The Beauty Of Smoke V. The Love Of Admiration Vacheron Constantin Presents The Traditionnelle Lineage Series Of Smoked Blue Chinese Limited Edition Watches

Whether it is the innocent love of ‘Plum Blossom Horse’ or ‘Wish to be reported to Sauvignon Blanc because of the three blue birds’ written by Li Xianbai, implying the blue of vigor, hope and happiness, rendering romance for love stories Background; blue bird is a messenger of happiness, passing good news and thoughts to lovers; blue silk symbolizing ‘love’ has become a significant token of love, with ‘send hair’ to show ‘send hair as a husband and wife, loving two No doubt. ‘ On the approaching of the Star Festival, Vacheron Constantin specially presents the Traditionnelle lineage series of smoke-blue Chinese limited edition watches, and simultaneously opens the pre-sale channel on the official WeChat platform, expressing admiration with romantic smoke, sending the good wishes of the blue bird, sending time tokens to witness loyalty Unchanging happy love.

Traditionnelle Inherited Smoke Cyan China Limited Edition Watch

  Record the flow of time with a pure voice and elegance. Following such a mission, Vacheron Constantin, a fine watchmaking brand, has launched a classic feminine watch with more than 260 years of classic watchmaking skills, and selected a pleasing smoky color to add elegance.

Patrimony heritage self-winding watch

Traditionnelle ultra-thin self-winding watch

Traditionnelle hand-wound limited edition platinum watch

  Do what you can for those you cherish. For Vacheron Constantin, who has never ceased production for more than 260 years, Chinese connoisseurs who have a special connection to the brand are their cherished people. In the 1840s, Vacheron Constantin was favored and enthusiastic from the Chinese market. At that time, Vacheron Constantin was famous for making ‘Chinese-style watches’. The ‘Chinese-style watches’ have rich and exquisite decorative patterns and are usually delivered in pairs. They are designed to resist hot and humid climates, and they are precise and accurate. With its outstanding watch quality, superb craftsmanship and exquisite decorative craftsmanship, Vacheron Constantin continues to expand its trade with China.

Traditionnelle Inherited Smoke Cyan China Limited Edition Watch

  In all of Vacheron Constantin’s product lines, the Traditionnelle inherited series continues the elegant and exquisite design style of the brand, and interprets Vacheron Constantin’s excellence in craftsmanship. These timepiece masterpieces pay tribute to the brand’s glorious history, while relying on its unique classic style, also established Vacheron Constantin’s extraordinary position in the field of superb complex watchmaking. The round case, elegant lines, ingenious and harmonious dial design, superb polishing and finishing techniques … The many features of the Traditionnelle lineage series are reminiscent of the golden age of the high-end watch industry in Geneva.

Traditionnelle Inherited Smoke Cyan China Limited Edition Watch

  The new Traditionnelle inherited series of cyan Chinese limited edition watches inherits the iconic characteristics of the series, adhering to the brand’s proud watchmaking tradition. This carefully crafted timepiece masterpiece is low-key and noble, and it is specially created for Chinese women. Limited to 50 pieces, the watch stands out with its chic cyan color and stands out. The watch features an elegant sapphire mother-of-pearl dial with a smoky Mississippi alligator strap and 18K 5N pink gold buckle. The bezel is set with 64 round-cut diamonds (approximately 0.32 carat total) and is 18K 5N pink The gold case is even more dazzling, and the glorious flow guards the good times. The watch is water resistant to approximately 30 meters and has a sturdy gold case back. The watch’s quartz movement is equipped with hour and minute display functions to provide the wearer with an accurate time display no matter where he is.

  Technical specifications
  Traditionnelle Inherited Smoke Cyan China Limited Edition Watch

  Model 25558 / 000R-B628
  Movement 1202
     Diameter 13.0×15.7 mm (5¾ French x 6¾ French), thickness 2.1 mm
     Vibration frequency: 32,768 Hz
     33 parts
     4 gems
     Display function hours, minutes
  Case 18K5N pink gold
      30 mm diameter, 6.73 mm thickness
      Bezel with diamonds (64 round-cut diamonds, approx. 0.32 carats)
      18K5N pink gold sturdy case back
      Water resistance factor tested at 3 bar atmospheric pressure (about 30 meters)
  Dial smoky mother-of-pearl
      18K5N pink gold applied hour markers
  Strap Mississippi alligator leather strap, calfskin lining, saddle stitching, large checkered
  18K5N pink gold pin buckle
      Polished half-Malta cross
  Limited edition of 50 pieces, each with a unique number