Swiss Mido’s ‘inspired By Architecture’ Global Journey

Inspired by architecture
   On August 25, 2016, Swiss Mido launched a 12-week ‘Inspired by Architecture’ global tour. It was selected by visiting 12 cities around the world and 60 world-famous landmark buildings. Brand new inspiration for a watch. This global tour debuts in Hong Kong, ends in Beijing, and passes through Moscow, Lucerne, New York, Mexico and other cities, aiming to constantly explore the style of famous buildings around the world. Brand fans and building enthusiasts of Swiss Mido Watch can like, comment or share their favorite buildings on the official social platform of Swiss Mido, upload building-related stories and Inspiration photo.

A new inspirational building for Swiss Mido-Guggenheim Museum, New York
   The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, located in New York, was finally voted as the design inspiration for the next watch of Swiss Mido by netizens worldwide. The museum was designed by well-known American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and is known as one of New York’s most famous buildings for its chic and artistic design. On the official social platform of Mido, one of the participating netizens commented: ‘For me, as a classic building that has survived over time, the Guggenheim Museum is bound to be the best choice.
About 100,000 people participated in this unprecedented selection
   The event covered two million Facebook users and four million Weibo netizens. The Swiss Mido watch received great attention and exposure. In the end, this unprecedented selection event gathered about 100,000 people to participate, and nearly 20,000 photos were posted on the official social platform of Mido. And fans have spontaneously selected one of these 60 buildings as an inspirational building to provide design suggestions for our new watch! At the same time, the Swiss Mido watch also sent a watch every week for 12 consecutive weeks, to the most active netizens interacting on this social platform. The Swiss Mido’s ‘Inspiration from Architecture’ global journey, after more than 80 days, officially closed at Beijing Station on November 10, 2016.
   Before the end of this journey of global inspiration, Swiss Mido will also randomly select two lucky people from the netizens participating in the global sharing. They will receive a free trip to the New York, the city where the Guggenheim Museum is located, the building most popular with netizens worldwide.
The latest design of this watch will be officially unveiled at Baselworld 2017
   The watch design, based on the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum as a new inspirational building, will be officially unveiled at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show in March 2017. Its actual release date is expected to be in October 2017, when it will be limited to 500 pieces worldwide.