Sports Star Yaojiang City Tissot Basketball Wind Cloud Meeting

As an official partner of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot is working methodically for the Wuhan Basketball Championships to witness the exciting performance of the game. As the smoke of the Asian Championship spread, on the afternoon of September 22, Tissot’s image ambassador – Olympic fencing champion Zhong Man joined hands with the American basketball star Stephon Xavier Marbury, who recently joined the CBA Beijing Shougang Team, in Wuhan. The gymnasium attended the media basketball event held by Tissot, and Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China also attended the event and joined the event with media friends.

    On September 21, 2011, two sports stars Zhong Man and Marbury, at the invitation of Tissot, watched the Chinese team and the Japanese team together with Tissot VIP guests and media friends. In addition to the two sports stars with great interest in the game, in addition to evaluating the fierce competition on the field, they also expressed their admiration for Tissot’s many sports events. Marbury also expressed his love for the Jun Chi 200 precision movement watch on the wrist. ‘Basketball is my dream. It can be integrated into the seconds of life. A watch with a basketball element design allows I was surprised and delighted. It seemed to herald the control of every second on the field. It excites me. ‘
    On the second day of watching the game day, that is, September 22nd, in the Wuhan Stadium, the warm atmosphere of the Tissot Media Basketball event was no less than the basketball scene of the Asian Championships yesterday. The well-known show host Tang Zhizhong Jason served as the on-site host, and a wonderful rap speech introduced the scene into the hot atmosphere immediately. Under his introduction, Tissot spokesperson, 2008 Olympic fencing champion Zhong Man, CBA basketball star Marbury Marbury debuted one by one, and met with Tissot China Vice President Mr. Yao Zhongwei and the guest media in the field to meet Tissot basketball situation Meeting, the guests who put on Tissot basketball uniforms are eager to try.
    The joint Zhongman, Marbury and guest media events were divided into three parts, namely the Tissot 24-second shooting contest, the Tissot dunk contest and the Tissot basketball friendly match. From the setting of the link to the whole game, Tissot always showed the significance of sports timing for the game, and also made the media friends and game participants deeply appreciate the charm of sports timing. In the 24-second shot, everyone raced against the clock and completed the most shots in the shortest time. In the dunk match, Marbury also showed great basketball skills with great interest and won applause throughout the game.
    In the subsequent friendly match, Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China and Zhong Man, Tissot’s Sports Ambassador, played on behalf of Tissot and teamed up with the guests, and competed with the guest team led by Marbury. Although each quarter is only four minutes, each participant’s ability to control time and basketball skills have higher requirements. Marbury led a media team to pass five levels and cut six games, showing a beautiful and domineering skill in the 4 minutes of each quarter, especially in the end of the game, two long shots and three points to lock the victory, performance Outstanding use of basketball tactics and precise control of match time. Although the fencing champion Zhong Man, who is not a basketball professional, also demonstrated good basketball skills and fitness hands, the appeal and the ability to fight on the spot made people applauded again and again, and many brilliant steals and shots did not lose the limelight. The bright and enthusiastic ball game scene pushed the event to a climax.
     At the end of the event, four single-person awards including the Tissot 24-second shooting contest champion, the Tissot dunk contest champion, the Tissot basketball friendly match MVP, and the Tissot basketball friendly match time control award were selected. After the match, Zhong Man, Marbury and Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China gave the winning guests the FIBA ​​basketball signed by Zhong Man and Marbury and the Tissot certificate of honor.
During the event, Tissot Ambassador Zhong Man shared the importance of time control in fencing. One method of fencing must judge the offensive and defensive methods in an instant, and the accurate timing of the referee will affect the judgement of the player’s performance. The timing of Tissot on the fencing arena gave the fencing champion the first impression of Tissot’s precise timing. After becoming the spokesperson of Tissot, he deeply felt that Tissot’s high standard of precise timing technology was perfect.
    Recently joining the CBA Beijing Shougang Team, a former NBA All-Star player, Marbury has relied on his precise control of time to adjust on-field tactical applications, creating one after another on the court. In this event, Marbury also showed everyone his skills in controlling time on the field, and said how accurate timing on the field is important for the players to play, and it is also so many events for Tissot The technology that provides accurate timekeeping is truly appreciated.
    Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, thanked Zhong Man and Marbury for their trust and praise for Tissot timing technology. He also stated the significance of serving as a basketball timing for the Tissot brand: from the start of cooperation with FIBA, it means Tissot has taken an important step. Participating in basketball, a sport of international significance, can better highlight the dynamic nature of the Tissot brand, and Tissot’s unremitting pursuit of precision and perfect performance. Tissot will provide accurate timing services for passionate games, and launch uniquely designed watches for obsessed basketball fans, allowing Tissot to be more deeply integrated into basketball, as well as making players and fans feel like they are part of the Tissot brand.
    The relationship between sports and timing has a long history. Ever since the first ‘marathon’ in human history in 490 BC, people have become obsessed with knowing all information related to race results, distance, winners and speed. From the earliest ‘time pen’ timers to modern precision timing tools, the more accurate sports timing is accompanied by every step of sports development.
    As a Swiss Tissot watch with a history of 158 years, it plays an important role in this process. Tissot has been manufacturing dedicated timers for sports events since 1883. Since then, Tissot has used its precise timing technology to provide the most accurate timing and scoring data, and has continued to explore innovative timing methods. Perseverance over the past century has created the glorious history and achievements of Tissot Sports Timing.
    Adhering to ‘innovation, derived from tradition’, Tissot watches are popular with consumers for their superior quality and precise timing. Among its many series of products, Tissot watches are very sporty and take into account both fashion and performance. Especially fascinating. As one of the watch brands with precise timing technology and technology, Tissot is well aware of the impact of accurate timing on the stadium on the competition and the athletes’ performance. Over the years, Tissot has become a timing partner for many important sports and events, including fencing, basketball, ice hockey, cycling, the World Motorcycle Championship (MotoGP), and more. These sports have extremely high requirements for the accuracy of timing and score statistics, and their timing technologies are different. However, they have all selected Tissot as a timing partner, which shows the professionalism of Tissot’s technical team. In addition, the Tissot brand also appears in all materials related to the timing and score statistics of the event, and with the clock on the screens of TV broadcasts around the world, it bears people’s unparalleled trust in Tissot’s accurate timing. Today, Tissot has been the official timekeeper of FIBA ​​for three consecutive years. In 2007, it also served as the timekeeper of the CBA game. In commemoration of the relationship with CBA basketball, Tissot launched the Junchi 200 CBA basketball limited edition in 2009. The precision and precision movement inherits the unique shape design of the basketball limited edition, thus creating a classic sports watch, allowing precise timing technology to enter the life of the general public.