The 87th Monte Carlo Rally: Richard Mille-sponsored Racer Excels

Sunday morning, RICHARD MILLE’s best friend Sébastien
Ogier announced the good news to the world. In this legendary Monte Carlo rally, he won his seventh victory in his career. This is not just a simple competition, it is Sébastien and his rival Thierry
A real peak match between Neuville. In the final ranking, the ‘new’ driver Ogier, who returned to Citroen team, led Hyundai team Neuville with a slight advantage of 2.2 seconds to maintain the championship title.

-Sébastien Ogier wins for the first time after returning to Citroen
-French team wins 100th victory
-Sébastien Loeb and new partner Hyundai Racing Team finish fourth

 In the sixteenth race, the distance between Sébastien Ogier and Thierry Neuville was only 0.4 seconds, and the competition between the two sides became more intense. Citroen encountered technical problems in the fourteenth race, and Ogier doubted that he would miss the victory. ‘It’s too difficult, the car can’t go all out at all,’ he said at the time.

 Despite encountering unfavorable conditions, Ogier relied on his tenacious will and strong second place in the Power Stage to overcome the difficulties and finally reverse the situation and win.
Neuville actively embraced Ogier and shared joy. This ending is hardly reminiscent of Bernard Darniche’s victory in 1979 (driving Lancia
Stratos Chardonnet), Darniche was 6 seconds ahead of Swedish racer Björn Waldegård (ford Escort RS
 1800), setting the record for the smallest gap in the Monte Carlo Rally at the time.

 RICHARD MILLE’s other brand friend Sébastien Loeb has also become a focal point this weekend. Sébastien Loeb reached a partnership with Hyundai New. In this car rally, it was only 2.28 minutes behind the winning opponent and won an excellent result in 4th place.

 Sébastien Ogier and his co-driver Julien Ingrassia won the 100th WRC championship of the French team and fulfilled their commitment to return to Citroen to create outstanding results. Double happiness is at the door, and it is naturally worth celebrating.