The Opening Of The First Hermès Store In Jiangcheng, Wuhan, Central China

Hermes’ first store in Central China-Wuhan International Plaza opened on October 25th. The store is located in Wuhan International Plaza, with a store area of ​​413 square meters. Designed by RDAI from Paris The firm is also responsible for the design of Hermès stores worldwide. The specialty store is decorated with champagne golden frame, 10 meters high, 225 square meters in facade, and the Hermes logo was illuminated by LED lights. The bright golden light floated in the dark golden background. The fascinating lines of the façade extend all the way to the square, and the 188 square meters of matte lacquer finish sets off the scarves and window under the backlight. The ‘Fubao Avenue’ mosaic of linen, red and white surrounds the Hermès logo at the left entrance. The dynamic and open lines make the interior space colorful and attractive. The boutiques of different categories of Hermès are displayed in order in the store, attracting the guests to taste leisurely. Enter the store, on the left, on the herringbone mirror plate made by the etching process, a square scarf is waiting for customers to enter the art world of silk under the backlight. On the right is the high jewelry and enamel area. The middle area is the leather area, and on the side is the perfume area. Through the leather area, you can see Hermes’ classic red lacquered wall, displaying jewelry and watches. The height of the center of the store is 3.8 meters, and the height of each area is free to change. The dynamic open lines and the mastic-colored carpet at the foot subtly shape the different spaces in the store.设计 All the design elements of the store, from the internal streamlined design to the use of screens, glass, light and shadow, all converge Hermes’ long tradition and artistic essence. The dark red leather furniture and lounge sofas of the Faubourg Saint Honoré series 26/28 designed by RDAI Architectural Design Office perfectly complement the mosaic decoration in other areas of the store, showing elegance and nobility. The display cases are made of European cherry wood and decorated with brushed nickel and herringbone mirrors, and beige and white soft canvas in interior. The watch and jewellery display cases are trimmed with glittery copper-tone fabrics.
The newly opened Hermès Wuhan International Plaza store is reminiscent of every wonderful moment that marks the history of Hermès. 175 years ago, Mr. Thierry Hermès opened his first saddle and harness workshop in Paris, and Hermès’ journey began. Today, after the unremitting efforts of six generations of passionate art masters, Hermès has become the world’s top international handicraft brand, and its brand values ​​have been spread all over the world-the meticulous care of the best materials and the classic beauty Has a soft spot for love and a relentless pursuit of innovation. Today Hermès has 16 major boutiques, including luggage, silk products, men’s and women’s fashion, perfumes, porcelain, horse equipment, jewelry, furniture, etc., to meet the needs of tasteful people with a variety of choices. The company is headed by CEO Patrick Thomas and art direction is the 6th generation member of the family, Mr Pierre-Alexis Dumas.