Tuofei Watch Lecture Hall —- Tag Heuer Uhf Chronograph Watch (Part 2)

I shared with you a few days ago about ‘Tuofei Watches Lecture Hall-TAG Heuer UHF Chronograph Watch (Part 1)’. Today I continue to share with you about TAG Heuer UHF Chronograph. Some innovative features of the watch, our watch home will also bring you more technical analysis articles in the future, I hope everyone pays more attention to the watch home.
Innovative Features of TAG Heuer High Frequency Timing and Speed ​​Regulation Mechanism

1.Because TAG Heuer’s timing vibration frequency is very high, it cancels the balance wheel, the purpose is to eliminate the potential isochronous errors caused by the balance wheel, such as thermal expansion, inertia defects, etc. The most important thing is the disappearance of the balance wheel. Reduces the burden for UHF vibration. The hairspring 1 and the inner post 5 form a hairspring part, and the disc 3 fixed and integrated with the pendulum shaft 2 has a uniformly distributed groove 30 and a disc nail 40 docking with the escapement mechanism;

TAG Heuer high frequency timing vibration system
 2. Compared with the hairspring of the movement speed adjustment mechanism, the hairspring of this speed regulation mechanism is optimized in terms of hardness and shortened length. The purpose is to achieve excellent static stability and high dynamic performance, while reducing time. Expansion effect, and also help to reduce the effect of gravity and impact, due to the ultra-high frequency and ultra-low amplitude can improve the timing accuracy. After the hairspring 1 and the inner post 5 are fixed together, they are then fixed to the swing shaft 2;

TAG Heuer high frequency timing hairspring parts
 3. The application of silicon escapement has made the operation of TAG Heuer ultra-high frequency speed regulation mechanism. If it is a traditional metal escapement, the ultra-high-frequency collision cannot be sustained for a long time, and the silicon escapement Thanks to the superior hardness and abrasion resistance of the silicon material itself, it fully meets this ultra-high frequency speed regulating mechanism. The one-piece escapement fork is different from the traditional one in that the entry and exit tiles are not two rubies, but are integrated with the fork body into the entry tile 62 and the exit tile 63. Several holes 64 are set to connect with the fork shaft and maintain it. The balance of the pallet fork, 60 and 65 form the fork mouth, and 61 is used as the fork stud.

Silicon pallet fork

4. The start-up of this ultra-high frequency timing mechanism of TAG Heuer is similar to that of some mechanical watch stop pendulum functions. The front end compression spring 72 of the stop lever 7 cooperates with the disc 3. The start-stop lever 73 and the core timing wheel 74 of the timing mechanism interact with each other. Cooperate. As shown in the figure, the pendulum timing is stopped. At this time, a sprocket of the timing wheel 74 will push up the pendulum lever 7 so that the front pressure spring 72 tightly abuts on the outer edge of the disc 3 to brake the timing timing mechanism. If the start-stop end 75 is pressed, the start-stop lever 73 drives the timing wheel 74 so that the front end compression spring 72 of the swing-proof lever 7 leaves the disc 3, and the timing function starts at this time.

                        TAG Heuer High Frequency Timing Start-Stop Device
   In summary: the realization of the function of the chronograph requires the cooperation of many gears and levers. For ordinary people, watching the colorful and complex structure of the chronograph will hold your breath and appreciate every detail. In fact, I like the chronograph like many friends. Although this technology does not have much practical significance in daily life and is only used when exercising, the reason why this technology attracts everyone’s attention is that the parts it contains are polished and polished After that, it exudes endless charm. I think that the timing function can fully reflect all the connotations of mechanical watches, and the beauty of machinery is fully revealed through it.