watch is only available at Bar Harbor, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and authorized boutiques in the Americas. It is priced at $ 140,000. This watch measures 50 mm x 42.70 mm x 13.95 mm and has a 55-hour power reserve.